Video: Obama To Forgive Debt To Liberal Community Organizers

Now Obama wants student loan debts to be forgiven if a college graduate goes to work for the government for 10 years…

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  1. Sherlock Holmes says:

    Then everyone that goes to work and pays taxes works for the government, so everyone that works is working for the gov. and should be forgive the debt.

  2. Linda From NY says:

    many of these young people out of work are the same ones who voted for this loser. Even if Obama give some of these people a break, there is not enough jobs to go around for millions of unemployed. Obama is a loser and I don't know why congress waiting for to remove this clown from our white house.

    I already signed, sent impeachment petition to both NY senators to have this loser remove, I can't stand it anymore what this enemy from within is doing to our Country. I pray everyday to God that he is removed and investigated for treason. May God help us all.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Thanks to Obutthole we now hate the government more then we use to.Students wanted to go to college to get an education so they borrowed money well they got the education but I don't believe that a job was promised them.Look at it this way the college grads flipping hamburgs are smarter then the ones who didn't borrow to flip burgers.

    • Linda From NY says:

      Hi Edward,
      These same young people many of them voted for this clown, before the election I knew dam well that Obama wasn't going to create jobs for anyone accept bigger government and more of the same BS. I do not feel sorry for these people who voted for him.

      They wanted him and they got him, now they don't have a high paying jobs, just the bills. If these people were truly smart they would have never voted for him, they reaped what they sowed.

  4. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Forgive student loans if you work for the government for 10 years? Sure! I'll forgive ALL loans to a person who gives 10 years of their lives to the Military…ONLY! Even just ONE tour will be forgiven.
    That IS working for the government after all.
    Now those who take a cushy job in one of our government offices under a union is not entitled.

    • RacerJim says:

      5^ DITTO 5^

      Here in the Socialist Republic of Maryland ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are now entitled to In-State college tuition rates but WOUNDED WARRIORS are not because they are not permanent residents.

  5. Al Metcalf says:

    As usual a Democratic Administration decided that the Student Loan business could do a lot better with more government authority and coordination. Hmmm, four years later with trillions of Student Loan Debt on the taxpayers table we see that Obama once again didn't know his A$$ from a teacup and now the bill is coming due and Obama has a new solution — a direct giveaway, put these people with a good for nothing education on the government payroll FOREVER….. HOW NOVEL, THIS SHOULD WORK GREAT…..
    Is there anything less intelligent than a Liberal fool?

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