Video: Obama Tells Federal Workers To Spy On Each Other!

I spy-plugging the leaks! Wake up America!

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  1. That is so we don’t spy on the negro president and out him in one minute… or less!

  2. So let's hear it from all you government union workers and you big government supporters about being a snitch and a leg biter for the government. Were I you, as docile and overpaid as you are, you might want extra benefits or pay for being a political policeman in your own ranks…you could actually become extinct by continuing to be unaffordable.
    Your letting a commie tell you what to do and he is not even legitimate.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Commie is right this is something Putin and the Chinese President Ping Pong would do along with Castro and other 3rd world countries.You would never expect the president of the US to say something like this but then think about it he uses kids to rat out their parents or he uses them as props for gun control.

  3. Linda From NY says:

    This government needs to stay out of our personal business, this is not acceptable if anyone complies with this dictatorial government then that makes them a traitor.

  4. keester says:

    this sounds like we must like living in communisum also………

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