Video: Obama’s Syrian Rebels Behead And Kill Children In Historic Christian Villages

Syrian rebels led by al-Qaida-linked fighters seized control of a predominantly Christian village northeast of Damascus, sweeping into the mountainside sanctuary in heavy fighting overnight and forcing hundreds of residents to flee…

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    If all Islamists converted to Christianity then the world would be a better place! Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and party to the MB’s genocidal of Christians! Obama armed the Muslim Brotherhood, embraced their members, and appointed them to positions of authority in our own government. Obama is pouring weapons into Syria, helping Jihad annihilate Christians, arming thugs who now murder women and children with great efficiency. Obama has been quiet even as thousands of Coptic Christians are being defiled and slaughtered in Egypt and other countries we support in the Middle East. When Obama went to the UN to speak, did he utter one word condemning the slaughter of innocent Christians in Muslim countries? NO. In only three days after 8/20, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has burned down 57 churches, murdered hundreds of Christians, and executed 25 Egyptian Policemen in the Sinai Peninsula. Obama is a Muslim sympathizer who enables terrorism, aiding our enemies, and thus, he is worthy to be charged with treason. Obama closed all Arab embassies showing cowardice and weakness, once again. Obama is a traitor and should be hung for treason! We’ll probably never know who was responsible for using poison gas in Syria. But we’ll always know whose blundering incompetence got us into an unnecessary war there. Obama hates Judeo-Christian traditions: reverence, servanthood, and personal responsibility.
    I believe the Silent Majority will speak up and change the course of the 2014 election to reflect the strong Christian principles and conservative logic that exists in many households throughout the country.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    These Syrian rebels according to Obutthole,McCain and Grahamnesty are the salt of the earth.It's onlt Assad who is the bad guy.McCain should get that fat ass daughter of his to gather some mercenaries and go in and take out Assad or have Lurch Kerry send it that daughter of his who wears see through clothing to get Bashar to give ou his chemical weapons for a piece of tail.

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