Video of the Day: Is Obama a Saudi/Muslim Plant?

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  1. If Obama is a Saudi-Muslim plant why is his entire cabinet and the bankers who pull his strings all jews and zionists? And why does Obama also observe jewish holy days?

    Something ain't kosher here. Hmmmmmm?

    This ain't Denmark but something sure smells to high heaven.

    • timetoimpeach says:

      There is an elite group of America haters who will temporarily join forces to bring American down. His cabinet could not give a sh**t about ordinary Jews, just as the Mullahs don't care about ordinary muslims. It's a power thing. However, once power is achieved, coalitions break apart and fight among themselves for supremacy. And if you think all bankers are Jewish, you've been reading the wrong lit or hanging with the wrong people. He obseves Jewish holy days with small ceremonies during which he speaks about hoping the Jews will "do the right thing" for peace; Meanwhile, he has large, festive, Muslim celebrations and constantly talks about their accomplishemnts. (There's a whole new bogus US history floating about, telling about muslim colonials who built America!) No, it is not kosher. But it sure is Halaal.

    • Bob Anderson Sr says:

      He has to put on a certain front before he gets tried for TREASON!!!!! AMNISTY<OPEN BORDERS and ON & ON What does it take to know what him & his cabinet are doing to us??
      ALSO check out his CABINET? They are ALL tax Cheats,Liars and CROOKS. They are ROBBING US BLIND and all you far left LIBERALS want to do is blame BUSH????????????????????????? Who are ya going to blame when the GOVERNMENT has yopur LIFE totally???????????????

      • It’s easy to blame bush because he lit the fire that obama is using gasoline to put out.
        I’m not going to waste my vote on another rino!

    • You are suggesting that Eric Holder [the current AG and the other muslim Democrats and selected staff,and half brother are sympathetic jews and Zionists !!?? Get off the sauce and sobre up before your laughed off the "Commentary column".

  2. Sorry the site is>>>>>>>Patsy

  3. He definitely is a plant. Some type of weed.

  4. This video just adds more evidence that this half breed son of a white trash communist whore is more of an agent for Islam than the NY Imam ,since his placement (he was not elected) as president he has done nothing but try to spread Islam he turns his back on the Christians by telling the world that WE donot consider this a Christian nation and that our constitution is almost the same as Sharia which could not be further from the truth Sharia is the exact oppisite of our constitution and would take us back over 150 yrs. This lying slug and his comrades would like nothing more than to put us under the rule of some Ayatoliaand to put those that refuse to death which is one thing he is trying to acomplish with his so called health care bill. We need to start to put this peice of Muslim trash out of office by impeachment or what ever other means neccessary and I do mean ANY means

  5. Four Queens says:

    WE (the people) are trying to fight back by obeying the laws of the Constitution, when clearly, those laws no longer apply to Obama and his cronies (though I'm not sure exactly how this has been accomplished). We cannot affect change in the courts when Obama is operating outside the Constitution.

    • timetoimpeach says:

      I just wonder when bo will finally piss off the wrong person and all his lies and secrets will come flying out nto the open. There MUST be debate proceedings this fall. Blacks may riot, but it MUST happen. Two more years of this is too much. I am so ashamed of people who voted for him.

  6. Four Queens says:

    We musn't leave Michelle Obama out . . . she is equally evil.

  7. Republicans Suck says:

    What Trash you people continue to come up with….utter nonsense!! Obama is the best President this country has ever had. Period!

    • Liberalism is a mental disorder,and there is no help. You leftwing loonies really have a way of making people laugh. And by the way,Demo-donkeys receive it where the sun don't shine!

    • You’re sick and must be one of the ones who wants to play 24/7 instead of working 40 hours for work.

    • Republicans Prevail says:

      Hey look …Barack Obama can post a comment on his own! This proves he is a liar….he said he can not use a computer. He was out last night pleading to all African-Americans to vote in November. You know what this means… We need all your help,lets get out there and take this country back Nov. 2nd!!

    • timetoimpeach says:

      Amazing to think that we live in a time when the "president" of the US would take a state to court. That does not bother you? And please present us with evidence, not just fanboy(girl) nonsense. Tell us, for instances, the actions that have made him a better president than oh,, say. George Washington? Jefferson? Reagan? Even Clinton, who actually DID have the intellect BO lies about? Go on.

      Then, since the info here is backed up, tell us the evidence you have that proves it wrong. It's easy to call something trash, A bit harder to prove yiour belief. (PS: Opinions do not count as facts.)

    • have you lost you mind or are you just stupid!!!!!

    • Now let's see… you are either Black (or want to be), and voted for this "no experienced" wannabe solely on his color (which kind of makes your point quite racist), or you are a "bleeding heart liberal" who voted because he is BLACK and you are trying to right the wrongs that Black America wants the rest of the US to believe… either way, your vote or voting action was racially motivated; making you racist.

      • Jomama was bought and paid for by OPRAH's billions and the oil billions by his Muslim relatives and friends. If and I emphasize IF we survive the next two years, and the brain dead Palin advocates can come up with a real candidate, this country may have a chance to pull out of this downward spiral. Placing Palin on the ballot gives Obama the reelection and can totally destroy the United States. Give this media whore a few more minutes on TV, or a large, mega million dollar check for thorowing the election and our illegal alien, Muslim leader will have 4 more years to destroy what he has already started. Don't you find it funny that she panders Alaska while moving to Arizona with her quite morally loose daughter? Whores come in all shapes, sizes and colors… this bitch is selling out the United States to "diddle with the stars". If the best the Repubs can do is a media whore who will take sell-out money to trash her own country, may the sales of canned food and automatic weapons take a large surge upward…. as we will be in the Muslim corner bowing to Oprah's quite large campaign contribution, for we will lose our President for a King.

    • Bob Anderson Sr says:

      PLEASE dig your HEAd OUT OF THE SAND MAN!!!!
      IF he is the Greatsest Pres. ever then you must be about 2-years old? What Pres. has bowed down to ALL the ARAB'S ,REFUSED to wear the AMERICAN FLAG LAPEL PIN until he was told to? I have seen him Pass the Marine at the base of the ramp off the plane and NOT SALUTE HIM! WHY?

    • Posbrosis says:

      What has he done to make him the best President ever is it because he is Black or is it because he is a muslim . What do you base your decision on?

    • Hello,
      206 weeks later, so tell me do you still like your Hope and Change? Obama just threw most of you low information voters under the bus for illegals, he does not care if you people rot in poverty after you supported and voted for him. Is this Hope and Change working out for you? or should I say Forward to more poverty for all these blind stupid people that voted for this liar

  8. Anyone know why Hussein O.,the dictator,would be campaigning in Kenya in 2007 for the Kenyan presidential candidate,Raila Odinga–a Marxist and radical Islamist?

  9. In his book,Dreams from my Father,Herr Obama says his "Uncle Frank" was his first political mentor.
    "Uncle Frank" is Frank Marshall Davis,a radical who wanted to replace American capitalism with Soviet Marxism.

  10. Hussein "yo mama" Bama's father,Barack Hussein "yo mama" Bama,Sr. was a Marxist activist and insurrectionist in Kenya.

  11. Over 25 states have indicted ACORN for fraud related to a corrupt voter registration scheme.

  12. ACORN's voter registration scheme was orchestrated by Hussein"yo mama"Bama

  13. I am the first to admit that Obama is shady. I firmly believe that he's a Muslim. I firmly believe that he's not an American citizen. But where was this man and this report during the 2008 presidential election campaign?

    • Tina, I heard of his wife back in 2008 and although I was in the beginning learning stages, I can tell you, no one was listening to something like this back in 2008. Couple that with a media that would NOT report on something like this and you have your answer.

  14. Richard Magnano says:

    Is there no one who can break this spear that has pierced the heart of America? With that said Obama and his
    bedeviled board of directors have woken a lot of sleepers.




  16. It has been said that if you want to tear America Down do it from the inside. Look at what has happened…



  18. Jim Burkhardt says:

    Obama is a Khazar plant like most U.S. presidents except for John F. Kennedy, and he was killed by the Khazars when he exposed them and their secret societies and attempted to return the U.S. currency to a gold standard.

  19. real_patriot says:

    I recently read Joel Richardson's fine book, "The Islamic Antichrist". Five years in the writing, this is an extremely well documented book that tells everything you ever wanted to know about Islam but were told not to ask. It should be required reading for every American, Christian or non-christian alike. "The Islamic Antichrist" quotes the Koran or Qur'an extensively and includes published commentary by many Islamic scholars so no charge can be made of taking Islam out of context. It is a very well written book.

  20. obama should be tried for TREASON -and Nothing Less.

    • He's Not a USA citizen- So he cannot be pursued under Treason. Rather, we get him on Espionage, Fraud, Misrepresentation & Forgery of a Birth Certificate. This will put him In Federal Prison and also remove Sotomajor & Kagan as they were appointed by an ineligible person as the President.

  21. ChakraDancer says:


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