Video: Obama: Reject Voices Warning About Government Tyranny

It is never more important we keep up the heat on Obama, as it is obvious by his remarks here we are making a difference!

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  1. Linda A. From NY says:

    He is lying once more again and he is lying to these young college students, every time he opens his mouth he lies. I thought I heard clapping after obama got through lying to them. I guess these young people brought it Hook Line and Sinker.

    If obama is not impeach we will lose our Country to Tyranny and these young people will wake up one day and find out the hard way that we are no longer a Free Country and being rule by a dictator.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    He has to try to persuade young adults that he is looking out for their best interest while he sticks it up their ass.These young adults really have to be very skeptical of hemshine.

  3. Sideshow says:

    Every time I see that phoney piece 'o shit's face my eyes glaze over and I want to change the channel…
    He cannot get ANYTHING RIGHT !!!
    For the quadrillionth time, we live in a REPUBLIC…NOT a freakin' democracy !!!!
    Of course I'm sure he'd love to change that, and has been trying mightily to do so…
    When Shrub said, "Things would be a lot easier to get done if this were a dictatorship, as long as I'm the dictator"….OBomination has the same aspirations…
    And YES the lion's share of tyranny comes from gubmint…like the recent assault on our Second Amendment rights, which by the way aren't over.
    Voting on amendments in Congress should be the same as trying a criminal case…if the defendant is found not guilty, then that's the end of it. NO 'double-dipping-…
    Likewise, once the Second Amendment-destroying legislation failed to pass the smell test, THAT should've been the end of it….period…forever…

  4. Do you ever stop lying. Pick on young kids and bald face lie to them. Yes our government has become very tyrannical. If you were so damn good you would ENFORCE THE CONSTITUTION not tear it apart. You have no conscience ob. I read where a doctor has actually declared you are insane and dangerous.

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