Video: Obama Will Teach Americans To Budget Responsibly – No Joke!

I needed a good laugh this morning; and watching this, I did laugh!

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  1. HOW in the hell is this man going to teach me anything about anything INCLUDING Financial matters, when all he has done is to deepen this countries financial debt by 4 times! the man hasn't a clue! Everything pertains to everyone else and never to him! we used to say to a leader who couldn't lead in the military he is a do as i say and not as i do leader! that fits the man w/NO birth cert!! This isn't even funny! the man has O leadership abilities, I wouldn't follow him to fort knox!!

    • Could not have been said any better !!! FOR if the shoe fits wear it and it dam shure fits. Great job as a ture American has spoken. Great to see that another speaks it as it is.x US Army vet

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Like Ken I couldn't have said it better.This igger is a joke when he tries to tell other peole about budgeting when Sambo has't come up with one since hes been selected

      • wayne mann says:

        Everyone says the Chinese dictator is a madman well we have our own….. And I still think he’s going to commit mass genocide.

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          As long ashe takes all those freeloaders who don't believe in working plus the wetbacks and senators like Leaky,Graham, McCain,Schumer and the other beanner lovers with him.Grape Ape can pour the Kool Aid

  2. wayne mann says:

    Diaper head obey me can’t manage a nickel in a candy store…. He can’t be a successful pimp in a stall full of whores… What a total jerk liar phony and piece of Muslim terrorist crap.!!! DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS.!!! The Virginia state senator Randy Forbes said the gun laws are unconstitutional and therefore… Being unconstitutional they are not real laws and that the laws are not laws.!!!! So don’t give up your guns to a phony law.

  3. This thug just laughs at the stupid American people.

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