Video: Obama Parties As Nation Heads Toward Cliff

It’s good to be king, huh, Barry?

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  1. perfectlyaged says:

    I'll swear Michelle's "bottom" gets wider and wider and her frown gets deeper and deeper!!!

  2. When we get rid of Obama, the Airforce One will need to be fumigated.

  3. SCUMBAG!!!!!

  4. These people live the high life on tax payer’s expense, while his policies are killing us with job loses and more unemployment. Many US citizens can not afford to have a prosperity Christmas, because of lack of funds.

  5. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Did anyone really think oblameo would forgo his "deserved" Hawaiian trip to "save" a country he hates?
    When are people going to open their eyes? I assume after January 1st and they get slammed with high taxes which takes the few dollars they have left.

  6. Ben Felczak says:

    I just dont understand how we let one commie muslum ruin our country, our lifes, and our freedom.

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    Agreeing with Seeks did anyone believe he would stay here with Bo and try to mesh with Boner to a compromise on cutting spending.Hell the igger won't cut spending on vacations like he and Grape Ape are over worked.This so called president has never been one to stop spending especially when he is using someone elses money like all welfare bums.

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