Video: Obama Voter: Blacks Should Revolt Against Crackers (language)

An Obama voter and black racist says to his soldiers and gangstas that they are not conscious about Africa or issues reflecting the black community.

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    How pathetic. How disgusting. And so the race war continues.
    The sad part is that idiots like this don't realize that no one wins in a race war. If they believe Whites will sit back and not fight back, they're badly fooled.
    I only question why video's of the KKK making these same comments about Blacks aren't available on this site? Show that it's not only the Blacks wanting to go to war.
    Maybe if the Blacks see that Whites are not scared and WILL fight, maybe they might rethink their stance.

  2. Thank Obama that insurance companies get paid by crackers for his healthcare, EBT card, food stamps and weed. Could this person be anything other than high and full of hate. Why is America killing itself for people like this?

  3. Camels? Taking minerals back to Europe to live like kings? Does he know what century he's been living in? Last I looked, these are not pre-colonial times. When he said "n#%*as wanna' do nuthin'.", that's a poor attitude. That doesn't make them look like poor innocent victims that just want to live out peaceful lives. That makes it sound like they want to free load and not lift a finger to pull their own weight. That's a demeaning attitude. It's demeaning to the human race and you know they deserve better than that. That's what this man doesn't realize. He's demoting a type of human to less than human. His 'oppression' is not coming from without, it's coming from within. It's a free country, the land of opportunity, not handouts. A man does not make something of himself if he does 'nuthin'. Eliminating white people is not the answer. They'll still have 'nuthin' afterword. I think this guy and his lot just want to get high, eat, drink, party, and even murder without anybody bothering them. They don't want to have to work hard like other black people and make something of themselves. It's a shame they would settle for so little and waste away like that.

  4. Peaver Bogart says:

    I couldn't understand anything he said. I guess I'm not up on my ebonics class.

  5. bouboulina says:

    The only relief I received from seeing & hearing the very dangerous rant on this video is knowing that it's been made public, thus saving from serious assault or even death many possible victims who might otherwise have been oblivious to the terrible & growing threat of racial violence on America's streets.

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