Video of the Day: Joe Biden’s Impeachment Sing-Along

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  1. Princess says:

    Two SKUNKS im a Phew!

  2. Good, maybe we can get rid of him too.

  3. Biden said impeachment and meant it. Now he's kissing Obumba's a…… ! He has no choice. Obumba rules him. Get rid of both of them.

  4. Obama said in his speach this never was a great country. How does he know. He never lived here. Never studied here. He does not know what this country is about. After all the muslims, which he was taught, do not like our way of living. Obama is a traitor.

  5. john littlefield says:

    i hope we can get the village idoit along with obummer impeached along with botox face.

  6. After all these years on the public dole, this is just now starting to come out? Biden is an idiot, apologies to all idiots,. This is the BRILLANT man with regards to foreign policy? No wonder all these countries are screwing us! Holy chit, it's like dumb and dumber in the white house! Thanks to all the stupid voters who elected these two gems! Here's a little guilt for you, IT'S YOUR FAULT THAT THIS COUNTRY IS BEING DESTROYED! But then, maybe your too stupid to have any guilt pangs!

  7. how does someone like joe bombed out get anywhere in life, much less the whitehouse? !! ousting time for all!

  8. He will not be impeached, the risk is that he will be elected for another term. The ignorance and sloth of the bought off on the left knows no bounds. When the people are able to vote for themselves money from the treasury, on that occasion the country that was once so independent is know unable to support itself. We have our work cut out for us folks, all hands on deck and maybe we can still turn this around. Be a poll watcher, go to the meetings of tea party or folks organizing. Organizing is how this Jackass got elected and organizing is how he will get unelected.

  9. Biden, the court Jester.

  10. Obama wouldn't know a great country if it rose up and bit him on the butt. Which I certainly hope this "great country" will do for 2012.

  11. really didn't think joe biden would start impeachment proceedings against obummer because he's
    another obummer puppet.

  12. Edwardkoziol says:

    Biden is a snake and that's all there is to say.The old bird will say one thing as long as it's against republicans but when his socialist party says the the same thing Ole Black Joe is for it.What ever his masta says is the truth so help me allah.

  13. Hey… Has it been dicovered that Obama *really did* graduate from any college or university here in our USA.

  14. Both of them are LOOSERS who both need to be IMPEACHED! TRASITORS to this nation and the American people! I for one, am for them being put out of office!!!

  15. I'd like to KNOW who does Obama think he is telling us that this country wasn't great! IT was great because God is Great, and God made it great! Anyone anywhere can take a long walk off a short pier w/that kind of attitude!! It isn't gerat with him in office, becaus ehe doesn't represent me or anyone that has any sense! Ship him!!

  16. john peer says:

    I don't believe Obama can be impeached, only because the people in Washington are so corrupt that the votes needed would never come to pass. What should be done is just block all Obama's attempts to get anything he wants done. In 2012 we then vote him out of office and hopefully replace him with someone who put the people's needs first. We should also take a cue from old Egypt and never mention this crooks name again unless it's to talk about the severe harm he has done to America and the American people.

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