Video: Obama Vs. Obama

Presidential candidate Obama debates President Obama on warrantless government surveillance.

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  1. Hey, that's just how Obama is. He says what he needs to say in order to get by. He doesn't care what he said as a candidate. He's president now and he's going to beat you over the head with that until his arm weakens. That's how he side steps the hard questions, at least. That's why you can't trust what this guy says, even if some of it sounds true. It's what he does that you have to watch out for.

  2. Obama is a hypocrite!!!!!! First term he says there is not gonna be any spying, no wiring taping. Second term. All he talks about is wire taping, spying on citizens is all good! You, Obama are a liar and a fraud and a poor excuse for a person. You care about nothing but yourself. GO back to where you came from originally!!!!!

  3. wish my soldiers could side step bombs, bullets, and hostile take overs, the way this punk sidesteps questions.

  4. hanginjudge says:

    So am I supposed to be surprised to learn that this clown is talking out of both sides of his face and contradicting himself? That's what two faced lying bastards do. This isn't anything new!

  5. jenny smith says:

    Hey people!!! Give him a break!! Obama's just evolving!!

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    This is he type of person the indians use to say the white man speaks out of both sides of his mouth except this guy is half black.He's a mutt and he acts like one.

    • dexter6o says:

      . . . speaks with forked tonue . . . .
      Another congenital liar who presumes to command millions as was seen in much of the 20th Century.
      Time to reinstate the death penalty..

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Thanks dexter6o I really screwed that one up forked tongue sounds a lot better. I knew it didn't sound right.

        • dexter6o says:

          You are more than wlcome.
          The phrase you used is acceptable contemporary American English usage so the message is there anyay.
          Here's to more truth than poetry.

          • That should say "forked tongue" not "tonue", dummy.

          • Guest [and that is rather ironic for the nature of the remark]::

            Oh, a news flash from the past — 107 weeks ago a letter was dropped from a word and you caught it !! now you can be the brightest crayon in the box. And the only dummy on the board so slow to self-identify.
            Time to get a life, don't you think?

  7. di from Oregon says:

    This liar just says meaningless words to suit what he thinks Americans want to hear, but then does whatever illegal things he wishes using the IRS and other agencies to do his bidding, completely by passing Congress and our balance of power,
    He and his Commie agenda are just power mongers. When will Congress get a backbone and prosecute him for the Treasonous crimes he has committed!

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  9. guestoo says:

    I've been trying to help Roger and Linda for over a year now.

    You can't educate the really, truly STUPID.

    • NOT a guest says:

      Hey guestoo,
      speaking of stupid that would be you, I didn't for obama you did, nuff said I proved my point. So long stupid have a nice day.

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