Video: Obama’s Plan To Destroy The Tea Party

If you think Obama using the IRS to attack the Tea Party was bad, you haven’t seen anything yet.

What Obama may be planning for the Tea Party in the future will send chills up and down your spine.

Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video for details.

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  1. Margaret Teague says:

    And then they will hate you, because of my Name.Jesus said.

  2. One person I will never trust and that's Obama nothing but a liar

  3. O (and liberal D's) want the Tea Party destroyed because he is terrified of them and knows they will not back down

  4. Arizona worker says:

    It seems Obama and crew have some help destroying the Tea Party, in the GOP. Amazing and the dimwits in the Republican Party actually think demeaning the Tea Party will help them get votes. Personally, vote all the bastards out. I hate that I have to hold my nose and vote for someone like McCain just to vote against some socialist racist, American hater like Obama. No wonder 3 million Republicans stayed home last election and the GOP is still wondering why? the establishment, career politicians have got to go and we the people have got to demand the replacements vote in term limits, make sure the golden parachute retirement and healthcare plans the pols vote themselves has to be rescinded so they are all on the same plans they vote for us. If they make us bleed, they'll have to bleed along with us.

  5. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Niga power corrupts, absolute Niga power corrupts absolutely!

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    This Sambo is so slick that he even has that asswipe speaker of the house John Boner working for him to destroy the Tea Party. As I understand it he told John that he wouldn't let him be his caddy anymore if Boner didn't do something about conservatives who wouldn't toe the John being the deenutted Speaker went out to critisize tha Tea Party.

  7. Let's all mail him a tea bag! Show him how strong we are!
    Put a tea bag in hot water and see how strong it is!

  8. He calls evil good and good evil and is destroying everything good about America, and those who is supposed to keep him in check is urging him on!!

  9. As long as Obama is not arrested he will keep trying to destroy this country Egypt is smarter then this country they used the military to remove a dictator it is more then passed time for the military to do their duty to oust Obama and all of his team and put them on trial for treason and murder!

  10. Why would he destroy the Tea Party? They are the ones who will continue to give Democrats the Oval Office on a platter.

  11. I voted for McCain I personally think MCCain would have made a great president he was a prisoner of war patriot he deserved to be president not that Obama lieing unpatriotic azz who wont even put his right hand over his heart and say the pledge of legions …Our so called government had to make Bush open our gates to let all these forneigners in to get there votes for Obama before Bush left office.We as the people have to bend over and take it up the wazoo while Obama sits back and laughs in our faces…I only hope McCain runs for president again.Hope someone puts a bullet in Obamas head soon before we go under to much farther I can't see us recovering now as it stands.Lord help our next president who is assigned to clean up Obamas mess!

    • You need to learn about McCain. He is in the tank for Obama and all the "progressives". He was not called the Hanoi Nightingale for nothing. He was a POW, but disgraced and shamed himself while in prison, unlike the vast majority of our POWs in any war. McCain is an "undocumented Democrat" and needs to retire or resign – or be recalled; likewise Jeff Flake. These men are an embarrassment to Arizona, Arizonans, and this country. Another fun by McCain will simply guarantee a new Clinton presidency… the Clinton of "what difference does it make now?" Benghazi fame.

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