Video of the Day: MoveOn Activist Chokes Republican

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That damn man has no right to put his hands on ANYONE!! Where are the cops when you need them?!! That idiot should be ARRESTED!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It just goes to show how some grown people will act like children to get their point across. To the man putting his hands around other people's throats: Grow the hell up! You're too old for such foolishness!

  3. I live in TN., and I'll give that 4 eyed bastard a thousand dollars if he will come to my home town and put his feet on me like that.

  4. 65 or not, that idiot would have lost his eyes, or worse, if he had put his hands on me.
    I won't have hands laid on me.
    If I am a big enough idiot to SEMI choke someone without a life/limb threat to me first, I hope they beat hell out of me, and if they kill me, I would deserve it!
    That's how I was raised in the Appalachia's in the 60's, and death or prison would not matter to me.

  5. I am from Arizona and I am definitely voting for Jesse Kelly. Giffords is a Nancy Pelosi clone who has no mind of her own. She votes the way she is told to vote. She also claims she has done so much to secure the border. I emailed her and asked "If you've done so much to secure the border, why is the chaos, border crossings by illegals, and criminal activity worse now than it has ever been"? As yet, I have received no reply and don't expect one. Here in Arizona, Giffords and Grijalva are two of the worst representatives we could have. I pray that both of them get booted out of congress on Tuesday.

  6. When grown ups act like grade school bullies, the law says it is "assault" why when an officer was witness was he not arrested? It should have been automatic. This is the thing about the left, they WANT someone to be so incensed they do a violent act SO THEY CAN PRESS CHARGES, that is the whole purpose. It is time we conservatives do the same. It is wrong to allow them to continue to bully the conservatives without consequences.

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    This guy will be on Chris Matthews show NOBALLS where he will make this attacker a hero to his liberal audience.Chris will say that Mr.Gifford started this because we know liberals are never the aggressor.

  8. kenny1801 says:

    So NOW I guess we have a NEW WHITE PANTHERS GANG to contend with!!! And these idiots call Tea party people EXTREME???!!!! I think I KNOW who the EXTREMISTS ARE!!!! What a NUT JOB!!! I would have kicked his ASS and THEN called the cops!!! Four eyed AS*HOLE!!!

  9. this is what pinko lefties do, act up get caught and then want it all to just go away. NOTHING WORKS LIKE 1 DELUX SOUTH AUSTIN COUNTRY SYLE a** WHOPPIN

  10. LW from carolina says:

    This is how the liberals/socialists/democrats work. I have been called everything that can be thought of in my efforts to expose the left/socialist/democrat agenda. Taking back congress next month is not the end it is just the beginning when the real fight begins. We can only expect the fight to get worse and more physical. Trust me there will be no room for the faint of heart. Get ready for war because the socialists will not give up the power they have gained without a fight.

  11. LW from carolina says:

    Expect the fight to get worse, more physical, and more intense. These people will stop at nothing to retain the power they have worked so hard to gain. The real fight will start next month after the elections.

  12. Just another incident that proves the left well go to any length to stop the troth from coming out and to try to miss lead the voters . Ms Palosi and the rest of the left radicals well see where the majority of the American people stand on November 2,2010. and it won't be with them.

  13. Think maybe the left could be getting a bit frustrated or maybe scared? Well I'm scared too I'm afraid of what these liberals (Marksist-communists) criminals are doing to my country. I'm afraid that after they steal this election we'll go to another civil war, and I'm also afraid we REAL AMERICANS are not yet ready to take out their little helpers -Acorn – SEIU & the rest of the Soros boy scout troops. Just can't understand why these people want to ruin this country.

  14. Without doubt, we're at the heels of a crucial time in our country. The sleeper cells have awaken and its not AlQueda. We have Marxist in our goverment sponsered by billionare Soros and others. While we are over there, they are here formulating to change our country for ever and at the top of all of this is El Duche, Obama. I noticed a strong resemblence in his posture with his chin up looking very authoritative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. CBS Reporters Discussing Best Slander Against Joe Miller Child Molester or Violence

  16. Beverly Levitt says:

    Dear Lord protect us in the times a head. We are in deep, deep trouble with no return. I lay awake at night frightened of when they kick in my doors, take my land, my freedoms. Please sleepers wake up to what has been being stolen from us piece by piece for 50 years.

  17. These people are like the school ground bullies, that's all they are. Cameras collecting clips of fighting each other are meant for propaganda to try and scare certain people into doing nothing against them or there agenda… WE HAVE SHOOK THERE AGENDA. WE HAVE PUT A STOPPER IN THERE AGENDA O.M.G. SO NOW THEY CRY LET THE REAL TEARS FALL…. Keep in mind that they hold the house totally and yet they are falling apart why is that ???? Its is because the AMERICAN PEOPLE are the real rulers of our great U.S.A. and they know it.. They are so afraid now that we woke up and THANK YOU GOD THAT WE DID. So that's why you are seeing there acting ability and stage show.. like a reality tv show.. they are a laughing stock of nut jobs and do not know how to run there own self's let alone a Great Country.. Please, People do not be afraid lets keep our foot on the accelerator now, full speed ahead and no looking back. Go vote no matter what..

  18. G Gregory says:

    I feel such pity for all these brain dead, no common sense, controlled liberals! They look no farther than the tip of their noses in seeing where our Country is headed. Do they know anything of what it will be like to live under a communist, marxist, facist rule? Do they even notice how our Constitution is being shredded before their very eyes? How will they feel when we are ALL living completely under Dictatorship Rule? Do they think they will be exempt from this? Thank God for Americans who are waking up and educating themselves on the Constitution and Bill of Rights! Thank God for Americans who are willing to stand up and fight for what is right! I just hope and pray that we can save our Great Republic in time. We can NEVER give up or give in to their destructive agenda. Our Liberties, Freedom and Greatness is depending on us!

  19. Impeach ObeyMe says:

    We need to lock up these communists criminals for attempting to destroy our founding documents and assaulting our freedom and liberties with communism! They are sick in the head and are probably on prozac and burbon and smoked too much dope in college, never served in the armed forces and are nothing more than leaches of the working man taxpayer and are distructive to the working man and christian families abroad! Their behavior and beliefs of these people are un american and this should be a national security issue and take and lock all these tyrants into a FEMA detention facility as domestic terroists and a sworn foriegn allegance to foriegn enemy of communism. The liar in chief "ObeyMe" dictator must be investigated and his records unsealed this also is a national security issue that must be dealt with immediately.

  20. What would one expect from a group with a Soros start? Honesty? Nah! Legality concerned for their behavior? Never happen! Moral? Get real! Shades of Obama behavior all over each of them. Ohhhh, I forgot…Soros is behind "that one" too. If it's ugly… you can bet Soros fingerprints are all over it.

  21. The more I hear from people like Joy Bahar and Whoopi Goldberg and now some nut like this, lets me know that being Conservative is the right way to be. Democrats need to look at the people that are supporting their party and ask if this is the kind of people they would want to stay around. Why would anyone support a candidate that Acorn, The Black Panthers, SEIU and other undesirable groups want in office? We have a great country and have been so privileged. I hate to see us lose all that we have.

  22. I'm sick and tired of hearing George Soros and the union names linked to EVERYTHING! As I've said in the past, we must STOP the George Soros', Andy Sterns', Richard Trumka's of this world, because if we do not they will continue to influence the media and our government with their millions and billions of dollars!

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