Video: Obama’s Pool Of Dead People

Death is personified as a black-robed figure walking the Earth robbing the souls of the living. Oddly, we have sort of a reversal of this figure in one Barack Hussein Obama, who on the outside is portrayed as a beacon of life, but it seems wherever he walks leaves a trail of dead. Case in point: Bill Gwatney and Stephanie Tubbs, delegates in 2008 planning to vote for Hillary Clinton. One murdered, the other suffering an “aneurism.” These two simply form the peak of this mountain of death, Obama’s alleged lovers at Trinity United Church of Christ all dying within a six-week period and forming the perfidious mount of Obama’s Death Mountain. And this is only one mountain in a mountain range of death and destruction left by the Destroyer-in-Chief.

Music courtesy of the 21st Century Tea Party Patriots

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  1. I guess he (Obama) figures it worked for Clinton, it will work for him.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Not only for the Clintons but for the Kennedys.JFK and his brother RFK were tag teaming Monroe and when they felt she would say something or maybe she was going to have a baby.She had to go and dead people don't talk.Now that leaves us with Uncle Teddy the professional drunk who we know did MaryJo in but well never know the reason unless his slut niece Caroline knows

  2. We've been knowing about these murders, some execution style, for a long time. Trouble is, you cannot get the networks to talk about it, and if you did, it wouldn't be worth mentioning unless they wanted to make it major news, and didn't let up on it. LSM stations would be worthless for sure. Why no attorneys on the cases of the people murdered who knew or were involved with Obama??????? THAT is what I want to know! We know he's homosexual, I want to know why noone is going after him for these murders! Obama's and Michelle's marriage was one of convenience, not one born out of love between a man and a woman.

  3. Personally, I think "Fast and Furious" was blatant enough that I don't see how "ONE" person could vote for Obama. In fact, I would say that knowing what we know about "Fast and Furious" the only people that could rationalize voting for Obama are RACISTS that don't care about a Caucasian border patrol agent being killed. I only say that because of a racists well known contempt of the Romney/Republican side……Fast and Furious ALONE should be enough to cause people to vote for Romney. Let alone all of the other negative facts against Obama.

  4. The guy is a dick sucker. I don't want a dick sucker for the president of the USA. The other muslims in the middle east want to screw him. HAHAHAHA. The muslims know that Barry OBummer is NOT a leader and are now beginning the big jihad.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Neither do I Bill and I'm glad that there are people who believe he is after all these men saying he had sex with them.where there's smoke there's fire.The muslim world got him and Hitlary right up there asses

  5. Just like the way of Moa and Lenin do away with anyone who has something on you and will tell….Just like in the clinton administration…also way back in the Kennedy all the oneswho suddenly met with thier demise after K was shot…Do you see a patern here just saying……Just one man's opinion

  6. Obama keeps all this quiet with bribes and threats. Fear of their life keeps their mouths shut, also, he's black, and the blacks who hate our country, like he does, think it is okay for him to take us down. If they didn't hate America before he got into office, they do now as he divides our country down the middle. They are not thinking that they will be in the same boat as we are when he turns us over to our enemies. obama does not give a flip about them, he only works to bring us down. He's not naieve as he praises islam and coddles and protects them, he's pure evil and knows EXACTLY what he's doong. Muslims are his brothers, why else would he put them before us. Our citizens need to know that he's used them to take us down, and that they are in the same boat that we know we are in.

  7. Agter 1963/4 and 1970 when the U.s. kicked God out of school; and prayer as well, and now the dems voted him off their platform: let me tell these idiotic Dumb Jackasses that if they think for one minute that they can, or anyone for that matter, survive or see their love for money and possessions come to fruit with all the greed anyone can muster..then they are as blind as a bat backing into a blizzard! they may think they are going to be rich beyond reason etc BUT I am here to tell all of you that their end will mot be good! Commubism does not work and their plans w/out God will not work either! W/OUT God ye can do NOTHING!! John 15:5 KJV I'll put my bet on "The Lord" Jesus Christ!!

    • HE was kicked out of the Democrat party a long time ago. That putting him on their plaatform was the biggest insult that they could have given HIM. It was only to get another vote or two.

  8. Let's Take A Closer Look At

    ☛ Snopes is run by Barbara and David Mikkelson,
    a California couple who met on the alt.folklore.urban newsgroup.

    ☛ The Mikkelsons created the Snopes site in 1995.

    ☛ The Mikkelsons have made multiple appearances
    as guests on national news programs such as 20/20,
    ABC World News, CNN Sunday Morning, and NPR's
    All Things Considered, and they and their work have
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    ☛ This is an interview with Barbara Mikkelson.
    To me, it sounds like she's passing judgment on God.

    ☛ During an interview with CNN:
    DAVID MIKKELSON: Well, other than checking
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    if a story is real, you're generally going to see it in more
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    Directed by – Brian Flemming
    Produced by – Brian Flemming
    Amanda Jackson
    Written by – Brian Flemming
    StarringBrian Flemming (narration)
    Sam Harris
    Richard Carrier
    Alan Dundes
    ☛ Barbara Mikkelson – Snopes Founder/Owner
    ☛ David P. Mikkelson – Snopes Founder/Owner
    Robert M. Price
    Scott Butcher
    Ronald Sipus
    Distributed by – Beyond Belief Media
    Microcinema International
    Release date(s)May 21, 2005
    Running time – 62 mins
    Language – English

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    under the name DJ Madson. Flemming plays guitar,
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    guitar and sang as part of a 2008 April Fool's Day stunt
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