Video: Obama’s Social Security Number Does Not Pass E-Verify Check

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  1. Nothing surprises me about him!

  2. Who are the idiots who still support this fraud? I'm sorry if a real idiot takes exception to my comment.

  3. Quit walking around this problem and zoom in on "THE CAUSE"The American people have had enough!! I know I have…I am tired of listening to how much this administration is getting away with. You notice that Sir Henry Reid and Pelosi have backed off….don't stray far because when the time comes….so will the truth and justice!

  4. AmericanTruth2012 says:

    Only we the people can stop this as the our elected officials stand by and continue to ignore our demands. It's coming to the point that people are going to rise against.

  5. Something is fishing and he is Muslim too.

  6. dragonfFIRE01 says:

    so what else is new? no one will do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!

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