Video: Obama’s War On Women

There is a war on women: it’s called the Obama economy.

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  1. Disgusted says:

    Of course there is a “war on women” by this hater of all that is female! He is a MU SLIME, and any fool who thinks that a mu SLIME has any use at all for women, other than abusing and using them is severely misinformed, or mentally deficiant! He wants to bring this nation of ours under the law of “is slime”, that toxic cult known as the “peaceful religion”! The same “religion” who condones the abuse and neglect, and mistreatment of women, and is so perverted that it even advises, and commands that little girls are “married” to old men, old perverts, who will abuse them in ways that are unimaginable to we in the west………we, that is, who are not perverts and child molesters and abusers to begin with. This Evil Being in the White House condones and approves of all manner of evil, and will shove it down our throats if we do not stop him! And it is something that every self respecting and intelligent woman in America should be against, and outraged about, this genuine and very real WAR ON ALL WOMEN ACROSS OUR NATION! For, it will bring upon us all, Shariah Law, and then we will lose every right that our mothers, grandmothers, and other brave women over the past 100 years ever fought and died for! It bears serious consideration from all women of America! And all women had better start thinking with their HEADS, not their lower parts, and stop all of this adoration of an evil, wicked, despicable, woman hater! And freedom killer in the bargin. He not only wants to kill the freedom of women, but that of all men too! We had all better stand up, and stand together, because we WILL lose all that we hold dear and precious, if we don’t!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Barbara Anderson says:

    Hillary CAN'T really hate women……….She is ONE ! ! ! So is her daughter, mother & grandmother ! !

    Gimmie a BREAK ! !

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