Video: Obama: Signing Up For Obamacare Is ‘Just Part Of Growing Up’

An interview former NBA star Charles Barkley conducted with Obama aired last night on TNT. In the interview, Obama defended Obamacare and called signing up for the health care program “just part of growing up”:

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  1. msxbserfhpeb says:


  2. wanxarcuabsz says:

    he's kinda badass

  3. tukslfkizkjl says:

    he's kinda badass

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Having obama fool you with lies like “you can keep your doctor and your health plan, period”! Being lied to is part of growing up!

  5. zofuodmicvzoicdynbqa says:

    Enter text right here!he's kinda badass

  6. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Having health care INSURANCE is NOT part of growing up. Being FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE is.
    There are MILLIONS in America today that have families and who have been sick that NEVER bought or had health care INSURANCE.
    Even after this forced socialism there will STILL be Millions who will NOT purchase health care INSURANCE and will do quite nicely.

  7. he's kinda badass

  8. he's kinda badass

  9. he's kinda badass

  10. I <3 Obama

  11. potater

  12. I <3 Obama

  13. potater

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