Video: Obama Reveals His Contempt For U.S. Gun Dealers: Tales From Fast And Furious Part 5

Obama Files has discovered a recording from 2007 of then-Senator Barack Obama ranting against U.S. gun dealers, blaming the Virginia Tech massacre that had occurred a few months earlier on ‘unscrupulous’ gun dealers, and throwing in for good measure gun dealers being responsible for the rampant gun violence in Chicago’s public schools.  This sheds light into the Obama Administration’s program to demonize and falsely blame U.S. gun dealers for arming the Mexican drug cartels, while at the same time ‘encouraging’ them to hand over thousands of  weapons to individuals that they knew were planning on transferring them over the border. Operation Fast and Furious becomes not a ‘botched’ gun-walking program, but a perfidious plan to disarm America by demonizing and punishing U.S. gun dealers for simply obeying the law.

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  1. Liberty49 says:

    Make no mistake. Obama knows he is lying about the gun dealers. And he knows that I would bet 100% of the guns used were illegal guns! The left if just determined to disarm law abiding Americans to make their Marxist takeover easier. Keep your head down and your powder dry.

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