Video: Obama’s Amnesty Already Putting Illegals Back on the Streets

Obama’s amnesty-by-fiat is marching forward. We have reported how Obama is exploring various ways to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Since the American people are not going along with his plan, he is implementing it by top-down executive powers. John Morton, the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), recently released new prosecutorial discretion guidelines encouraging agents to release most illegals. In the video below, we see just one case, in which one of the people who gets a pass was recently released from prison for committing manslaughter. When amnesty passes, the Democrat-Progressive-SEIU axis will enjoy an enormous influx of new voters, roughly the size of the state of Illinois, and that covers a multitude of sins.

Obama’s apologists will whine that all administrations have to use priorities in choosing which people to prosecute. We simply don’t have the money and resources, they claim, to prosecute every illegal alien arrested. Yet the administration has plenty of money to sue the state of Arizona over its immigration law, the state of Indiana to pay back its allies in the abortion industry, and Boeing for having the audacity to give non-unionized laborers a job. And, of course, there is plenty of money to bail out the Big Labor-Big Business alliance, bomb Libya, and fund the United Nations.

Watch the video below to see how Obama’s plans are giving up on deportation and bringing dangerous illegal aliens to a neighborhood near you.

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  1. Laura Sanches says:

    OUTRAGEOUS that lawbreakers are released into our communities to commit MORE crime – as we the taxpayer must pay! ALL in our country illegally should be repatriated to the home countries.

  2. Wait a minute….have ANY of our Presidents, Demo or Rep, done ANYTHING to stop illegal immigration?? Hell no. They ALL suck and I find them laughable when they 'speak' about what they will do, should do, can do, might do…..wake up Americans!!!!! THEY won't do anything to stop our slide into the crapper. Should we post little angry notes on the computer, or, are we going to do something about it ourselves? Regain the POWER…we are the PEOPLE and it is our AMERICA.

    • That’s why many Americans are out in the field, mtns. and deserts,assisting law enforcement in interdicting illegals and their drugs. Some of us have been at it for yrs. and more are joining our ranks. For more info go to and/or True patriots of our great nation are the core of this valient effort.

  3. joebanana says:

    Has anybody amended article 3 section 3 of the constitution? If not this is treason, providing aid and comfort to the enemy. Don't get any clearer than that.

  4. In the horrifyingly gruesome Robert Rodriguez movie Machete a white senator Robert De Niro guffaws as his vigilante sidekick Don Johnson shoots a pregnant illegal… …Arizonas tough anti-illegal immigration law SB 1070 was enacted into law on June 29 of last year.

  5. Nightfighter says:

    Why is it, everyone below replies against obama and crooks, clowns called politicians and do nothing about them? The American people are weak, selfish and even more devastating cowards, you call yourselves Americans. The muslims will show you the way, you keep hiding behind your computers trying to convince anyone you have the guts to make a differance. The gays in New York have more guts than you!

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Are you jealous of our REAL God and not that pagan deity moon god you call allah? Americans sure wasn't the weak cowards you claim when they came over and kicked your ass were they. I should say which time because we kick your butt quite often. Cowardly is what you are. Go back to smoking your dope. Strap a bomb on your kid cause YOU are to much a coward to do anything yourself and blow your own family up.
      IF you ever have the guts, come over here and say it to just ONE patriot American. Look who's hiding behind a computer…. It's not us. We just got done tearing your country up. Loved the picture of your pussy men getting pissed on….

  6. centralcalihomeboy says:

    nitefighter, GO TO HELL !!!!!!

  7. Obama has got to go,his father was not a citizen,how was he elected,he broke the law. He needs to be impeached!!!!!!!!

  8. Once again the people were over-ridden by the federal government. What's the point? All we get is ignored. This is rediculous. I guess the only time we will get justice is when (not if) they kill someone while driving. Then more than likely they will take off to Mexico to avoid punishment like alot of them do. And then when the coast is clear they will come back and repeat everything again.

  9. Marilyn says:

    Americans stand up, get involved and get this SOB, communist/marxist/lenonist/socialist terrorist in sheep's clothing out of our government!!! BO is anti-american, anti-capitalist, anti-christianity, and is out to destroy America so that he can then head up The New World Order government which he has been schooled and eduated in ever since he was a small boy and his stepfather introduced him to Frank Marshall Davis, a communist, who mentored BO for 19 years. Condining immigration and having open borders are just other ways BO and his Chicago thugs are going about destroying the USA!! IMPEACH OBAMA BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. FAX AND EMAIL ALL CONGRESSIONAL MEMBERS TO START THE IMEACHMENT PROCESS since we don't have Lee Harvey Oswald to do the job of taking BO out.

  10. Ron Lehr says:

    We must initiate impeachment proceedings against this worthless President (O'Bama). Not only is he worthless but he is ruthless (that is because he is a Radical Muslim) and his intent is to change the way the United States functions both politically and economically so he can become the true leader of the world. That in itself, shows how ignorant he is. He couldn't lead a dog on a leash. Total idiot.

  11. Michael says:

    This so called President Obama is really Pissing me off – Impeach the S.O.B.

    • Impeach him hell!!! He's to be tried for Treason. He's complicit in the murder of BP agt. Terry and hundreds of Mex. citizens. Him and Holder are directly responsible for this travesty of justice and both should be hung by the neck. Napolitano should probably get the same. There are more than 28 charges against the Obamanation that could result in charges for treason, sedition and nonfeasance. Let's hang these scum sucking cockroaches!

  12. New solution to the problem, if they are illegally in this country, Just Shoot them and dump the bodies, Problem solved.

  13. guitremdiry says:


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