Video: Obama: Once A Homo, Always A Homo

After watching this video, I would say it is pretty clear we have a closet homosexual in the White House. Our forefathers are definitely rolling over in their graves…

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  1. Incredible. A foreign born forbidden to rule modern day Israelites in the OT. Now we found out he is a gay, an abomination in the OT. Now we find out too, he is a sissy, absolutely repudiating to men! Now people are just beginning to realize he is a racist.

    When are they ever going to find out he is negro too????

  2. Yep. What I do not understand is muslims hate gays so why does O cowtow to them

  3. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Is this really news to anyone? We already know obama is a druggie and queer.
    Typical liberals. Deny deny deny.

  4. Linda From NY says:

    So not only do we have a first black president, he is a illegal, queer and a crack-head, no wonder our country is going to Hell with a crack-head, queer as a leader.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Hell we knew he was a fudge packer from way back and I'll bet he still does drugs that is why he won't say where he was when our 4 Americans were getting killed in Benghazi

  5. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    His Record:
    1 Rev. Wright coupling gay black men with embittered black women, thus their marriage is a farce.
    2 He and Emanuel are members of Man’s County.
    3 He has 'a thing' for young Pakistani men.
    4 He likes to be serviced by 'older, white men'.

    He is more of a pervert than Weiner (Carlos Danger)

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    Most people know he is a closet queen and is protected by the secret service.Who better then his body guards know how to get him dugs and male lovers after all the practice they had with Slick Willy and his women.

  7. With one of his gay lovers he has done had one of his lovers killed off that was the chorus dirrector at his old church. He had him murdered because the guy would have ruined his chances as president. He was a member of a gay bathing house for many years is the man a fruit loop….. YES YES YES, DUH!

  8. They don't call him Bathouse Barry for nothing!

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