Video: “Obama’s Job Evaluation”

Obama gets canned by Wild Bill; considering his job performance, no surprise!

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  1. Ken Carlisle says:


  2. Benghazi, Fast and Furiious—-IMPEACH!

  3. Wild Bill, right on as usual.
    Let's NEVer forget Benghazi. The commander-in-chief committed TREASON, he should be HUNG!!!!!

  4. Angry Man says:

    I have said this a hundred times if I've said it once. Politicians do not fear votes. Politicians don't fear your protests and emails. Politicians do not fear our freedom of speech. They fear a BULLET with their names on it. It's time to revolt. If a million black men can march, then half that many armed citizens can march to the White House, INTO the White House and end this in one day.

  5. Ihatelibs says:

    I give him an A for being lucky to still be Alive.

  6. nexgenesis says:

    I am convinced that if we were to hold obama accountable to obey the Constitution in order to be President he would not be eligible to serve.

  7. John Murtha says:


  8. Dave Wollenberg says:

    Who played the part of 'Wild Bill'?

  9. I hired a colored man one day…Thats all enough said.

  10. jim arvin says:

    IMPEACH OBAMA !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. It seems to me that anger and frustration grows more and more in the nation, I wonder what will be the results.

  12. Watch out! If Obama gets Brennan in as CIA we are all in BIG TROUBLE! You nailed it on the head Obama is working for Islam and Muslim Brotherhood. We need a Civil War to stop this! Nothing else seems to be doing much good! Republicans, Democrats, independents, Tea Party Groups all need to stand up for what is right our constitution is the backbone of this country. We must stop the Treason and Tyranny! Americans are better than this! We will not be a doormat to this Administration!

  13. Edwardkoziol says:

    Wild Bill gives us an excellent presentation on just how bad Obutthole is.He is like Nero he fiddles while Ameica burns.However he does get an A in arrogance and photo ops This igger went to Newtown Conn.just to have his picture taken with the families of the children that were murdered how low can you go,he is like a snake with fallen arches.Bill is right while the 4 Americans were being attacked in Benghazi he sat there stroking himself because he and Holder were supplying the weapons to the muslims who were killing our people.In my book he gets a triple F and should be impeached.

  14. What is the point of re-hashing over and over again, and to keep pointing out the obvious failures, murders

    of ambassadors, border patrol, american citizens, gun running both onshore and offshore to muslim

    brotherhood, unknown and sealed background and/or what country he is from or person and country he

    really has allegiance to, what religion he is (which is obvious from the ring on his left hand says apparently:

    "there is only one god allah,"). What is the point Wild Bill of continually explaining the obvious failures

    among other things about POTUS and his failure at being a POTUS, that buys votes by giving 47 million

    citizens (at the we the peoples expense) food stamps, free phones, medicade, welfare, free abortions

    and on and on we go. Now how about the family structure "husband and wife" and gayism is being

    promoted and having children out of wedlock, or how all of this promotes NO values, No morals and this

    goes against God's word. How about open borders and giving citizenship to illegal aliens? The list is so

    long it is unfathomable that this person is still sitting in the honorable oval office. What a disgrace and

    disservice this person has done to our country and world standing. America is going down the toilet which

    stinks if this charade is allowed to continue. To me it is socialism at its best. This has been going on for

    over six (6) decades or more. This is the end result. Mud pie and in our faces.

    So, again what is the point of rehashing over and over again about the known obvious? When is

    someone or some group going to come along and say ok, we need to organize, we need to take back our

    beloved country in an intelligent way and not keep stirring the pot with "words and anger", but in an

    intelligent and peaceful way? Look our judges are corrupt (i.e. Judge Englund in CA last week told Orly

    Taitz no president needs I.D. to be president, whoaaa talk about totally over the edge), our politicians,

    some of our law enforcement are all in the same socialistic boat and they certainly are not living up to their

    oaths. I saw a video the other day where a Lt. in law enforcement in N.C. who hid his face said that local

    police, special agents, u.s. marshal's, many branches of law enforcement are all being trained for drone

    activity, and marshal law, which our country will experience within the next 45 to 90 days or less. So, in

    order to call in marshal law you have to have a major crisis right? Well gun control could do it and where is

    the problem starting? You got it, from the top down, our POTUS. Talk about bait and trap heh? I heard

    the fear in this policeman's voice when he was explaining all of this, trust me it was not good. So, now we

    the people have been warned again and again of things to come well for at least four (4) years now. But

    anger and empty words will not solve this "PROBLEM", and they are preparing for a coup are you?

    Does anyone realize that worldwide our troops will be coming home but our hard earned money (for those

    of us that still have jobs) will still be paid to foreign country's that are run by muslim brotherhood, shari'a

    law and anyone seen some of those video's that show trains carrying hundreds and hundreds of various

    types of army equipment including fuel tankers on them? Anyone seen on the History channel hundreds of

    thousands of plastic coffins in FEMA camps? Talk about unnerving people, well it is all real. Question is

    who are they planning to put in those empty coffins stacked mountains high?

    God bless us one and all who believe in flying the American flag and not redesigning it, nor stomping on it,

    nor tossing God, crosses and religion out the window along with so many citizens under the bus.

    All I can say is PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. It is almost over. Or is it Wildbill? Again what is the point in

    rehashing the same ole same ole problems, situations and failures? Do you have some concrete input as

    to a direction that "we the people can take or go?

  15. brabbie2002 says:

    oblowhole makes Jimmy Carter look like a perfect president! He was a joke from the minute he took office. His arrogance, executive pen privileges and just plain stupidity amazes me more every day! I know people voted him in to be politically correct. How about impeaching him out to be American correct!

    • sixpackdan says:

      Im sorry but I think your wrong. He is NOT stupid, sadly he knows EXACTLY what he is doing to this country. And that is the truly scary part. You notice he just signed into law life time of protection for himself.

  16. Sharon E Lasky says:

    I personally think Obutma should be tried for treason…do you think tarring, feathering, and being driven out on a rail is too lenient? Hmmmmm drawing and quartering? Well okay, maybe Gitmo with all his radical Islamic friends. A nice long stay breaking rocks would bring a smile to my face :-) I think I’m hanging on too hard to my guns, religion, and my belief in freedom.

  17. THIS man makes me sick! Do NOT mention his name ecer again! I can't stand to see his face or hear his voice…

  18. Please look at info regarding the fabian society and the weather underground you will see that in the so-call chain of command of the fabian Society ( the society that was formed after Charles Dawin died) This society has flourished and disguised itself and caused people to beleive that Marxism?communism is dead, and it is NOT! It is ONLY disguised as "Progressives" now and they hate this nation and they hate God/Jesus Christ etc and desire to run this nation broke and into communism! They have used Bill Ayers etc and Obama tp this end! The trouble is just beginning folks!!!

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