Video: Obama Wants America To Be The Largest Muslim Country In The World

Obama also said earlier that the US was not a Christian nation, though there is an 80% demographic that considers itself Christian.

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  1. My prediction and assumption is coming thru.The Muslim Dictator is facilitating Islam as I have said a thousand times.Unfortunately the American voters are TOO stupid and uninformed

  2. Don't blame the voters for he was placed in office by fraud. He is not a legal president for he is an Indonesian citizen who has gone by aliases bogus social security numbers. He is a criminal put her by our enemies to destroy our country. It is time for us to make a stand against this or roll over and play dead. Russian and Jihad soldiers training on our soil, stockpiled to attack who??? Get it yet? Congress can not impeach for he in not legal president. Congress will not investigate as they let him be placed into office and they would be in prison beside him. They knew all along he was not legal. Why do you think no judge has unsealed his school records. If can't be bought then intimidated by the muslim brotherhood in our White House. He applied for school as the foreign student he is and is a documented muslim. He is using the gay agenda to destroy Christian values. Sad thing is if Sharia law gets passed the gays will be murdered. He is using them to accomplish his agenda along with abortion. If he can do away legally with one Constitutional law the others will fall easily. Then he is trying to take our guns to make us easy to control when his troops are called. He has sent our money to build up enemies and guns for them to use against us. No one wanted to listen or believe so now they will live it all. We have no one in government looking out for our best interest and security. Why do you think he has transported so many illegals into our country. Everything he has done since day one is to our destruction. Christians have been misled and are no longer the salt and light of the world. They are sweet and nice and choose to stand for nothing and offend no one. We have turned our backs on God as a nation and I fear he will return the favor.

  3. Iwantmycountryback says:

    He is just a stupid negro that has been placed in charge because of illegitimate reasons that needs to be removed because of legitimate reasons……..he doesn’t stand for anything this country was built for in the first place…..he must be removed

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  5. Peaver Bogart says:

    I'd like to see that last number down to ZERO. Maybe it will be when the revolution starts.

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