Video: Obama: ‘Problem Is … I’m Not The Emperor Of The United States’

A rare instance when Obama tells us what’s really on his mind!!

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  1. Well, if he is the President of the United States, and not the Emperor of the United States, then why doesn't he execute the laws? What about DOMA? What about securing the border? What about conferring with the U.N. instead of Congress, when the U.S. went into Libya? Inconsistent. Sloppy. Says he is American, but does not act like it!

  2. That is not a problem with me, Scumbag.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    This oreo is such a bullshitter that it's not funny.He would love to be called Emperor,he already acts like one.This half a jig by passes congress every time something doesn't go his way and the republicans in congress can not stop him.His party already bow before him and people like Chris Matthews bend over and spread their cheeks

  4. Right there, "illegal alien!" Fortunately, We, The People KNOW what you are, a lying sack of horse manure who is NOT our President, either!

  5. Who was that other guy who said it would be a lot easier if he were dictator? Didn't his name start with a B?

    And that other guy who said he always aspires to be a dictator? That was mac. mac, mac something. They both had one thing in common. There was an R behind their name.

    At least Obummer didn't express any regret that he is not the emporor.

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