Video: Obama’s ‘Benghazi Accountability Report’ A Sham

Part 1 of Western Journalism’s analysis of Obama’s sham report, the “Benghazi Accountability Report” issued on December 17 that exposes his treasonous actions.

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  1. Puddentain says:

    The REAL funny part about this is NOBODY is even mentioning pushing everything forward until IMMEDIATELY after the election!!!……….That's not even a topic in the news…..Goes to show how easily the media can manipulate the public.

    • It's still funny how all this stuff happened before the election, but people still voted for this anti-colonialist. This man should have been fired just for the countrys debt going up to 16 trillion dollars. Any person that would have run a company that far into the red would have been fired.

      • Its strange how he is willing to cut medicare, medicade and SSI, but not willing to cut their salaries.I wonder ,he wants to raise taxes .Will that also apply to them too?

  2. Keep that POS on the island and don't let him back in Washington


  4. perfectlyaged says:

    I wonder how soon after the 1st of the year that Obama's loyal followers will abandon him?

  5. We have so many Judges on the bench that will not obey the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.
    The real Americans need to shout a loud voice.

  6. This is the BIGGEST COVERUP in the history of our ONCE GREAT COUNTRY.

    it has been over three months.. and this is ALREADY a forgotten issue.

    The politicians on the Hill have BETRAYED America..

    Because they have and ARE participating in this COVERUP.

    We should be DEMANDING a FULL INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION.. no controlled by either party.. with the TEAM having the power to JAIL those that are stalling and LYING.

  7. Obama is more threatening to America that Stalin, Mao, and Hitler combined. He should be impeached and sent to the gulag

    • How can Obama be empeached?He is in control of Washington,congress and the media.We have no representation in Washington.The media will not tell the truth to AMERICA.All they do is spread Obamas lies.Washington is only looking out for their over payed and underworked jobs.Where is the America we all love?

  8. Indict that Idiot for TREASON before 1/21/2013 , his legasy will be one of the worst president in U.S. history ever.

    • Accpuntability—there has been NONE! Fast & Furious? None there either. He's such a loser. He so badly needs to be impeached, removed from office in cuffs, made to do the perp walk for his syncophant media to record for posterity!

  9. "we will do all we can to protect American citizens civilian OR military"
    Was that a fact with the Sgt. sitting jail for 4 mo. in Mexico? Add that to this for a broader picture of a liar.
    It took FOX news screaming about it along a few politicos to get him out. The WH had 'nothing' to say.
    BUT, the WH was right there Johnny on the Spot for Sandra Fluke who may or may not have been insulted on the radio.

  10. sallyann fama says:

    All these fine and brave young men lost their lives because our president told our men who were ready to run to the Ambassador's and 3 other Americans' aid to stand down. Why? Most likely because he had arranged the entire event. Why was Ambassador Stevens at Benghazi? He was an ambassador to Tripoli. A State Dept. official revealed that their was a plan for the Muslim Brotherhood to capture Stevens and hold him ransom in exchange for the Blind Sheik. Supposedly, our president didn't expect that the other 3 Americans would be rushing to Stevens' defense. Obama could have called in our men from nearby posts, but this would have been a threat to his presidency. This tragedy didn't have to happen. Obama could have put an end to it by calling in help for these men. It's another failed scheme similar to the gun-running to the Mexican cartels. We have no proof that this was a plot, and that State Dept. person who spoke about this has become silent and unavailable. Just as Hillary has become silent and unavailable……

  11. Seeks_the_truth says:

    And yet, questions still remain.
    Why did oblameo stand before America and the UN and lie?
    Who pushed the video?
    Where is the order to rescue the 20 or so in immediate danger in Benghazi?
    Why was there no security after the CIA annex was bombed twice before?
    Just a few of many. I'm sure this list is extremely long.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Seeks we will never get to the truth because people like Baghdad Juan Williams today told Wallace that it's all over because Concussion Clinton was not told of the things going on.People like Willams and that pole dancer Powers are forever sticking up for Obutthole and his evil regime,I just wonder if it was a republican president how'd they feel.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Ed remember, we have Catherine Herridge, Charles Krauthammer, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity. We even have Greta, Eric Boling, Greg Gutfeld and others fighting for the truth.
        Baghdad Juan and Blob Beckel can say what ever they wish. It's not stopping Congresspeople like Issa, Chaffetz and MANY others.
        The FACTS will come out.

  12. PROUD AMERICAN says:

    Driving Miss Liberty – THE American Drive In

    Come Watch Hell Freeze Over … to continue missing monthly income comes up. Why is done in complicated process no payday loans payday loans scanners or through …

  13. mr_bad_example says:

    i think hilary took a dive to get out of the way of Obama's bus tires, also takes her out of 2016, she falls and cracks her skull now, she's a goner, no chance for prez now she's a "fallen and can't get up" old lady…

    • SouthTexan says:

      i wish that was the case, however, by 2016 this will be forgotten, as F&F and Benghazi is being ignored and swept under the rug by the useful idiots.

      Obama is transferring our rights and sovereignty to the UN with all these treaties that him and George Soros crafted. He will run the UN, while Hillary gets elected and finishes off any lingering remains of the Constitution.


    It is my pleasure to inform you that on December 21, 2012 a Notice and Demand for Action to Secure a Writ of Quo Warranto was served upon Attorney General Eric Holder's personnel to bring an action of Quo Warranto against Barack Obama. The action will force Barack Obama to prove that he is a natural born Citizen of the United States of America or otherwise be removed from office immediately.

    Currently, we need all of the support we can get regarding this matter and are sending out an urgent call to action which can be found in the link below.

    Here is a copy of the actual Notice and Demand served upon the personnel of the Attorney General Eric Holder, along with a cover letter explaining what Quo Warranto is and how it works.

    To the preservation of liberty!

  15. Edwardkoziol says:

    Here is the way I see it as long as the media doesn't push Benhgazi nothing will ever get done.These media people are so far up Obuttholes rear that's a wonder they can breath.Puddentain says it best.

    • ^5 DITTO 5^

      Same as “Fast and Furious”, Obama violating the War Powers Act (Libya), Obama telling AG Holder not to enforce Defense of Marriage Act, Obama pressuring the Pentagon into biasing the results of it’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” survey to falsely show that 70% of our troops favored repealing DADT and, of course, Obama’s lack of eligibility to run for POTUS in the first place much less serve as POTUS.

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