Video: Obama’s Usurpation Of America

The man sitting in the Oval Office is not our President because his identity documents are clearly forgeries.

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  1. Come on congress get with it. Impeach the SOB.

  2. Who has the chutzpah to impeach or stop inauguration?

  3. From day one (2008) after Obama's election, Obama set out to hurt America. It started with him announcing, WE ARE NO LONGER A CHRISTIAN NATION—this comment just went in one ear and out the other. Next started the devisiveness, the regulations and more regulations and lets not forget his greatest betrayal of trust—the LIES. In four yrs and beyond all obama has done is hurt us. The worst is the UNNESSARY MURDERS UNDER HIS WATCH AND HIS LACK OF TAKING RESPONSIBLE AND BEING ACCOUNTABLE FOR THESE AMERICANS–starting with FAST AND FURIOUS, THEN THE BORDER PATROLS AND LAST THE 4 AMERICANS THAT DIED IN BENGHAZI..
    tHIS is NOT even the tip of the iceberg—then came the OUTRAGEOUS AND UNNECCESSARY SPENDING.. tHIS WAS LIKE RUBBING OUR NOSE TO LET US KNOW you can!! and you did!!!

    Many things have continued and I believe they will get worse, WHY?? BECAUSE U DONT CARE ABOUT US. It is NOT too late, you could still come out as being the BEST POTUS EVER, …and I dont mean with handouts either. PEOPLE WANT JOBS and u NEVER TALK ABOUT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT JOBS. I do have a questION WHY????

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