Video: Obama’s Budget: The Definition Of Insanity

Despite bad economic numbers and slowed hiring, the President continues to call for higher taxes…

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  1. barleywheets says:

    Why is our Congress allowing this man to still remain in the White House? Why is our Congress NOT prosecuting HIM for all the crimes he has been committing? He is illegally holding the greatest position in our United States & our Congress is allowing him to break the United States Consitutional amendments. WE 'The People expect our Congress to enforce OUR Consitutional laws.. period.. NOT delete or dilute them. CONGRESS do your JOB! Prosecute HIM!

    • RacerJim says:

      Why? One simple reason: they all know he’s not eligible for the office he usurped in 2008 and, therefore, they all are guilty of Misprison of Treason.

  2. Harold Toledo OH says:

    The true definition of 'insanity' is Barack Obama and all his thugs. This means that all registered voters from now on should be given a 'Sanity Test' and pass it, before they are allowed to vote. That way things like Barack Obama will never happen again. Now that is Sane.

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