Video of the Day: Big Sis, Profiling Muslim Men is Not “Good Logic”

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  1. Realy this is the the kind of idiots that are running our country.No wonder our nation is falling apart.
    Somebody please remove this moronic bitch and put someone with common sence in her place.
    Please no more oboma idiots………..

  2. Roy Fisher says:

    Obama put this woman in place because he wants us to fail and not catch these ISLAMIC terrorists…it sure seems that way. She is clueless.

  3. Queenie says:

    This woman is an embarrassment not only to the Obama administration but to the United States as a whole.

  4. I would gather from her answer (I think that was her answer) that the average six year old has often displayed the type of travel habits that she refers to. Thereaby causing her perverts to insert their hands into their pants and grope them in the crotch area.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    This fat bitch is just as dumb as Janet Reno one day we will have another 9/11 and this crazy lady should be held accountable.We know that Obuma doesn't want to profile muslim because he is one of them that is one reason he put someone as stupid as Napolitano in charge.In that video she wants them to carry a sign saying I'm a terrorist.Look
    at her border record she can't stop the illegals who are suppose to be dumb as rocks from crossing into America for our druggies.Happy cinco de mayo my ass.

  6. She has got to be on drugs!! How did she get to be glovernor of AZ??? This takes "hire the handicapped one step too far".

  7. proudwhite says:

    Just when you thought a LIBERAL might say something INTELLIGENT, they prove we are mistaken. She represents the LIBERAL logic, that being ZERO intelligence. Can't wait to own the SENATE. Maybe we can get rid, or confine her to a padded cell, where she can't hurt AMERICANS, or herself anymore.

  8. Virgil Bankes says:

    She don`t understand you, me, her use PROFILE everyday that just life.
    I don`t like the way you look, that PROFILE.
    I don`t who you hang with, that PROFILE.
    If you look at someone pass port and see where you been that PROFILE.
    If we didn`t use PROFILE, we would all go around saying “I don`t know all the time”.
    You mite be good, or you mite be bad, I can`t make up my mine, because I can`t use the tools god give to make up my mine. “DUH” God give us the tools to use in life, but they are trying to stop us from using them.
    Why does it seam like the smartest people are not the one in Government? That not to say all the people out here are smart. Some people voted obamass in as president, and now most will say “I didn`t vote for him!” someone sure as hell did.

    • jimmydinks says:

      You may be right about the voting, but I wouldn't put it past this guy to elect himself without a single vote.
      Rigged elections is not a new idea.

    • Hi Virgil, you are so right the ones who voted for him now deny it. Where are all those obama/biden bumper stickers?

  9. She is clueless! It is illogical. She won't profile Muslim men who fit the terrorist profile, yet I suppose TSA goons molesting 5 year old kids, groping non-Muslim women in their breasts and doing extensive search on 80 year old white grandmas is really effective and "logical" in our fight against Islamic Jihad? I thought Janet Reno was bad, and she was, but Napolitano makes her look like a certified genius! PLEASE LORD GET THIS CLUELESS WOMAN OUT OF POWER!

  10. i can't stand this bitch almost as much as mr. soetoro…………

  11. GARY OLSEN says:


  12. What a clueless Dyke

  13. Larry Cox says:

    She must have done LSD when she was a teenager coupled with pills. That did not make ONE bit of sense whatsoever. Like the other people that have watched this, she's definitely has to go. I think as the years go by, you will find that the human race has gottten stupider and stupider. I can ask a high school student that has graduated when was Pearl Harbor attcked and they wouldn't know but they know the newest band etc. They also have very little compassion, no respect for their elders, and won't take responsibility for their actions. Just like our Government. Obama just wants an easy meal ticket. He flim-flammed his way into the election, nobody knew where he came from, and he won. All this change this and change that and all he did was suck money out of the federal reserve to save his face. Saving freddie mae and that other bank was stupid. He should've just let them fall. That's where his lies come in.

    • Esther Mae Egan says:

      I do not believe an informed or educated people voted for Obama. The information was out there but most decided to deny it or refused to acknowledge the information presented. Even Rush, Hannity, Beck etc,etc, etc. did not come out against this man when they could. They were so afraid that McCain would win they forgot to give the information about Obama and his birthright. Pastor Manning knew about the birthright and there were others, and every one choose to dismiss the information and allow this man to prosper. I knew about Obama, and I voted for the best person who was the Independent Party. Since we only have one party right now, called RepoCrates, why not form a second party. I do not trust the Republicans, nor do I trust the Tea Party. look what happened when the Tea Party support Brown and the turn coat he turned out to be. If children do not know about Pearl Harbor that is shame on us older ones. I have one other question how many know that Roosevelt knew Pearl Harbor was going to be bombed and did nothing to prevent it, and he also allowed the men to die on the ships. Not many. I thought I would vote for Cain until someone pointed out that he would hire Muslims on his staff. Where are the Christian values to say No and do what is right. Too many people are blind when it comes to voting, they have not done their homework and found out about the ones running. Is there not one man with integrity and honor, that will hold to the Constitution to run? I wish I could be president, but I would probably last a week unless all the Patriots of America would come to protect me. Looks to me like she needs a teleprompter so she can form decent sentences.

  14. blackpowder1217 says:

    the only terroist i see are the ones in D.C.

  15. Veritas says:

    Napolitano is a bumbling idiot who struggles to string together enough words to form a sentence… and yet Obumer chose her to lead Home Land Security!? Does anyone feel safer and financially more secure with this inept administration in White House? We need to take out the trash in 2012.

  16. Janet is a jerk, she makes no sense at all, but she is willing to crucify Americans instead of obama brothers muslims.

  17. throwshoesatobama says:

    Don't we all feel safe and secure now knowing this dykey dumb ass is in charge of homeland security appointed by the other dumb ass in the wh. 2012 please come quick!!!

  18. GeezLouize says:

    Napolitano is a paid political thug of Obama. She will not see what is going on at our southern border. She will not acknowlege that radical muzz limb men under the age of 47 have been involved in the following:
    1. muzz limb male shot U.S. soldiers in airport in Germany
    2. muzz limb male left van full of explosives in Times Square NYC
    3. muzz limb male put explosives in underwear on Delta Flight 253 on Christmas
    4. muzz limb male in November shot 40 U.S. soldiers 13 died
    5. muzz limb male in June 2009 Little Rock Arkansas Army/Navy two U.S. soldiers shot
    6. muzzlimb male kidnapped and beheaded Daniel Pearl journalist
    7. etc.

    How many muzz limb males have to fit description of Is lamb ic Terr o wrist, Ms. Napolitano?

  19. lewonton says:

    Dear Janet form another planet.

    The man who asked you a question… had logic…. you on the other hand…errrr,aaahh, hunnmmm, ahaaa, had none… put in language you can understand (these post are read) you are a quisling….

  20. Ms. Napolitano, what is your personal analysis of the professional conduct and great success of the DHS?
    AAh, my, aah, what, ahm, I, aah, this microphone, aah, how do you hold?, aah, wait, aah, my what? aah I didn’t aah, what? oh my profile, aah yes, I do agree sir. Aaaah does that answer your aah, aah? Oh I’m the head of the dept. of aah, what?

  21. Napolitano is a total moron and a danger to America. The sooner we get rid of Obama and his anti American administration will be a more secure country. This administration has empowered the enemy. While the American people fret, Obama and our great leaders are play a round of golf !

    • ANTICRIME says:

      In reality the enemy within our government has empowered the Obozo Administration! ~ UNTIL we get rid of all the Marxist "Progressives" out of our Congress and judicial system, we will continue to have "Progressive" FOOLS running our country into the ground!!! We must keep these "Progressives" OUT of ALL government offices, as they have their foot on the ladder at the local level then climb up toward our State and National seats of power! ~ THE BIGGEST THREAT TO AMERICA IS THE UNINFORMED VOTER!!!

  22. I am a Veteran, and for that and five other reasons I am on the "suspected terrorist" list. Not only is Janet in denial, she sounds like a middle school, inarticulate bumbler. My sister is adopting kids from Poland—to adopt a baby, domestic or foreign, one must be cleared by Homeland Security, and pay for the privilege!!! Yes, our country has gone down the tubes.

  23. gntrker says:

    This woman is brain dead, what else can I say??

  24. ron riley says:


  25. She fits in perfectly with obumma's administration, …….clueless…..

  26. OMG, watching her TRY to speak is painful. What a bumbling idiot she is. She must have had too much fun with a girlfriend the night before as she could barely put out the words between the ah's and um's. We are in a very sad state under the stooge emperor Obama and his cast of commie characters. 2012 seems a lifetime away!

  27. What a farce! Everyone knows who is "not using good logic"!

  28. This she/man needs to pull her ugly head out of her big fat ass. Stop screening grandma's, grandpa's, babies, children and law abiding citizens and go for the real terrorists.

  29. Mark Morton says:

    Either she's a blooming ignorant fool, or just a plain liar. Either way, she has no business holding the position she's in; and we are less safe with her there. Her comments toe the line with all liberals.

  30. offensiveandpeculiar says:

    She is evil or a moron. If anyone can give me another option, I would welcome it.

    And in light of what we know, give me 1 reason under heaven for the TSA to give enhanced pat-downs of angelic 13 YEAR OLD BALLERINAS!?!?!?!!!!!

    • Bill Cartwright says:

      I thoght everyone knew that all non muslem Americans were the ones who are the bad guys. The muslem extremists need to be protected from all of us God fearing non muslems.

  31. I don't know, except for that loving look in her eyes I'd have to say yes!

  32. Nicoletan says:

    So, the interviewer's logic is in question? America needs to wake up!! I need to show my ID when I go into Costco, when I get on a plane, to prove my over 55 advantage, and if the policeman should stop me on the highway, and i am SO glad!! I am a naturalized citizen, and I expect every immigrant to follow the rules I did, including learning the English language. We came to this country like most to escape communism, and now we have a president who promised to fundamentally change our country doing just so, regardless of the fact most of us had NO CLUE he meant collapse our nation. He sees himself as the President of the New World Order!! The Clintons are working side by side in the "conspiracy" they pointed to be of others. These losers in Washington deserve no respect, but I am terrified. Where will we go when all those who hate us to death continue to sabotage our freedom? Why don't the Sharia law advocates stay in their own countries to enjoy its ideology? Obama and his crew have played with fire and the demons are dancing. Shame on all the liberals. Read JOURNEY TO FREEDOM by Nicholas Dima for a glimpse of what communism looks like, and then read A GOD WHO HATES.

  33. Just another one who hates our American way of life. Do these people think that a terrorist is going to avoid murdering one of them? Aren't we all in the same classification,The Big Satin,The Infidel, just because we reside on American soil?What a rude awakening it will be when reality hits them.The only problem being that they are putting all of us at risk with their stupidity.

  34. When , When, will some PEOPLE start to wake up and do SOMETHING about what is happening to our country,,I BLAME those who voted for this piece of shit of a man and president,, He is a joke and everyone he has PUT into office is JOKE,,, MY GOD PEOPLE WAKE THE HELL UP,, I get so mad reading everyday about something this asshole has done to disrespect,hurt,try and ruin or just plain LIE thru his dam teeth and NO ONE DOES A THING,, the media is a JOKE,,ALL OF THEM,,,,,,,, Show some CUTS,, oh yea NO one has any who is in the CONGRESS OR SENATE. This country is going down hill fast and all we do is make excuses for this puke of a man, I pray that somehow someway SOMEONE will stop him and his croonies. I am your everyday man,, but I am smart enough to know the way to get this piece of crap out of office is to go after THE LITTLE Guys or Girls on his staff or in his office,,, Prosacute them and give them JAIL TIME,, we will see how fast the start talking,, God you people are stupid who are in office right now or in the media,, WAKE UP FOLKS,, THE FAT LADY IS GETTING READY TO SING SOON

    • Oh yea, and JANET NAPOLITANO is as clueless as they come,, what a piece of dirt this one is,,,, All you have to do is Listen,,if you can or understand,,,um,,ummuhhh,,,ohhh umm uhhhh,, I have now figured it out,, ALL OF THEM,, Her, GIBBS, Holder, and the rest of those pukes all went to the same COLLEGE, The College of UM-UH I,ME,OH, U,,, but that is what OBUMER wants around him,,, more idiots that will tell him ,,,,,OH YOU ARE SOO GREAT,,YOU SPEAK SO WELL,,, PARDON as I am now voimting on the floor of my office,,, sorry,,, this puke and his croonies are taking over AMERICA, GUESS what folks,,and mostly the ones that VOTED for this piece of shit,,, HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO DO THIS,,

    • California70 says:

      Hate to say this, but I think the Fat Lady as already Sung and All our politicians in Washington DC have flat our Ignored her.

  35. She is a lesbian bitch.

  36. Bill Cartwright says:

    You forgot the tax cheat Tim Geithner. If you are a liar, cheat, idiot, or just hate America you can get a cabinet seat on this administration.

  37. Bippy Bellito says:

    When are these fools in Washington going to realize that Islam is the enemy of the United States. It is maddening that Obama and Napolitano insist on insisting that there is no connection to Muslim men trying to destroy us on an almost daily basis and the tenets of Islam that instructs them to do so.

    • California70 says:

      Well said, but doesn't that make you want to ask a few questions?
      Why don't our Politicians running our Government recognize who the Enemy is? Come On, If we our here know what is what, you know damn good and well that our politicians know. They are doing all these things on purpose! OUr news media keeps saying "Oh Mr. Obama is just dumb". I don't think so! He can't possibly be THAT DUMB! Nobody is that damn dumb!

      That leaves us only one other answer doesn't it? He full-well knows exactly what he is doing. That then makes him a Traitor in Chief. And, nobody is the Congress or the Senate is doing one thing about it.


      • California70,
        I have said the same thing in the past and agree 100%. Obama and all his minions KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEIR DOING. Issue after issue they make decisions that are completely opposite what would be the sensible and correct decision to make the US and all of its citizens stronger. They are purposely doing this to weaken us little by little until there is nothing left.

  38. California70 says:

    This Woman (?) is another one of Obamas Winners!

    I'm wondering what country I just woke up in. It sure as heck isn't the America I grew up in!
    What happened to the America I know. This sure as hell isn't it!

  39. warren reynolds says:

    every single appontment the liar in chief has made is bull shit, they are all as incompetent as he is. I can see our country fall deeper into disgrace everyday. WAKE UP PEOPLE, He is not a democrat, he is a muslim.

  40. Mike McKnight says:

    fucking nigger lovers


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