Video: Obama’s Delusional About The Minimum Wage

Here is a good video that explains why Obama is delusional about the minimum wage. At a time of high unemployment for young workers, an increase would only hurt their prospects of finding a job. He knows this but wants to keep the permanent underclass growing. They are his largest constituency in support of socialism.

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  1. freedom4US says:

    Obama is not delusional about the wage or any other issue for that matter. He knows that many will lose their jobs if the wage is increased. The minimum wage was not meant for people to live on. More Americans will be out of work and thus the ranks of the unemployed and the 90-week unemployment checks will increase dramatically causing more chaos. He is purposely tearing this country apart piece by piece. He is destroying the best health care system in the world and is set to decimate our military strength. Under his administration, we are fast becoming a third world nation weak in the eyes of the rest of the world and a prime target for another attack which will probably come at some point in time. We Americans had better get down on our knees and pray to God that He shows mercy on America who has turned its back on Him. We need to turn this country around to what was a God-fearing nation. If any of you doubt this advice, please get a copy of "The Harbinger" by Jonathan Cahn el pronto.

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