Video: Obama’s Living Close To Bill Ayers During Mysterious NY Years Reported Two Weeks Prior To Election

Obama Files reported an exclusive last week about Obama’s girlfriend, Genevieve Cook, in 1984 going to the same college (Bank Street College of Education) at the exact time that Bill Ayers was attending. And that Obama in 1984 had lived literally within a half mile of Ayers. With the extensive ties Obama had later with Ayers in the 1990s and early 2000s, it is inconceivable that Obama did not connect with Ayers while in New York.

Ayers had been underground the whole of the 1970s and resurfaced in 1981, the exact year Obama transferred to Columbia University, so it can be theorized that Obama sought out the domestic terrorist and may have chosen Columbia University, within sight of Bank Street College, for the specific purpose of being near Ayers (and possibly Dohrn), who were heroes of the radical Left, being considered a sort of Bonnie and Clyde.

What was most shocking, however, that Obama Files discovered this week, was that it was known and reported that Obama had lived in close proximity to Ayers in the early 1980s literally two weeks before the 2008 election, posted on the blog of a private investigator by the name of Bill Warner.

In the above video, we also add some new information regarding the communist connections of the Brooklyn Friends School, the ‘experimental’ school Genevieve Cook taught at in 1983.


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