Video: Obama’s Union Thugs Destroy Tent With People Inside

A violent mob destroys the Americans For Prosperity tent on the lawn of the Michigan state capital during protest against right to work legislation (which the governor ultimately signed into law). While destruction happened, there were people inside the tent; and some in the crowd were armed with knives. Contains some strong language.

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  1. These Union thugs are an embarrassment to our country! They are nothing but cowards and bullies, just get them alone and see how tough they are and lastly, what goes around comes around they will get what is coming to them.

  2. Truly a video document well worth showing time and again to keep in the forefront what the unions are for, they are the money laudering unit for the communist left to pipe money into the campaigns and support left wing politicians…This video is what is memorable, the left has to become violent now, their money supply is in jeopardy, memberships are shrinking and most of it due to the left and their inattention to the private sector and the fact that it is they who are the mothers milk of politick…not lefty politicians.

    If the impact of putting in place the national sales tax to replace the communistic progressive tax comes into purview, the left will again call forth their thuggs and crooks to try and stop the loss of their biggest money bowl and the political tool that it is used for to manipulate societal dependency. If the 47% of non income tax paying parasites are to join in and pay into income tax like all others, then social warfare and tax discrimination is dead meat, the coffers of the left will suffer greatly……

  3. As the day wore on today, this take of what the union left is all about has become noticable and the moderators or censors were beginning to block this comment…….sounds like the left is worried to me…thank you for allowing the comment.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Usualy the colored people are the ones causing trouble but here we have a bunch of crackers with no brains acting like iggers.Let see how Noballs Matthews and his ilk will spin this.I'd love to see a crowd go to the set of Matthews and bitch slap him,then on to Madcow and work their way up to Schultz and Combs.Im sure this is Tea Party People is what the media will try to make us believe.

    • Hi Edward,

      I was surprise to see these crackers acting like the iggers, this comes down to being selfish, these people feel that they have the right to force works into paying union dues, so they can line up their pockets at the expense of others. Expect more of the same, or worst riots through out the country when the economy crashes and there aren’t any jobs for anyone.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Linda I worked for the NYS Thruway Authority and when the Teamsters took over they told us that we didn't have to join but dues would still be taken out.Does that make sense.I must admit they did help as long as the mafia was running the the show but now I believe the unions out lived themselves and are only trying to keep their leaders rolloing in the dough like Hoffa and that other guy who is in the White House more then Obutthole, Richard?Them dumb asses in Michigan can still join unions and I'll bet the old fart who punched Crowder is a union hitman who has no job other then being a community organizer.

  5. iff people dont wont A union so be it,they say they will get U more money,yes they will but that is so U can give it to them for nothing,iff A person is not doing thier job at lest the company dont have to go to the union to get rid of them.

  6. We The People IMPEACH Obama and all his gangstas.

  7. The mainstream-media’s silence (failure to show this video) on this act of mob-violence by UNION THUGS is deafening, as is it’s silence (failure to show the video) on the act of Assualt & Battery by a UNION THUG against a FOX News reporter and a police officer.

    Usurper Obama/Soetoro’s silence on this UNION THUGGERY & CRIMINALITY is hypocratic, to say the least.

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