Video: “Obama Would Love To See Civil Unrest In This Country”

Charles Payne from FOX News believes a revolution is coming…of the bad kind.

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  1. Yeah, Obama would love to see civil. Why? It would give him the perfect excuse to seize more power and control. I think he's both counting on it and orchestrating it. The DHS buying up millions of hollow point rounds, buying shooting targets that look like ordinary civilians, and calling in 15,000 Russian troops. Obama taking steps to strip down our military, first by dismissing top Generals that would not open fire on American citizens, discharge Christians, chaplains, and anybody opposed to the homosexual agenda. That's a lot of soldiers left over that wont have qualms about opening fire on American citizens. Obama had construction done on the White House that adds a feature to it, most likely an underground bunker he can escape to. Even more so is Obama's massive promotion of racism, in the attempt to stir up a hornet's nest. Furthermore, he tried hard to disarm the American public and failed. That's to name a few things off hand that suggests he's planning for something big and it ain't gonna' be pretty.

  2. I used to think that Jimmy Carter was the worst president America could EVER have. Boy, was I wrong! There is no doubt the muslim Obama is the absolute WORST person, let alone pres, that any Country can have. Everything he has done while in office has the goal of our destruction. He HATES America, the Country and her citizens. In fact I dislike him and his insane ANTI-American agenda so much I will throw a "Good-bye, Super GLAD you are dead!" PARTY when someone kills him. I will also gift all my life savings to the newest and most needed American Hero. Come on fellow citizens, who will be the Guest-of-Honor? It would be great if he gets knocked-off before Congress finds their balls and impeaches him.

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