Video: Obama Trafficking Guns To Al-Qaeda

Barack Hussein Obama is arming the “rebels” in Syria, the Free Syrian Army, which just happens to be led by al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. The source of these weapons? Libya. And that is why the attack on the Benghazi consulate needed to be swept under the rug. Arming our enemies? Isn’t that treason?

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  1. Let's get the train on the tracks if this is true. Proof obama hates this country and I know he does by the way his decisions are made. Is he the only communist/liberal that hates this country?

  2. Obama is pro-Muslim and anti-American. But he was re-elected. This means that about 50% (though likely less given the evidence of Democrat voting fraud) of the company likes his policies of immorality and genocide. They are our real problem. Obama of course is the immediate evil and a sinister villain he is, but the evidence has been in the public eye for years with little effect. There is no other conclusion than that about half of "America" is anti-American, Muslim sympathizing, traitors..

  3. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    You dupes are finally catching on. It's not that al Qaeda is our enemy, per se. Al Qaeda was a CIA creation from the Russian-Afghan war. Al Qaeda is a CIA-run and funded controlled opposition to justify billions of profits for the military industrial complex. It's just that al Qaeda being our enemy is part of the narrative of the 9/11 lie perpetrated by the government. Benghazi is just covering up this because then the 9/11 lie will be revealed, and the hideously evil liars that run our government will finally be exposed for what they are.

  4. Treason. Now it is time for impeachment. Even the democrats in the Senate should be very concerned, Obama will throw the House and Senate under the bus come Jan. 20, 2013.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Sure our Jungle Bunny is trafficking guns to the bad guys just look at what him and Holder did in Fast & Furious with supplying guns to the cartel while wanting to take guns away from law biding american citizens.He is always going the back door route to make sure his muslim brotherhood has weapons to kill the people of Israel.This is the most evil regime going.

  6. i said it before and I will say it again……..this president of the USA is a devout muslim, again obama is a devout muslim…..did you get that.obama hates America and his ugly wife hates white people, obama will destroy AMERICA. in his second term, watch out AMERICA IT WILL HAPPEN IN THE NEXT 4 YEARS. he gave away a seat at the UN to the Morrissy who is from the middle east and head of the muslim brotherhood…..we need to do something about this guy….I never voted for this piece of crap, not the first time and the second time. my eyes and ears have been open for a very long time…..obama paid 2 million dollars to seal his records . phony blaoney papers of his birth certificate….I think obama should be held for murder, of course HE DID NOT PULL THE TRIGGER BUT, HE DENIED HELP TO OUR UN AMBASSADOR AND our NAVY SEALS WHO DISOBEYED ORDERS WNA WENT TO THE CONSULATE TO TRY AND SAVE OUR PEOPLE BUT THEY WERE KILLED ALSO, OBAMA DID NOT PULL THE TRIGGER BUT IS GUILTY FOR DENYING OUR MILITARY TO protect our people. so he should be tried for murder…..oh by the way in his first term whenhe crashed the banks in NYC on Wall Street, he was 3rd in line for a big fat hand out of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ miliions

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