Video: ObamaCare’s Outrageous Money Laundering Scheme

Payoffs, paybacks, sweetheart deals, and hidden money transfers – ObamaCare is chock full of them. Norvell Rose reports that the extent of wealth transfer to the corrupt family members in Obama’s political syndicate is staggering…

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  1. David Mumme says:

    Well this all makes sense when given everything else that is going on; and it doesn't surprise or shock like it should. I would have preferred to have been shown evidence, bank transfers, dates, and amounts. That's probably the accountant in me. It's just that I have started hating statements that don't have support attached. Everybody, including myself, are biased even dogmatic on occasion. Yet as Ken Ham has said, and I paraphrase, "It's not a question of dogmatism, it's a question of which dog." Give evidence, that is what will destroy this Obamination; not grist for the rumor mill.

  2. Linda From NY says:

    what Obama is doing is stealing, he is stealing from the working poor to give to his cronies. So the rich gets richer as the expense of the poor. He takes from the least who could afford it for a socialized expensive healthcare and his cronies will make billions from us and inside information in regards to Pharmaceutical Stocks.

  3. jon graham says:

    the buck$ stop where. reid, botox queen, ob are all making a fortune off this. ob promisted the ins co big profits from this so they can rape the people more

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