Video: Obama SBA Head Hasn’t Heard Of ObamaCare Impacting One Small Business

On “Morning Joe”, the head of the Small Business Administration, Karen Mills, has never heard of Obamacare negatively impacting small businesses (November 21, 2012).

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  1. Peaver Bogart says:

    BS !!!! I own a small business and EVERYTHING obozo has done has affected my business, for the worst.

    • And he is just getting started on his spread the wealth agenda. A two pronged attack, unions and unemployed taking an equal share of all earned income, the the EPA with their new legal attacks on everything and everything increasing the cost and stopping the efforts for sustainable resources from inside our own borders and territories. His sure fire agenda to make the USA just another part of the world government is something the Military should have acted upon already , when he first violated the constitution and committed treason, on camera giving the Russians the information about the Defensive Missile system and thus the means to circumvent it use. His supportive actions to expand the Muslim Brotherhoods agenda with the support of our Military to take out Syria and openly support the Egyptian with even more largess at our expense the surprise approval and support of the continued sale of 125 M1A1 tanks and supporting systems , and now the support and financial assistance for two rather new German Submarines. but to lie to heathens and misdirect them for the advancement of their Brotherhoods agenda and to get the cost of doing it from their enemies own pockets, a true KODAK moment

  2. Just another Obama butt kisser. Nothing but LIES!!!!

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Mills got her head up Obuttholes ass that she can't see or hear the small businessman or woman crying for help.She could care less her job is safe for another 4 years as long as shekeeps on her knees giving head advice.

  4. Seeks_the_truth says:

    An MSNBC guy standing up against the obama lies? Wow, the world must REALLY be close to ending….

  5. She says small businesses want to provide healthcare. I'm sure they do, but under 0care, they can't afford it. This is what the 0 administration is made of…pathetic!

  6. Linda A. From NY says:

    watching this video, this woman has her head stuck in the sand, how can she say that she never heard of business cutting people's hours to 30, either she is dumb or lying. obamacare will hurt business and people. Voting for obama 2nd terms is the biggest mistake these morons did, this is not moving Forward, this is going backwards. With the cost of living so high and now people's hours are being cut back or layoff from their jobs, is bad news, I knew this was going to happen if obama was re-elected.

    For those people who voted for obama and then lost their jobs, they did it to themselves.

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