Video: Obama’s Top 10 Constitutional Violations Of 2013

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  1. Impeach proceedings need to be started ASAP. Once they are started, the process can be slowed down (after all, that does take time). Just start the proceedings ASAP!!!!!

  2. Obama the tyrannical Marxist will never face impeachment due to the (half) color of his skin. He'd be made out to be a martyr. That's why he has been the Teflon man, a treasonous criminal. And that's why Hillary will be the chosen one for 2016. First we had to have the first (half) black president shoved down our throats or we are all racist. Hillary has to be the first woman president or we are all sexist. The fix is already in, I fear.

    • You are so right but I say screw them he's is messing up so it would be ok to let someone keep messing up I don't think so and let's face it the race card is dead and only few races use it and some can't so that's all bullshit the man is a Muslim get him out now

    • Obama is a violation himself, to all that is good and decent, in violation to all that GOD and HIS SON teaches and promotes. He has broken all of GOD'S laws and has committed treason many times against America and her people, He belongs not in leadership of America but in prison. Treason was committed getting him into this leadership, and he continues to tear America down and those responsible refuse to stop him, they only assist him in his evil

  3. Harold of Toledo OH says:

    This video and its contents are more than needed to start impeachment proceedings. What are you waiting for? There have been so many threats for impeaching Obama and nothing has ever happened. No wonder Obama thinks he can do anything he wants.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      We can't start an impeachment proceeding until we also hold the Senate. What good would it be to charge him with impeachment only for the Senate to let him go?
      Can only charge him once remember.

  4. And why is he still in the White House I don't get it

  5. Stand-UP4YourRIGHTS says:

    Who is MAN enough to impose treason on this idiot?

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    I'm surprized you could only name ten.Him being president is unconstitutional.This phoney dicktator has to go and fast.

  7. Jeffrey Harrison says:

    Impeachment sounds good, but perhaps a Grand Jury is the way to go. While we talk and observe, maybe all of us should become more involved. Perhaps our freedoms are at stake.
    Let's get in gear and start doing things that matter and count. Our opposition is busy and fierce.

  8. Purported laws

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