Video: Obama Turns Boston Bombing Memorial Into Personal Pep Rally

Shame on this man…

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  1. Y'all damn stupid racist a..holes!!! What has this man done that is worser than the stupid ass BUSHES!!!!! Admit y'all hate the man cause he's BLACK!!! remind you with a WHITE MOTHER!!!! You ppl are the ones who will BURN IN HELL!!!!!!

    • Sucks_The_lies says:

      I agree with you, you are right we had bad presidents before. Most people do not hates obama because he is black it is the choices he has made. If you study his background he is radical, this has nothing to with him being black it is about his policies. If obama was doing a good job, and there were pently of jobs for all citizens and less spending then he would be love by all, surely you can understand that?

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Wow George. You look up to me THAT much?
        I would say I'm honored but you're an idiot.
        I am glad to see you finally woke up and came to the RIGHT side.

        • wayne mann says:

          Ah the ignorance of youth…. I tried common sense I tried being irate….. nothing works with this guy seeks the truth. Walk away he’s not worth your time…… you can’t educatee brain dead people.

    • hanginjudge says:

      Spoken like a true ignoramus. When ever we racists as you call us bring up a black candidate with qualifications you non racists call him or her a house n***ger! Yeah right we're the racists. What has he done that is worser than the Bushes you axe? Why just about everything!

      As you pointed out he is half white so is it OK if we just hate the white half? No you haven't got clue one as to what the real story is but the race card sounds good to you so keep using it until it dries up and blows away just like all of those promises your savior has made to you. Good luck on getting all of that free stuff once the working people run out of money.

      Fact is the only thing we hate is stupidity on the level that you exhibit which put a total unqualified moron in the White House

      • Nicholas Bertram says:

        Unfortunately, this post is representative of the majority of the American public. Not counting the votes he obtained illegally because they were cast by illegal immigrants in California, this is how King Obama got re-elected. They believe everything the main stream, liberal press has to shove down their throats. This is an example of how dangerous the lack of an educated mind set can be. The person who posted that obviously never took a course on History or Political Science in his life!!!

    • You're one of those union plants aren't you? Pack up shop, collect your paycheck and put in your two weeks notice. You're not hurting us. You don't even have a strong argument. So, my advice to you is to quit while you're ahead. All you're doing is fueling the fire.

    • Patriot Guru says:

      It appears that YOU are the racist! You are unable to conceive that your messiah is in way over his head. I did not agree with Bush and the expansion of the federal government after 911 … it has nothing to do about race; rather it is about character, patriotism, honor, and taking the Oath to support & defend the Constitution seriously (NOT support & defend the government or individuals in the government). Any negativity directed to your savior is perceived as racist, and I told this to my Wife, family & friends that nothing negative aimed at Obama will be acceptable by the loons on the Left & the Main Stream Media. I also told my Wife that Obama will win the election because he is considered 'Black' although he is more middle-eastern than Black due to his parentage. He should be noted as the first 'Arab' President.

    • badjujuR6 says:

      Really? LOL you know some English classes would not hurt you….. And usually the person who is yelling racist! Is usually the racist him/her self. And this has nothing to do with the Bushes. It has everything to do with this country, its people, freedom, liberty, and most of all the 1% (lords) vs. the people (sherfs) power struggle. Obama and the Bushes are the same animal, just different political parties. So grow up, look past race for two seconds, ask your self some intelligent questions, and listen to what Obama says, then watch what he does…… If your smart enough too.

      • Nicholas Bertram says:

        It's really something how anyone who doesn't drink the Kool Aid and believe everything Barack Hussein Obama says is automatically a racist. They're just afraid to admit they support a creeping socialist who is for the complete destruction of the American way of life. He has already taken over the banks, the auto industry and is in favor of the complete elimination of the Catholic religion in all form from this country. Obama won the last election based on votes cast by illegal aliens. Anyone who tried to verify voter citizenship during the last election was subject to arrest. Sound familiar? It does to the educated people of America who are well aware of what happened in Nazi German and Stalinist Russia.

    • Frank Neuman says:

      Obama and the past few Presidents have only one goal. The new world order. There color doesn't matter. Agenda 21 is all they see .Obama is pushing it harder than the last President because all of Agenda 21 has deadlines.He is pushing for these dates. You had better get a grip -cut the racist thing and pay attention . You and the rest of America will face very bad times if you don't stand up for America and no matter who is President stop there fight to remove the Constitution -because if you dont -there will be no Government aid to anyone – It will be a FEMA camp.

    • Sucks_The_lies says:

      Shay, It is true what Frank is telling you, this is about agenda 21 it doesn't matter whose in the white house, bush and obama worked for the same global elite. Bush was a puppet and now obama is the puppet. Ever heard of FEMA Camps, that will be for us all of us, do some research on your computer on agenda 21 and FEMA Camps and you will be surprise what you will find. This country is heading for a one world government.

    • Nicholas Bertram says:

      How about socialization of the banks and auto industry? How elimination of the separation of "church and state"? How about criminal penalties for INS law enforcement in the states of South Carolina and Arizona (just to name two) for doing their jobs and trying to keep dangerous criminals from coming into our country? I don't recall George W. Bush DOING ANY OF THIS while he was president!!!!

    • I hear Obama has a new movie out..It's called "The Lying Coon"

    • Freedom2dayEvil2Moro says:

      What's wrong with white people, or black, or any other color? It seems racism is too easy a card for you to pull. It seems that you hate us because we AREN'T black. Did I make a mistake by being born this way? Apparently white people end up in hell for being white. I guess I was misinformed. I should listen to the media more.

    • How convenient it was for him to be black so anytime someone opposed him for his policies, they could be marked off as a racist without evidence of that. He uses that to his advantage which really makes him a racist. I don't judge him by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character. He has none. There are black people that post articles on this site that oppose him and socialism. I would be completely fine with someone who was a conservative with character as president regardless of their skin color.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      But we will see you thereand what has his mother got to do with being white when she loved her meat black and socialist.

    • madmemere says:

      Save the "racist" garbage; who gives a whit what color anyone is? You need to worry about their "ideology" and "where" the perp is attempting to "drive you"! In this particular case, the "it" and his "regime" are doing their level best to "destroy" America (from within); if you cannot understand that, perhaps you should go back to school and pay special attention to sociology AND political science classes! It's pretty obvious you have no concept of the economic and employment chaos this one guy and his "goons" have created. If you really LOVE socialism (communism) then you would be happier living in North Korea or Red China!

    • Calm down, geez, the race card has been used to death. It is his actions that we have a problem with so deal with it. I do not have him but I sure do hate his actions that are destroying this country. Sending money out of country to build up our enemies so they can overcome us after he gets our guns, NOT. He is Indonesian citizen and muslim for no Christian would be for abortion, oh wait he is backing off that as it has lowered his ratings. Destroying us with debt, healthcare we can't afford and will not work, killing off young and old, creating society of dependent people by supporting and loss of jobs due directly to his actions. I could go on more than they will let me put here. He spends money and acts like a rock star making special appearances to his adoring public when his goal is to do away with our government and have us under UN rule with him as dictator. Remember anything the government gives it can take away. Everything he pushes for is to destroy us financially, economically, morally, mentally to take away our freedom. Stockpiling ammo and guns to attack who? Jihad and Russian soldiers training on our soil to use against who? He has gone by alias, used bogus social security numbers and we are supposed to trust this guy? Skin color has not one little thing to do with it. May God forgive you for thinking you have the right to condemn others.

    • John Hunter says:

      Wow, quite a vocabulary you have there.

    • shutupnsing says:

      You mean the "Back Hole" in the Oval Office?

      • wayne mann says:

        You are a black racist evidently. You are also uneducated since there is no such word as “worser”. You are an ignorant lowlife. You have shown the caliber of person that you are….. so go crawl back into your uneducated hole and spew your shit to someone else racist boy. I hope none of these words are too large for you to comprehend and if they are maybe you know how to use a dictionay but I probably doubt it. People like you are the reason our country is in the shape it is.

    • This is the same angry, hateful mentality behind all the mass killings, (Giffords shooter, movie theater killings, the man who crashed the plane into the IRS building, Oaklahoma bombing) and they keep trying to blame it on a right winger or a TEA party member, yet the reverse is the TRUTH!
      STOP WITH THE RACIST B.S., it's long past getting old!

      • wayne mann says:

        White people are not the racist it is the black people who are racist.!!! My friend Ron and his wife are sitting here with me right now…. He is black and she is white. He says that 90 percent of black people are racist against whites…. And if Obama start a war the 94 percent who voted for him will be picking up a gun to shoot white people. He says his own people are ignorant. Ron is well educated and is not a racist…. I have known him for over 20 years. The whites are so afraid of being called a racist and as Ron says they have used it against us. WAKE UP AMERICA.!!!

  2. Marsha L Merritt says:

    We need to not only impeach this bum, we need to deport him.

  3. I knew before O went to Boston that he would turn a solemn occasion into his pep rally —— and, he did!!! I found what he did appalling and disgusting!!!!!!!! That man has no shame or concern for those who were injured or lost family members (the same as what O did at the Tucson memorial).

  4. badjujuR6 says:

    This man has no idea what it means to be an American! He talks a good talk, but watch what he does, he constantly says one thing, but then does another. Obama care, the 2nd Amendment, the economy, jobs, national security, the national debt, the domestic drone program…….. The worst thing is even when caught, and he has been, he will continue to lie, and benefit from it. All this speech was was an attempt to raise his pathetically low approval ratings. I would not put it past this illegal immigrant to have stagged the Boston bombings to 1) cover up the war crimes/torture case which is coming straight out of Getmo, and 2) to make himself look better to the sheepeople. That's why Boston is basically under martial law right now. They want to kill the people who "they" say where involved. Anyone notice, that the FBI told the public to not use any other pictures, only the ones that they provide……. The only time you do that type of psychological plant is when you are trying to cover something up. People of this country need to wake up and FAST!

  5. Sounds like Hitler givin' a pep speech.

  6. Richard Clardy says:

    I can't stand Obama, but in this case he should rally America, and show the Muslim terrorist, they won't hurt us' they will only rile us up to come after them. Again I would never support Obama in anything, but that was probably the only time he has ever done his job. likely he did for the wrong reasons (self gratification)

    • hanginjudge says:

      Everything that this poser does is for political purposes. There isn't a single shred of decency in his or his wife's body. If he thinks he can parlay a tragedy into some political gain or agenda he will do everything in his power to exploit it. Remember the statement "never let a good crisis go to waste"? He didn't say it but he sure does use it to his advantage.You are correct he did it for the wrong reason! He believes he is going to be in power forever. And with the stupidity exhibited by shayW111 it just may happen.

  7. Jack the FAC says:

    So what's new? After all, its all about him. The sun rises and sets on him, or at least he thinks it does. Obama has proven over and over that he has no shame, starting with when he rammed through the law in Illinois that if a baby survived an abortion that he was to be denied medical treatment, and the law that sex education was to be taught on all level, INCLUDING KINDERGARDEN; and what he has done to our military with his rescinding of Don't Tell, and his cover up of Bengazi, etc., etc. He has no shame. He is always in campaign mode, glorifying Obama.

  8. Who does he think he is? His narcisstic personality is coming out. What do the victims laying in the hospital recuperating think of this. He has no sympathy for them. Just his own fake words, which he does not even believe in himself. And I must say the 'stupid' audience applauded him. He should quit campaigning and think of the people and not himself. The people should refuse to let him attend functions like this.

  9. Obama had mostly white voters so stop the crap with saying we hate him because he is black. We hate him because he is evil and evil has no color! He is doing everything to destroy this country and I would not be surprised one little bit if he has not been behind the shootings of those precious children in Ct as he hates
    children and through abortion tries to destroy as many as possible. He also hates the United States of America and will do anything to destroy it but he has to get guns away from Legal Gun Owners first because they will stand up for America and he cannot have that.He also used Bribery and illegal votes in order to win the White House. He should be hung for treason as well as Eric Holder.

    • wayne mann says:

      Well said ma’am and I’m glad someone else thinks he might have been behind the shootings in Connecticut. He does hate children and would have no qualms about killing any so I have no doubt his hand was in that somewhere. I’m so glad to see so many American patriots on this page. Thank you for calling a duck a duck.

  10. Want to bet he did not take the time to see the injured!!! It was just for political purposes he went to Boston. He could care less about the injured.

  11. GySgt Bob Pinkstaff says:

    Just like bo, the entire crowd at this satanic circus or any obama circus, hosted by the SATANIC EVIL FRAUDULENT muslim communist USURPER, barry soetoro AKA harrison j. bounel AKA barack hussein Obama, are muslims, islamists, chrislamists, communists & suppoorters of the satanic NWO/666!
    GySgt Bob Pinkstaff
    USMC Retired

    • David1942 says:

      Gunny Pinkstaff,
      Thank you for your career service to our nation. Sadly, people under 50 don't remember America. The nation we remember is gone and just a sweet memory. Most people under fifty are a new breed devoid of any of the respect, values, ethics and morality that were hammered into us by parents, church and authority. Obama is proof in that he is largely admired and was incredibly rewarded with re-election. I hope that the historical pendelum soon swings back but right now prospects look dismal.

      • wayne mann says:

        Speaks much poop….. maybe if you showed a little more intelligence understanding and tolerance people might get along with you better. I see you cannot converse on an intelligent level which tells me much about your IQ. Are you sure you aren’t a diaper head yourself???? Diapers are always full of shite and your name fits that description well speaks much poop.

  12. What a disgraceful human being. It is difficult to believe that the Tea Party stayed home and did not go to the polls to vote against this tyrant. They gave him his reelection on a silver platter. Now, they claim to be upset over the Boston bombings and Obama's delayed response. All they had to do was vote against this heartless dictator.

  13. It is all about him.

  14. Edwardkoziol says:

    Whjen has this black joker not turned anything into some sort of never let a good tradedy go to waste.He thrives on being the center of attention and his balls hang down to the floor when they don't cater to his wishes.

    • Speaks_Much_Truth says:

      you make a good point, but must you be so vulgar talking about balls

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      You keep telling it like it is Ed!

    • wayne mann says:

      Speaks much poop…. wow you are another one that is the brother or sister of jesus Christ because you are perfect. You seem to be intolerant ignorant and unintelligent. so your IQ matches your age. Grow up jerk everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to it including your dumbass.!!!!

      • Speaks_Much_Truth says:

        now that is not nice, Mr Budinsky

        • wayne mann says:

          Then stop doing the verbal sparring thing with people and learn to converse intelligently and you may learn something and grow as a human being. As I said everyone has an opinion listen to it maybe it has validation. Don’t be narrow minded try to be open minded. You show too much intolerance and ignorance and that is why I get irate….. if you did not attack people you would not get attacked yourself. If you don’t like seeks the truth Idon’t talk to him.

  15. wayne mann says:

    Obama is a racist.!!!! Plain and simple no if ands or buts. Psychiatrist say he is a narcissistic megalomaniac and he has proven that quite consistently. Time has grown very short people and he is going to implement his take over within weeks or a couple of months. We have a Muslim madman and I White House who is an illegal president.!!!

  16. BobG_of_Iowa says:

    Obama has already proven he's a socialist/marxist. When his gun background check amendment didn't fly through Congress. He threatens to use "executive" orders to push it through. "executive" orders don't supersede the Constitution. If he tries this gimmick, Congress needs to start impeachment proceedings. He uses people as props as evidenced by the Sandy Hill murders to get his agenda attention.

  17. wayne mann says:

    So once again just like the Sandy Hook incident he uses the crisis to his advantage and agenda. what a sick piece of shite this Muslim is. To use dead children and named people add dead people for his own reasons can’t be any more mentally ill. GET OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE LOWLIFE NEGRA.!!!

  18. A. Patriot says:

    This EVIL "man" MUST BE STOPPED !!!!!
    Did that MORON really imply that NY and Chicago fans will be "chagrined" if a "Boston team" wins
    something and if the "Boston" marathon continues next year ???????

  19. Charles17121 says:

    We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President .

    We The People demand the US Congress honor their oath to the US Constitution and remove this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from office under Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution .

    • wayne mann says:

      The Constitution states that any laws made by the President or the Congress that are unconstitutional are not legal laws. Therefore we don’t have to follow his executive orders.

    • Speaks_Much_Truth says:

      I know you said that before many times, can't you come up with something new?

      • wayne mann says:

        It’s okay if he repeats himself I also do it myself. Often times people don’t get to see the posts…. and mostly America is full of ignorant an idiot people that you have to be redundant with or they just don’t get it. I agree get that diaper headed muslem out of our White House.

    • GySgt Bob Pinkstaff says:

      WE THE PEOPLE are on our own! We no longer have any representation in washington DC or within our state governments! If this were not so, we wouldn’t be having this conversation now! For the rest of the story, click on http://www.usfreedomfighters.com____DEMANDING THIS OR THAT from the TRAITOROUS TURNCOAT Washington DC & state government establishments, SCOTUS, HLS, SS, FBI & all elected/appointed government members is ‘DEMANDING THIS OR THAT’ FROM THE ENEMY! These TRAITOROUS TURNCOATS that you are DEMANDING FROM are all a part of the communist movement to destroy Christianity/Judaism, the Constitution of the United States of America & the Republic! These TRAITOROUS TURNCOATS are all working very hard for the communists to gain POSITION & FAVOR within their DARK EVIL WORLD OF THE muslims, islamists, chrislamists & NWO/666!____GySgt Bob Pinkstaff__USMC Retired

      • wayne mann says:

        So are you saying all is lost for America.?? I know we the citizens can’t compete with them on a military level.

        • GySgt Bob Pinkstaff says:

          Part 1 Reply to Wayne Mann, See Part 2 & 3 …
          That's BS! ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ are & always have been responsible for the strict enforcement of the Constitution of the United States of America! Up until now, the SHEEPLE, the so called, ‘WE THE PEOPLE’, have taken the Constitution of the United States of America & all of the freedoms & way of life that so many thousands of us have fought & died for, FOR GRANTED!

          GySgt Bob Pinkstaff
          USMC Retired

          • wayne mann says:

            Thank you sir for your reply and everything you have done in service to our country. I am in my mid 50’s and at a true patriot. I am ready to stand with all my other fellow Americans for my Constitution. we may need people like you sir for leadership in the future. And don’t worry I am locked and loaded.!!

        • GySgt Bob Pinkstaff says:

          Part 2 Reply to Wayne Mann See Part 3 …


          IF NOT NOW, WHEN?!?!
          IF NOT ‘WE THE PEOPLE?!?!’
          THEN WHO?!?!

          'No man who refuses to bear arms in defense of his nation can give
          A sound reason why he should be allowed to live in a free country'
          T. Roosevelt

          GySgt Bob Pinkstaff
          USMC Retired

        • GySgt Bob Pinkstaff says:

          Part 2 Reply to Wayne Mann See Part 3 …
          BE ADVISED …
          I will fight to the death to help ensure that the Constitution of the United States remains the law of the land of the United States of America! I will fight to the death to help ensure that the freedoms and way of life that so many of us U.S. Military Veterans served, fought and died for, are maintained! This is my promise to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior and, those great American heroes who gave their all so we could enjoy the good life, the freedoms and way of life that we American citizens had, before the EVIL muslim communist USURPER, barry soetoro AKA Harrison j. bounel AKA barack hussein obama, his EVIL wife michelle obama & family crawled out of their SLIMY SNAKE HOLES and into the white house, our house!!!

          A United States Military Veteran is someone who …
          At one point in his or her life,
          Wrote a blank check made payable to,
          "The People of the United States of America,
          For an amount … "up to and including my life."
          ~Author unknown~

          Gy Sgt Bob Pinkstaff
          USMC Retired
          American Citizen By Birth, United States Marine By Choice!

  20. Incidents such as this have increased directly proportional to the type of leadership we have today. Things like this happened much less frequent when our country had values and respect. Now we have class warfare, corruption, dishonor and hate. Whenever a tragedy occurs we can all look forward to a three ring circus whenever this dysfunctional excuse for leadership and his supporters perform their special version of reactionary politics. Whether this is an act of terrorism, or just disturbed behavior being acted out by unstable individuals, Obama's behavior is repugnant and despicable for its self serving agenda. People need to wake up and smell the offal.

    • wayne mann says:

      We hear ya now if just the other half of America would wake up…and wise up. Just today I had a professional Dr ste tell me this man Obama was wonderful for this country and was a Nobel Peace Prize. I almost threw up.!!!! Too many people are still deceived or just don’t want to see at all. Ignorance

  21. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Although I don't listen to this lying windbag this time, with this clip, I have to give his speech writers some kudos. For once in his lowly life he sounds 'presidential'.
    This is a time to put politics aside on an issue like this to rally the people once again.
    Although oblameo wasn't a good 'preacher', his speech writers deserve respect for this one.

    • Speaks_Much_Truth says:

      speaking of windbags, you sound like one yourself

      • wayne mann says:

        Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black.???

        • Speaks_Much_Truth says:

          wayne you are another wind bag, I seen many of your post, they are long and boring.

          • wayne mann says:

            O much like your brain short an empty.!!! At least we know we are educated you are just a blank piece of shite. You evidently are lacking in something and have a problem With people more intelligent than you. Educate yourself dumbass before you open your mouth and let the shit blow out. Your name should be “”speaks much poop”. You sound like a really loser.

          • Speaks_Much_Truth says:

            What is the matter Wayne did I hit a raw nerve? Take a little constructive criticism make your statements a little shorter and to the point, other then that it gets to be too long and boring.

            Besides my beef wasn't with you, it was with that loud mouth seek
            why did you have to bud in? Mr. Budinsky

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            Would it matter what Wayne wrote? You couldn't comprehend it anyways…
            Besides, I must have struck a big nerve in your little head. I've never seen anyone change their name and copy an avatar because they held anyone in such HIGH esteem as you seem to have done.

          • Speaks_Much_Truth says:

            I did it to annoy you and it worked

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            Annoy? Usually you copy someone to HONOR them.
            As I told you before, education is your friend.
            What you have done is HONOR me by trying to be LIKE me.

          • wayne mann says:

            Now I’m lmao

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            He would have to comprehend before he could give constructive criticism.
            Keep going as you are Wayne.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Do I now… Well you should know…. ROFLMMFAO

        • Speaks_Much_Truth says:

          what is that so suppose to mean? if you are going to insult me at least do it in english.

          • wayne mann says:

            Since probably no one else wants to “seeks the poop”…go screw yourself. I don’t have any raw nerves. just intelligent brain cells which you seem to be lacking…. if you can’t take the shite get off this page. I don’t necessarily have a problem with you just your ignorance.!!!

          • Seeks_the_truth says:


          • Speaks_Much_Truth says:

            Back to you Seek the ROFLMMFAO

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            Did you REALLY just do that? OMG ROFLMMFAO.
            HOW old are you?

  22. Speaks_Much_Truth says:

    I got the feeling we are stuck with this man for a very long time pass 2016, this guy is communist and to remove him is going to be a bitch, we owe that to the voters that voted for him.

  23. I don't understand the purpose of this.. "OBAMA TURNS BOSTON BOMBING MEMORIAL INTO PERSONAL PEP RALLY".. um.. are you watching the same video as I am? I don't see any glory hogging.. he's not talking himself up.. a leader inspires, builds moral and helps to pick up the pieces when things don't turn out as they should. That's what I'm seeing here. It was a great speech, delivered well. I don't agree with what you stand for here but I was willing to listen to the other side. All I see is the people from THIS site taking a tragedy and trying to twist events around it for their own purpose. Obama did a good thing here. If you have stones to throw (and as I'm seeing a lot of bible verses on this site I'll also point out that the bible tells you NOT to do that) then fine, but make sure they're legitimate. Because when you use something that is perfectly acceptable and try to twist it into something that isn't for your own ends, at a time when people SHOULD be coming together and standing strong and unified.. you invalidate every point you've ever made and destroy any credibility you had. Shame on you, complete and utter shame. The world is watching and right now, Obama looks dignified and presidential.. you look a little desperate and kinda sad,

    • Mary Zac says:

      Its sad that you cant see what is clearly in front of your face and you cant understand what you are hearing

  24. wayne mann says:

    You say what has this man done to this country or to us personally??? Well…. he took us from six trillion in debt to 16 trillion in debt in four years…. he has defunded our military and morally stripped our military and giving away much of our military weapons…. he has instituted tax laws that are very overwhelming for we the American people….. is giving away trillions of the taxpayer dollars to Middle Eastern countries to further the religious war over there….. he has used his executive powers to make laws that are illegal which we will not follow…. he has bypassed our Congress to commit illegalities…. he has opened our borders and allowed millions of illegal invaders into our country…. and we can go on and on. But I’m sure you’re still happy because you got your fre . As an American you are greatly lacking the go to a Middle Eastern country where you evidently belong.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Everything is about HIM, HIM, HIM!! He needs to stop it!! I hate how he tries to get personal gain from these tragedies! Focus on the victims and their families!!

  26. lambsev77 says:

    Did he really say "we come to celebrate LIFE" ????? shame on him and shame on America for aborting 1,500,000 pre born infants every year since 1973.

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