Video: Obama’s Defacto Anti-Bullying Czar: “I Wish Republicans Were All F*cking Dead”

(Editor’s note: video contains some graphic language)

Dan Savage made headlines last week when, at a national high school journalism conference in Washington DC (one I attended once upon a time, now that I think of it), he went on a rant about the Bible and Christians then called his audience “pansy asses” when they started walking out.

It turns out this wasn’t Savage’s first outburst of that variety, which is strange given that he’s an anti-bullying activist. But more interesting then that is Savage’s close relationship with the Obama administration, to the point of being sort of defacto anti-bullying czar (via Weasel Zippers):

Sex advice columnist and anti-bullying crusader Dan Savage has made headlines over the past few days after unleashing expletives and harsh rhetoric against the Bible and Christian teens. Now, in the wake of the condemnation he’s receiving following his remarks at the National High School Journalism Conference last week, some conservatives are questioning the advocate’s close-knit relationship with the Obama administration.

Like many other school districts and organizations on the local level, the Obama administration has been taking on the issue of bullying. In doing so, officials have relied heavily on — and have promoted — Savage’s “It Gets Better” project. In fact, the relations between the Obama administration and the group are so tight that key government officials have even created videos for the campaign.

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