Video: Obamacare And The Origins Of The Nazi Holocaust

Here is some background on German Universal Healthcare of the 1930′s and 40′s…hopefully, you will see how it ties in to the current Obamacare debate…

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  1. Great, just great.

    • Wonder if it would have made any difference if this video had been available before 0care was pushed through. I would like to think that more constituents would have contacted their congressmen. But, it probably wouldn't have done any good. Pelosi was hell-bent on getting it passed, and like all dems, she got her way.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    This where Obutthole, Poopalosi and Dingy Hairy Reid and the rest of democrats came up Obumacare fashioned after the Nazicare plan.These people don't hold life sacred they are Hitlers in disguise.If a baby can live after an abortion Obutthole wants the doctors to throw the baby in a recycle bin but the igger won't do it himself as long as he has doctors like Mengler.

  3. Since Obammy, Pelosi,Reid and the other Demos pushed for Obammycare, they all lied about it. They all can pay a heafty fee to help fund Obammycare for rest of their lives. I didn't want it as I knew it wouldn't help me and I didn't want Socialize Mediicene. Obammy said that you can keep your insurance, that is the biggest lie of all. We can't keep OUR insurance and doctors. That is not fair. There is so many lies, deals for "O" pals and everything else in it. There isn't hardly any medicene in it. Look at Gore, he gets millions of dollars a year for the environment. If you are Christian, then read you Bible and you will find out about Gore and his prosperous lies. I HATE LIERS AND THERE IS PLENTY IN THE WHITE HOUSE AND AROUND WASHINGTON D.C.

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