Video: Obama’s Rule Of Lawlessness

Are we a nation ruled by laws, or has our government been taken over by a group of modern-day marquis and baronettes who simply pretend to govern while robbing us blind?

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  1. Everybody knows that, Obama is not a natural born American. His birth certificate is a fake, he stole his SSN. He doesn't respect our constitutional rights, he has no respect for our congress. Even I can see that he's on the wrong side! He is giving our hard on money to the people who Wants to kill all Americans, not only that, he is supplying them with our most sophisticated jets and tanks, who can use it against us. Can anyone save us Americans, from these people who are trying to destroy this great nation, intentionally? Isn't there anyone who is honesty enough to stand up for our country? Are they afraid of getting fired?

  2. we have been betray by this government, they all know obama is not eligible to be working in the white house as a janitor, let alone be prez, leader of our country. They all know that obama's agenda is to destroy our country and they just let him do what ever he wants, how stupid and selfish these people are, especially dirty little Harry Reid.

  3. Lost forensic video on Impeach Obama website tonight from private civilian phone for legitimate political process. Suspect local Hawaii invasion of cell phones conspiracy against public right to know why Obama’s fake birth certificate was requested by Arizona AG from Hawaii while it is posted for free on a Maui internet site. Obama is aware that such burden of proof was left to civic sector for his own hubris since Jan. 2009.

    Two big brown tits are posted right next to his fake birth certificate over 6 months ago for those who recognize that the hoax is on Obama.

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