Video: Obama’s Promise To Muslims

In Cairo a few years ago, Obama promised to ensure Muslims could fulfill “ZAKAT.” What is “ZAKAT”? And what are the implications of this promise?

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  1. We all(50%=) know he is a Muslim so it is up to the citizens to accept the Dictator or not

  2. Al Metcalf says:

    One day all Americans will know exactly who Obama was…
    Time will fill in the blanks on his life, we merely have to hang on to our freedoms and our Nation in the meantime.
    Soon Syria will be under the Muslim Brotherhood, then Lebanon and Jordan will complete the circle, they too will fall and become controlled by the Brotherhood.
    Israel will be in dire need of a strong friend, and it will not be us, for Obama will still be in power here.

    • Don't count on American people. They are ignorant and stupid brain-washed idiots. KGB worked on it for quite a long period of time and they achieved their goal by penetrating American political and educational establishments. Go on YouTube and search for 1981 interviews with KGB defector Mr. Bezmenov.
      So, don't hold your breath man….

  3. We do not want obama or his muslim brotherhood in our country. Send him back to Indonesia where he is a citizen, thus not qualified to hold office in America. We must take back our country before it is too late. He is draining us of all our resources and wealth. We can still pull out of this if we get him out of office and undo his executive orders that harm our freedom and safety. No more lifetime salaries, same medical and retirement as we the people, no more giving themselves raises and benefits. This is our job as their boss! Get our house in order. No more money to our enemies!!!!!! Only money out of country is to pay our bills. No paid vacations, secret service in Washington only until they pay back all the money they stole from us!!!!!

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    This president will work with any muslim not only American born terrorists but those abroad.After all he is a muslim and the faster we can bounce him out the better America will be.

  5. robertdavidhummel says:

    Mr. President….Be ADVISED…..YOU should NOT entice a eligious Cult….to Pay for any form of Terrorism….Seems to me that "The words you stated to the Muslim Religious Factors,in that Muslim Country, WERE TREASONIST", to the Free People of America.
    You should pack your bags and turn-in the Keys to the White House mens room and leave ….BEFORE YOU START A PATRIOT or Tea Party RIOT….period.

  6. How about working to improve this country instead of destroying it!!!

    • MikeNorell says:

      I've been calling for Obama's resignation for five years, can't do much else until that's accomplished.

  7. MAKAHAYAN says:


  8. Lmao. Zakat is simply a donation to charity. They are distributed to needy people starting from the bottom up. That "1/8" business they're talking about is referring to the days of the rule of the Islamic Caliphate under Omar, who would distribute the contents of the coffers of a captured city throughout the Islamic empire. 7/8 of it would be distributed to the soldiers currently at war, and the other 1/8 would go back to Medina (or other cities), and distributed to the people, from the neediest up. That was over a thousand years ago. Zakat is simply a donation that Muslims make every Ramadan (no ones forces them to make it, but it is required by religion, so Muslims do it. Kinda like how Christians believe in doing good things to please God) and it goes to needy people, and always has. Relax. There are things that Obama is doing that are much worse than allowing Muslims to donate money to poor people (eg. He is donating taxpayer money to Egypt, Israel, UN, and many more without our choice or consent).

  9. WHY, because he is a Muslim! i knew it early on! When this nation Told Jesus Christ He was not welcome in this nation in 1962/3 1970 well then it got Muslims, or a lie! Light rejected always begets lightening and darkness! islam is DARKNESS! For proof: please give me ONE instance of any muslim nation having any spiritual uplifting or any greatness because of Allah? Just one will do! FACT: all Muslim countries are 3rd rate nations!!! the U.S.A was great, and britian was great as well as Germany etc because God IS great!!

  10. How is Obama a Muslim? Please enlighten me.

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