Video: Obama Stole The Election

If this video doesn’t convince you, well…

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  1. Puddentain says:

    Watching the video definitely raises my blood pressure. I wish it could cause the entire conservative base to force a "re-count" but it's already a done deal………EVERY issue hogging the news today does EVERYTHING they need to cover up the MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD that took place. It is VERY likely that Romney won the election but if you watched the Obama at the press meeting this afternoon you know that he has made it clear that the election is over and HE has won……..He emphasized that fact VERY clearly in the beginning…….Basically the message sends to me is that it's OK to cheat!!!…….You have to be good at it but CHEAT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!……If I am going to do that I'm going to make sure I'm cheating a DEMOCRAT!!!……..So when I work for a DEMOCRAT,,,pens, pencils, paper, screwing off during work time, etc is ALL fair game!!!…………They want a war,,,,we can make it a silent war just like the illegal immigrants have over the last 10 years………Might as well do it to the people who have caused it!!!

    • Not fooled in Nevada says:

      May the wrath of God taken Oshamo and his ilk where they properly need to go…Sandy was just a warning..The big one is yet to come..the classic battle between good and evil and Oshamo shall meet his fate. Keep praying..and associate only with the like minded. There is power in numbers..all praying for the same thing at the same time. Don't forget to include Dirty Harry and Ol' Nanny Pelosi in your daily prayers..

      • Linda From NY says:

        count me in, I too have been praying and you are correct their is power in numbers of many of us praying to God to do something. God is the only one that can remove this criminal out of our white house and into prision, where he belongs.

    • Not by a long shot ".. . it's already a done deal…" unless all you can do is suck your thumb.
      There is no time limitation on fraud or treason — if Nothing can be Done is all we get we've built prison for ourselves to be held in by criminals.
      The Barakhole declared himself the victor before the ballots had been counted — so we are to believe him?
      We will know what it all means late in December, then will have to face the real battle, not just word games.

      • Puddentain says:

        Obama has dodged serious charge that has been thrown at him. College records – Covered up. Birth Certificate – Covered up. Voter intimidation by black panthers – Covered up. Saying one thing and doing another – Covered up MULTIPLE times………………..The man is bullet proof and NOT because the evidence isn't there but rather because there's nobody with enough power willing to step forward and do something about it!!!…………Darryl Issa has made the best attempts at penetrating his shield but still he has gotten NOWHERE!!!…………….If you've watched the news TODAY you know that the only mention of voter fraud is from Allen West who continues to contest his loss in Florida…..Aside from that there has not been ONE peep about voter fraud TODAY!!!……That's despite the fact there was 150+ precincts voting 99% Obama, multiple precincts with 140% voter attendance (suggesting non registered voters voted) and many reports of machines registering Obama when a voter selected ROMNEY!!!………………………..With all of that evidence wouldn't you think there would be at least a short blurb about VOTER FRAUD TODAY!!!……………Petition all you want….Petitions obviously mean nothing these days…….The fact is a POWERFUL group of people are doing everything they can to protect this person……..We The People are really nothing more than dust in his presence.

    • David O. Meyers says:

      What a sad response.

  2. So how many people here who do want him impeached are willing to actually do something about it??

    Private emails welcome

  3. How many people need to sign the petition on this site? And what's the plan for once that goal is reached? What happens next??

    • We send in the list of names. It will go to, where it will be voted on by – oh crap – Obama and his cronies. He basically has the last word, so we need to do something much more substantial.

  4. Rev Jim Williams says:

    I don't know why all is forgotten when the polls close???? Is it because the Speaker of the House has no guts????? Why can't any citizen file charges????? We all know it was a fraud. Why does Romney go out with a smile, when his eye balls were just cheated out????? I was always taught "RIGHT IS RIGHT AND WRONG IS WRONG"….. I guess the contest is not who is the best for the nation, it is who is the best cheater….. When dead bodies don't matter, I guess a little cheating in the Presidential election, doesn't matter at all…… Listen, everybody knows this was the crookedest election in history…… The Electoral College hasn't cast their votes yet, so it isn't official yet…… Wouldn't it be the most wonderful thing if they all refused to cast their votes for the obvious looser….. but, instead, cast them for the obvious winner…..

    • The counties where obama received 100% of the vote apparently had no Christians in their churches.

    • Even if the speaker of the house was to get something started on this low life the dems elected, Harry Reid would never let it get anywhere! he will block anything and everything, to save this POS, THEY CALL A PRESIDENT!

  5. The second term won't be a cake walk like the first one. The way to resolve this administration is to hold them to the fire. Demand, I mean demand answers, accept nothing but accountability. They collapse under pressure, as we can see with the beginning of the Libyan interrogations. Just keep the pressure on. Put the pressure on the the House and Senate relentlessly for action, answers, and results that the citizens of the United States expect.

  6. Well-I think the film was made well and had good music-what bothers me is that Obama is not in Gitmo right now for not being qualified for president-every time you run for office -the candidates should be checked out thoroughly by very very very very strict Constitutional requirements-I have not seen any screening of this foreigner yet-in 2008 he won but McCain could have told the whole world the fraud is an indonesian citizen and demanded a records check-why he did not is why he did not become president and partly why dummy thought he could illegally run again-well now that we have a double dipper foreign president-a serial criminal-maybe Romney may want to do what McCain didn't?Just sling the words out there-Obama is not vetted

  7. Al Metcalf says:

    To Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States against all Enemies, both Foreign and Domestic, so help me GOD…..

    Does anyone actually read these words, and not know what they SAY…… Wake up and smell the roses!

    We just had a crooked election with votes cast by non-existent voters in OH, VA, FL, NC, SC and many others. Have you had enough of this Progressive Chicago Cr*p yet???

  8. Those in Charge won't DO A DAM THING—–WHY????????????????????????????

    • Linda From NY says:

      Hi Donna,
      I too asked the same question why, I believe their are too many dirty business going on. For example with this obama healthcare, there will be billions to trillions to be made, whose to say that obama, reid, peliso won't be getting any kicks back. I believe they are crooks on the expense of the American people, this is what I think, I could be wrong.

    • Because they are either in it with him or getting payed to be quiet, I'd assume. That is just how our government works these days – recruit the corrupt and bribe the non-corrupt.

  9. Again, let me make you aware of the factthat every single comment I read here is all of the same opinion, that the election was a fraud and so is the president. It is for that reason that I am pointing out that this tilting of sides is always NOT in the favor of the president. How can he win the election when he and Romney were neck and neck and then all of a sudden he won by hundred of thousands of votes when it wasnt even feasible to do. Such a hideous election has never beenseen in the history of this country. States asking to secede away from the Union has NEVER been done before. People have had it!!!

    • In Ohio, Somalis showed up at polls in mini-buses to vote for 0bama, some polling places were complaining that when they cast a vote for Romney, 0bama's name lit up. After several tries they did get to vote for Romney. Then those who decided not to use the machines and vote on paper ballot were given "provisional" ballots…which are not counted until 10 days later. They were to get paper ballots that ARE counted election night. Then some folks stood in line to vote only to be told they had already voted absentee….knowing full well they did NOT!

      • OMG!!! Somalis??? Is that a town in Ohio? Got to make sure they were Somalis and not Kenyans. You sure you didn't mean Hawaiians? Do you know if they were from the "inner-city" ? Tsk, tsk–what are we to do with all this voter fraud–I mean besides all the documented cases which happened to have been perpetrated by republicans and republican operatives and consulting firms. Oh, I know. The old Rovian tactic of accusing your opponent of the transgressions you yourself commit. LOL. This would be funny if not for the the fact that this sort of thinking is so contagious among the ignorant and bigoted.

    • Please keep in mind that it is not the public vote that elects a president. It is the Electoral College that actually does the REAL voting, and they get payed off by both sides. What it really boils down to is this: we are being represented by corrupt people in a corrupt system, and it is their votes that matter, not ours.

    • Mary, are you familiar with "hanging chads". and the President who was made President by the Third Branch of Government" The US Supreme Court. If you are not familiar with the facts, allow me to give you a hint: The last guy to serve as President of the US–the guy who left the Nation with the biggest economic fiasco since the Great Depression–the guy who dragged our country into an unwarranted war against Iraq under false assertions that Sadam Husssein was in cahoots with Al Queda, had weapons of mass destruction (other than the poison gas Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld had given him during the first Bush term), who never got the funding for the war nor funding for the war in Afghanistan, the prescription drug plan under medicare, the deregulation of the big banks and wall street firms which led to the mortgage crisis and loss of millions of people's pensions, the deregulation of the oil and other polluting industries, etc. etc.etc. President Obama didn't win the election by "thousands of votes". He won by millions of votes! And, just in case you are also a beleiver that the President wasn't born in the US, here's something for you to share with your friends: Mitt Romney's dad, Geroge Romney was born in Mexico, yet no one ever asked for his birth certificate or said he was ineligible to become President. Same with John McCaine, who was born in the Panama Canal. There wouldn't be a birther movement at all, if the "birthers" would do some research i.e.: Any person born outside of the United States to ONE parent who is an American citizen, is deemed a citizen of the United States. Of course that point is mute inasmuch as President Obama was born in the state of Hawaii–but what do facts matter to those who are dead-set in believing what they want to believe because they can't accept the truth. You know…sort of like the Romney campaign not wanting to be guided by "fact-checkers".

  10. Edwardkoziol says:

    We real Americans know he stole the election using his Chicago like tactics.Who else beside Obutthole would take pride in winning a rigged election.All the black Santa Claus had to do is promise free entitlements to the lowlifers and whammo you get their votes.Listened to Watters World on O'Reilly and could believe how dumb the people are who voted for him.If you had to take a test to vote lines would be shorter and you wouldn't need early voting.

    • Oh Ed, you just have to know that I have a much “different” name for this baboon! And Santa Claus ain’t it! If there is a more disgusting and revolting face on earth, I am hard put to know where it could be found, unless it would be Piglousy and her overly BOTOXED hag face. Or, maybe Cankles Cliton. But his is the face that just makes me want to puke like there is no end to the puke! Vomit. These pictures on this Floyd Brown site are enough to send a buzzard to the closest ravine so as to loose whatever dead thing he ate! Those pictures are just about the ugliest of all pictures on the internet. For the life of me, I cannot see, I CANNOT understand the “attraction” of any women, especially WHITE women for this sorry looking, purple, lying lipped, dumbo earred peice of “evolution!” If there is such a thing as true, genuine EVOLUTION, then this BABOON is the PROOF of such! Yep, I have many names for this ugly peice of walking garbage, and Santa Claus is not one of them, “black” or otherwise. POS is more to the point, more to that pointy nappy head.

  11. ahahah this is the worst site ever people need to get over them selves and stop being paranoid, i bet this site is all the white people in the USA, racism is really going to help america

    • STUFF it BLACK ——–(boy)

    • Blacks lead as far as racism goes. They are aided by simpleton weak hite Guilters

    • Linda From NY says:

      This is not about racism, this about a man who is tearing this country apart with his radical views. obama is working to Fundamently Transform America, to another 3rd world country.

      But it doesn't end there he a muslim who disrepects our Consitution and one day he will replace it with the sharia law. He is in bed with UN and wants for the United States to hand over our Sovereign to them.

    • Why do you have to inject racism into an already massive problem? This has nothing to do with race. At all. I have noticed that it is the blacks who promote racism because they constantly make remarks like this.

      • Peaver Bogart says:

        Justin, You were the one to "inject racism" into this forum with your comment about this site being all "white people from the USA" So, if you don't like it, then STFU.

    • Wow. What an extremely narrow and shallow view. That's like the only shell you've got in your artillery, isn't it? You can't come up with a good counter to us, so you go with the lowest common denominator. That's sad. I'm sorry you couldn't come up with anything better or anything that makes sense, for that matter. Oh, but I am sure the equal rights movement is thanking you for setting them back at least…80 years. I would have thought by now you would have identified black or white people as human beings rather than a shade. How very dehumanizing of you. Perhaps apply some dignity the next time you want to form a sentence. Your comment got a chuckle out of me due to how poorly assembled it was. Kinda' like you put no thought or effort into it. I find that funny.

  12. Linda From NY says:

    I have no doubt that this election was stolen, I was afraid of that would happen. But the idiots that voted this bum back in the white house, I hold them resposible for the death of this country. These idiots don't know it, but they put the last nail on the coffin. I pray that in 4 years we may still have a country or what is left of it.

  13. Harold Priest says:

    With all the info out there that shows how corrupt Barack Obama is with his pathological lying, his criminal acts to include murder, his association with known terrorists… I could go on forever with all the negatives connected with Barack Obama. But what good does it do for Americans, when nobody will do anything about it. Why has this horror of a man been allowed to do all these bad things without accountability?? God, help all of us!

    • I just want to know why people still believe he is innocent. We have all the proof in the world – all of which comes right out of his mouth!

  14. N-N-N

  15. Just a word of warning…I'm sure the FBI, DHS, NSA, and other Alphabet Government Organizations are watching this website and others. They may even have some "Provocateurs" on here trying to get people to say/do things that are Illegal. Just remember to keep everything Legal…although they probably already have us listed as enrollies for the "Re-Education" camps, when they begin that process.

  16. siteunseen says:

    Wasn't the Democrat chant "Vote Early and Vote Often"? That is the way it is all over the place. Who is in control of the Optical Scanning machines. If someone isn't watching the whole thing on video, which it should be, then how does one know ballots were not put through twice or even three times, to swing the vote? The only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

  17. Linda From NY says:

    To Justin,
    Unless you Justin, don't mind bowing down to the UN. check out obama's history, do the research with the names that I am giving you and find out for yourself.

    “obama’s father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was a radical muslim from Kenya, was married to Ann Dunham obama’s mother a white atheist and a few years later they divorce and she met Lolo Soetoro and another muslim from Indonesia, and they were married. My point is that he was raised with socialism and communize views this is normal for him.

    Obama failed polices will bring down the economy, which means, the next Great Depression, if the enconomy crashes, there won't no money not even to the welfare recipients to paid government workers, NO one. NO Money At All a loaf of bread can cost up to 10.00 a loaf

  18. mr_bad_example says:

    will the house now realize they poo-pooed up, thinking this POS was a one-termer… and get going on IMPEACHMENT hearings…

  19. On November 6, I was so excited to cast my vote to rid this country of the evil that is destroying our country. I was sure we would be victorious because of all the citizens who have had enough! Well, I have come to the conclusion that our votes are meaningless when the corrupt bastards in power can create any out come it wants to.

    • Stalin of the USSR who said, "It is enough that people know there was an election. The people who cast the vote decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

  20. At first, I was cleaning my gun. Now that I think about every country watching us on how we deal with tasks leadership on our own soil. We need to do this wisely. United we stand devided we fall.
    Get the rope.

  21. Should have proof read that first.
    My bad.
    False leader ship.

  22. I was afraid that we could lose the election by voter fraud. Why didn't anyone do anything to prevent it?
    I am angry that Americans were so naive to let this happen. Voting is our right and it was stomped on.
    Now what? Now that he is in, we can forget about proving it.

  23. Curtis Taylor says:

    The petition for Impeachment needs to be amended to include the killing of the American Ambassador and 3 other Americans in Benghazi, Libya and the willful and planned cover-up of the events and lack of action by Obama. This should also include the willful lying to the American public.

  24. For the past 3-4 years all I have read on this link is negtive with regards to Obama. Impeachment, Cover Up's, Fraud,. Muslem, Exective Privlege,and the list goes on. So much over whelming evidence and the corruption continues, and this non-citizen goes forward un-touched. Enough is enough. Send an article that this man has been stopped and removed from office and I will read your mail again.

  25. Peaver Bogart says:

    Our Fore Fathers are turning over in their graves. I bet they wish they could come back and start another revolution. They are probably really pissed off at this POS and his administration.

  26. Obama stole the election?! No sh*t, Sherlock! What was your first clue? Now, what are you gonna do to FIX IT?!!

  27. debbie carroll says:

    i want to know how many signatures we need to get the impeachment started where can i have a copy printed off where others can sign i know a lot of people who know nothing about this that would sign and i am sure others do to. this so needs to be done NOW.
    Next i want to know if something will actually be done about going thru the trouble of having this done because i signed an impeachment order 4 years ago and never heard anything about it, its time to do it

    • almost everybody on this page is a complete idiot to believe this republican propaganda. how can you be so nieve? OBAMA WON BECAUSE HE GOT MORE VOTES, DUH. The only cheating done was by Republicans W. VOTER SUPPRESSION & IT BACKFIRED.

  28. Helen Tritt says:

    Obama is so DIABOLICAL, EVIL, he deserves to burn in HELL. FRAUDULENT OCCUPIER IN THE WH, who is not even qualified to be cleaning bathrooms!

  29. Harold Toledo OH says:

    All I can say is what I've said in previous comments. Barack Obama has done so many dastardly and underhanded actions of consorting with the enemies of our United States of America, to giving OUR money to Russia, 680 million dollars, for helicopters for Afghanistan, because nobody builds helicopters in this country(?), to possible murder in Benghazi for starters. Yet, with all of this, and more, Barack Obama is still in office. He's done so much against furthering the future of the United States of America already, that we may never return to normal. It will be a tough road to pave, but it's possible the sooner we get rid of our KING.

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