Video of the Day: Investigate Google’s “Secretive Relationship” with Obama Administration

Google’s cozy relationship with the Obama administration has troubled Americans for some time. National Legal and Policy Center founder Ken Boehm wrote a letter to Rep. Darrell Issa to investigate Google’s Street View collection team, which improperly collected private e-mails and passwords from insecure Wi-fi connections. In the newest twist, the organization Consumer Watchdog has called on Issa to investigate Google for perks it may receive from the government. A better question is: What is Google giving the Obama administration in exchange for these alleged sweetheart deals?

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  1. obama's in bed with google, it's no surprise, obama's in bed with a lot of corporations, that's how he got where he is today, it's been through corruption, nothing legitimate, but God reveals EVERYTHING! AMEN.

    • vietnamvet1 says:

      Thats why this guy needs to be impeach now.

      • Terry Byers says:

        Right on Vietnamvet(me too)This lyin muslim said his father served in ww2 HIS FATHER WAS 6 YEARS OLD DURING WW2!! I have a copy of his original birth certificate. FROM MAMBASSO,KENYA,AFRICA.! ! !

        • mitchsagraves says:

          He's not even a good liar or he would have researched dates before he opened his big mouth. The deal is, he didn't think we'd pay attention to the garbage that spews from his mouth. He thought we would all love him, no matter what.

    • Obama is in bed with Facebook.. Mark went to the Whitehouse last month and met with Obama. This is right before Facebook started asking for more indebth information on your accounts. Im not giving my information. Over 500 Million Users, thats exactly the type of information the secret service wants. Invasion of everyones privacy.. I feel violated

    • AmericanCreed says:

      It makes me stop and wonder…is a person any more vulnerable when your 'carrier' is Gmail…but probably 'they' have the capability to watch all of it…all e-mail.

  2. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

  3. If Google is using Department of Defense fuel, this would be grounds for prosecution of whoever approved of this deal and those who participate in it.

  4. This is exactly like the relationship with Jeffery Immelt the CEO of General Electric!

  5. Jersey Girl says:

    Deception abounds in Washington. Impeaching Obama should of been the first order of business for the new congress. The whole world is laughing at America, thanks to Obama and the gutless people we elect to office.


  6. Belisarius05 says:

    I'm shocked, shocked there is gambling in the white house!

  7. So when do the impeach O'Bama proceedings start?

    • Terry Byers says:

      Impeach Hell,Let’s hang him!!!

      • AmericanCreed says:

        We can not do that because~then, he would become a 'MARTYR'…and we would never stop hearing about it. Violence makes 'us' the bad guy. We have to do it by not giving up on exposing him for the FRAUD that he is and by supporting the ones who are getting the truth uncovered…the ones who stick by the Constitution and the basic principals that America was founded on.

  8. dkwalburg says:

    Is not Al Gore the globalis and global warming fraud still on the Board of Google?

  9. Hey Obama, there will soon be a dictatorship job soon to be open in Egypt!

  10. 68Truthseeker says:

    Hannity Has No Problem With People "Asking To See Obama's Birth Certificate 1-27-11

  11. I see how b.o. will be funded in the 2012 election now.. he is now trying to fool the people into thinking that he has moved to the center. this way, he can say the people voted him in office again and no one will look at a money trail and pay offs….Many will blame the people for being brain washed and putting him back in again which will divide our Countries people further and may cause rioting … b.o. really doesn't care how we vote because it will be back by google if his game doesn't work out…. He will have bigger money to pay off his pocket buddies for finagling votes his way through crooked means to make things happen for him…….He cant use his regulars like accorn, soros, his unions companys, and all his organizational czars he has working for him to get large amounts of money… they were found out so he found another avenue…. google…
    b.o. seems untouchable, unstoppable, He has found a way to tap into uncountable amounts of money at his finger tips….this tick infested dog and his pups…

    It looks like what we have here is a group of top business educated money hungry people that formed a gang of thieve supplying each other of what they need to keep things moving forward in a way that benefits them selves and to control the people less fortunate ..
    Once they have to take care of all the people that don't produce any more due to no jobs, cant pay your bills, nowhere to sleep or eat will have to be on government assistance that makes it easier to get control over people.. soon they will realize they can't pay for all these people and there health care they will look for ways to eliminate millions of people because they will not want to spend there money taking care of anyone…
    I believe this is why there is 2 thousand pages of control of the people in the health care bill which includes the death panels..worded just a little different for stupid people to believe but ….death panel is death panel no matter what words are used to soften the blow..
    These creeps don't care about murdering babies so do you really think they want to care for you? I think this is also why they don't care about all the illegals come into this country They only want the vote to make it look good and all hasn't changed in there favor of control yet… nun the less they will see the same death panels as we will when they have completed there agenda .. Isn't that what this group keep repeating the ends justify the means…..


    • Obama, in himself, is powerless without the blessings of the REAL world power structure behind him, mainly the Bilderberg gang of psychopaths! He is NOTHING without them!

  12. Fortitude1 says:

    Obama is the anti-Christ? You can keep him. He is a glorified hype-machine and an inveterate liar. God help us if he is all we have between us an perdition.

  13. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obuma is the Manchurian Cadidate he was brought to this country by a lady who posed as his mother to get him to Chicago where every American knows is the capital of corruption to lie in wait until the right time.When civil rights came around his handlers knew this is it,everybody feels guilty so now we can elect a negroe president even if he's not a true black man because he speaks eloquently when reading a telepromptor.We can now bring the US to its knees with this man.

  14. stitmarwhittter says:

    just awesome!

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