Video: Obama’s Endless Summer of Fundraising

Latest Video from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and its a good one.

I think Obama says it best: "There is a time to campaign, and there is a time to govern."

Throughout this last year, as our debt grows to monstrous proportions, Iran steps closer to a nuclear bomb, and unemployment remains around 10 percent, Obama has consistently shown by his actions that for him, it is never the time to govern.

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  1. It is a shame this country has allowed this person to do all the damage he has done. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Don't people really understand, or do they walk around with a cloud over their heads???

    • Myabe after we get rid of Obama, Pelosi, and Biden we can start working on the liberal asses that got us in this mess by voting for a virtal unknown with a name like Barak Hussian Obama , when his given name was Barry Satoro, Seems like if he was ashamed of his givin name he could have come up with something better especially dureing a war with his people !!!! We need to get him impeached and then prosicute him to the fullest extent of the law , speaking of which when the hell are the courts, senate, and the house going to do something to protect the Constitution that so many of our people have given there lives to protect !!!!!

      • Actually, as I understand the history on him I have read, his given name was Barak Obama, Jr. But after his mother married Lolo Satoro (not sure of the spelling), BHO was adopted by Lolo and changed his name. In any case, I don't even believe he is eligible to hold the great office of president of the United States. If we could prove that, then everything he has signed will be null and void. He has done many illegal and prosicutable things …. and plenty f things to be impeaced over. If we can sweep the congress in November, perhaps we can this traitor impeached.

    • 'This is precisely why the founders installed the 2nd amendment in our Great Bill of Rights….'the right of the people to abolish their own traitorous government'………

    • Jeanne Therese says:

      They walk aound with a cloud over their heads and their eyes and ears CLOSED~ i JUSTcannot understand how this man can still be running our country~ with all the damage he is doing and is still doing. I really believe their is an under current of subversive people running our country with O as Head. Wake up America….now is the time to get him OUT by IMPEACHMENT!~ Start rallying for this…never has our country been run into a deficit as O has done…stop blaming all on Bush..O has more than trupled our deb…is that Bush's fault. I did not vote for B nor O so I feel pretty good that I looked and sought answers BEFORE elections and not voted for the cutest/handoSOmest man (not :) oBAMA) or the one with the most money to BUY the Presidency. Find integrity, honesty, what he stands for and a faith in God!

    • Nancy Dowing says:

      Yes. We understand. What can we do? We are not being listened to. Stop the illegal immigration. Stop the Mosque at ground zero. Many more complaints. First of all get rid of Obama and his clan. We must vote them out but who will really listen to us?

      • Vote them out??? I don't think we have that long. We must impeach him, Kagan the czars and all the other anti-American traitors he has given power to. They are making it impossible to get ammunition for your guns because they are afraid of us. If we do not sweep the house in November, we may very well be in for a real battle. Sure don't want that to happen. We will not give up our liberties so easily.

  2. This person is a JOKE…a walking ridiculous travesty. I can't even call him a man. His only plans are to continue in the demoralization of America, continue tearing her down and putting her further into debt and contribute to her depopulation by funding terrorism. He is the devil incarnate or at least paving the way for his appearance!

  3. June-Stafford says:

    I am so damn tired of the mess America is in if people would do more action and a little less talk we need to take back our country A.S.A.P the damn democrats need to crawl back under the rock's they come from!!

    • 2nd. amendment?

    • Listen, guys, Hillary Clinton is no better than Obummer, Pelosi or Reed. She just signed a treaty with the UN to begin to nullify the 2nd ammendment and hamper gun control. The US constitution says we have the right to bear arms uninfringed. Everyone seems to overlook her part in all of this. She is just as evil and just as much a hater of the American way of life as the rest of them.

  4. They should have brought him a desk to prop his feet on so he wouldn't have to sit like the rest of the girls

  5. cactusbob says:

    Angel pointed out what the anti-American Obama is doing, but it probably doesn't make sense to many why he is doing it. Why would he and the "Democrat" party be helping him destroy this country? Wayne Allyn Root pointed it out very plainly. Obama wants to assure Democrat longevity by creating an election-proof dynasty. By tearing down our Republic, making sure it fails, destroying millions of jobs, and making it unlikely that entrepreneurs can right the ship of state, he will force huge majorities onto dependence on government. They can then be counted upon to vote for big government because it will support them, and then it will be too late to save our freedoms. This November is the critical election, and if enough Democrats, especially their "leaders," aren't replaced by conservatives, Obama will have done what Hitler, Krushchev, Putin, and the middle-east Muslims have been unable to. He will finish destroying America.

    • Read the 2nd. amendment…again.

    • Jeanne Therese says:


    • I have been telling people for some time now, the reason the lost jobs are not coming back is because Obama is chocking the job market. This way he will gain a mass civilian dependency on government funding. This way people will quit looking for jobs and just absorb their funding. It is a plan but he will be stopped short of complete achievement. N O V E M B E R!!!! Cast your vote!!!

  6. I turn down the sound every time Obama speaks on TV. I cannot stand the lies anymore nor the fact that he continues to spew his garbage thinking the American people are dumb enough to believe him. This man is the great divider. He plays serious sides style politics. If you are not backing his play you "ARE" the enemy. This is not a President, this is a man that bows to our enemies while lip serving the rest of the world. We are the last item on his list of responsibilities. People are waking up and I feel come November he is going to start making a bunch of executive orders because the BS he is trying to get passed is going to stop when we take back congress and the senate. He must be impeached!

  7. If Obummer and his comrades would use the actual figures unemployment is about 20% but they leave out those that have quit looking those whose benefits have totaly run out but they don't want people to know what the fuigures really are

  8. Aren't we paying for Air Force one and all that security while he runs his scam campaign? I can guarentee that if obama walked up to me to shake my hand, I would turn and walk away. I have no use for him. He should be in prison for treeson. May he drop his soap.

  9. This so-called President is and has been the biggest slap in the face this Wonderful Country of ours has had to put up with….He will go down in History as our Worst President ever ahead of Jimmy Carter…When he has gone our country has won… God Bless America when it is OBAMA FREE

  10. He is the biggest FRAUD this country has ever known.

  11. No, he doesn't think he is going to create jobs by doing anything. He doesn't want to create jobs. He wants people to become dependent on the government so they will vote for more government programs, and keep the Dems in office.

  12. Richard W says:


  13. The Home Depot fired an employee for refusing to remove a "One nation under God" patriotic button from his work apron. Trevor Keezor, a Christian, said he wore the button to support his country and his 27-year-old brother, who serves in the military in Iraq.

    Dozens of homosexual employees participated in Home Depot-sponsored gay pride parades and festivals. Many employees wore numerous buttons on their aprons promoting homosexuality.

    The Home Depot defended them by saying homosexual employees will not be prohibited "in any way" when it comes to what they do and wear. The picture here shows employees who decorated their aprons for a Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in Seattle, Washington.

    So…if you wear a "One Nation Under God" button, you will be fired. If you wear a "gay" button, you get company praise.

    This is just one more example of how Obama made it into the oval office. As a nation, America embraces evil.

  14. Liar in chief says:

    "We have spent the last 20 months governing," Obama told Democratic contributors in Austin. "They spent the last 20 months politicking. Now we've got three months to go, and so we've decided, well, we can politick for three months."
    What's happened in the last 20 Months is the result of "governing"?? Obama needs to find something else to do, if that's the case….

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