Video: Obama On Obamacare: ‘You’re Benefiting From It, You Just May Not Know It’

Oh really, Mr. President?!

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  1. Why do kids need to be on your health ins until they are 27 – if they had JOBS and are WORKING they have their own ins! This helps disabled children but then most of the things you need for your child ARE NOT COVERED and fall under YOUR cost. Usually very high deduct and you pay until its fulfilled.
    Im having this problem now with my ins. For what Im getting most of anything falls under YOU PAY for it – and my deduct is 5000. and if you change your plan, then any specialists are no longer covered at all. There are so many nooks and crannys and twists and turns on your plan. At least the well stuff is covered. But that should have been done in the first place without MANDANTORY changes and a 1000 page bill. OH, and many Drs are still refusing medicaid patients. Because the GOVT is a slow pay or a NO PAY – and they also do not want to pay Drs anything if they can help it. Mr Obama may have put a bandage on some things – but left a gaping hole in others, that most of us will fall through, plus my same plan for anyone coming on new, has gone up, mine did too by the way. And Im sure next year it will be even higher, as it is I can barely afford it, and if I DONT,, IM FINED! LOVELY! This is GOVTS way of getting a piece of the pie. THe most lucrative business around is INSURANCE and the GOVT sought after it . Everyone needs health care – we are the walking sick and wounded, and there are huge profits they can depend on.

    • wayne mann says:

      Obamacare was meant as a genocide program. Oh Bo Bo knew that it would make premiums go up on other insurances and people would not be able to afford to pay their premiums. Then of course they have to go on Obamacare…. this dirty lawyer and his dirty lawyer wife know what they are doing and I’m sure they smile every time he issues an executive order or pulls one of his dirty stunts.

  2. I don't know about anyone else but since the first of this year (i.e. Obamacare implemented), my co-pays have doubled and sometimes tripled. Also, my docs have problems getting the meds I need. NO WAY has Obamacare benefited me.

  3. Seeks_the_truth says:

    If this is what's considered 'benefiting' I'd hate to see the real thing. Premiums doubling, co-pays doubling, drop in the amount you can put in a MSA, loss of your physician, your insurance.
    This is nothing but yet another attempt to control the masses.

  4. Health care where I live was poor to start. But with obamacareless it has gotten worse. Went to see a urologist twice – both times I got a Nurse Practitioner (Corpman), NEVER did get to see the doc. Went to the ER last week and was treated by another Nurse Practitioner. The drs. here are selling their practises to the hospitals and my family Dr. can no longer get me admitted into the hospital. Co pays up, premiums up, care DOWN. Wait until they HAVE to treat the 11 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS our Muslim-In-Chief wants to get as voters. Country is already broke due to miss management of OUR tax dollars. The projected cost of gaining these new democraps will sink this country, which is obama's wish. My wish is for obama, Holder and Clinton all be tried and hung for treason.

    • wayne mann says:

      Good luck with that because half of America is already dependent upon the government And another one quarter of ignorant Americans like Obama…. and then the rest are we few and those who just don’t care. America isn’t going to do anything because complacency has that in and we are now into the dependency stage… and then you go back into bondage. (slavery which we are just beginning to experience as he strips our rights and creates new laws)

  5. Linda A. From NY says:

    I not sure what angers me more, obama's lies of this crappy super expensive healthcare or all those stupid women supporting this S.O.B. whose working hard to bring the nation down. This healthcare may be the last straw on the economy to bring it down with the weight of it.

  6. One sentence from this ever lying mouth that might be true.Because by then hos "Death Panel" has killed you

  7. wayne mann says:

    If his lips move he is lying.!!!! Anything he says you can be sure just the opposite is true.. he has done this since he got involved in 2008 liar liar liar.!!! He is a six foot tall Muslum pile of shite. If a war start I’m sure the coward little nigra boy will run for a bunker. We have to find a way to get this terrorist out.

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      Hi Wayne,
      There is away to get him OUT!! Impeach this muslim traitor ASAP

      • wayne mann says:

        Hi Linda A. … How are you lovely lady??? I agree we should impeach but our congress is too threatened intimidated or corrupt…. And we will never get Holder to ever charge him with anything.

        • Linda A. From NY says:

          Hi Wayne,
          yea, I know what you mean, Holder won't charge him on anything. Holder is just as crooked and dirty as obama, this whole administration needs to be investigated. Holder needs to be impeach too for the Fast and Furious debacle and he should be in prison right along with obama in the same cell, that would be a sight to see.

          • wayne mann says:

            I guess we will all benefit from Obamacare when it comes time to go to the doctor and we can’t get one and end up dying slowly…. Or when we get something like cancer and their death panel decides it’s time for us to die

      • Eyes open says:

        I'd rather a so-called Muslim (another example of your indignant ignorance) trying to give every American the basic ability to be able to get access to healthcare, than anyone else who wants to keep the costs of healthcare a global embarrassment, all so a few people can live in obscene wealth whilst average Americans are left to suffer and struggle.
        I could care less if there was a penguin with three dicks as President as long as he was trying to offer security and prosperity for future generations.
        The real enemy's are the greedy corporations, maybe you should focus on these guys instead. It's because their greed has been left unchecked for so many years that's put this country in the mess it's currently in, and unless you are one of the elite few, your life, health and chances at being able to get ahead is of little concern to them.
        I used to work for the largest software company in the world and earned over $250K per year, had a wonderful career and an unexpected illness has left me struggling to fight for my basic desire to live and get medical healthcare.
        It can happen to any of us and without these corporations being forced to lower costs through having to compete with a government funded healthcare system, this country's future is bleak.
        But sure….. It's all that Muslims fault.

        • it is obvious that you are No American, if you do not like our Country, then please leave and take your obama with you. We don't need you nor want you Perhaps you yourself may be a muslim or a welfare dependant and expect your free handout.

          you are the one that needs to open your eyes and get your head out of your ass.

          One day when one of your elderly parents goes to a doctor and needs a life saving operation, he or she will not receive this life saving operation, this so called health in it's policies says let the elderly die. is that what you want for your parents? it is called the Death Panel Stupid!!! get the facts for yourself moron!!!

          before you open your dumb mouth you should get the facts on this healthcare, this healthcare is a job killer

  8. David F. says:

    I can't believe that these idiots standing behind this Illegal/Unconstitutional resident of the White House don't realize that companies are laying off more and more people or are cutting everyone back to "Part-Time" workers to avoid paying for this fiasco of a Healthcare cut. With over 9.5 Million people out of work since Obama Unconstitutionally ran for President, is there anything that he has touched that actually helps America at all? The short answer is NO!! We need to stand up, and take our country back, and return it to the Prosperity that we had during the Reagan years, and not allow the Democrats any chances to try to corrupt it ever again!!

    • Eyes Open says:

      The real reason why prices are going up and jobs are being lost isn't because of Obama Care. It never ceases to amaze me just how most people don't take the time to dig deeper and ask the second or third question. Healthcare costs in the US are the highest on the planet, and in terms of care they are dead last in 12 developed countries. The real problem has always been the sheer insatiable greed of our capitalist economy, pharmaceutical companies making more money than almost any other business on the planet. The average cost of an appendectomy in the US is about $12,000.00. If you hop over to Canada you can pay a mere $1,800.00 for the same procedure without insurance. Where is the other $10,000.00 going? Canada has excellent healthcare, and you will be in great hands. Why are prescription drugs sometimes 20 times more expensive for the exact same drug in the US than in almost every other developed country? You think that big pharma is just giving it away? Please! They are still making money hand over fist selling for 20 times less, but here in the US, our illnesses are goldmines! These companies will day that Obama Care is the problem and that they can't afford to employ as many people. The real reason is that they don't want their profits to go down and their shareholders be unhappy. This is their tactic to try to reverse what Obama Care is trying to achieve, to provide affordable healthcare to every American regardless of income or social status. Think for a second about the families who have to make the disgusting decision to be sick/dying because they know that a visit to the hospital or extremely inflated drug costs will put them in further financial difficulties, lose their lives savings, their children's education funds, or their homes. These are real decisions that too many Americans have to make every day. Is this a good thing for the wealthiest planet on earth?
      These greedy corporations plan to keep the pressure on the issue being Obama, a classic example of creating a problem to cause public outcry, then offer up the 'solution', which was really their agenda all along. It's all fine if you have a good job with company health insurance, who cares about these 'free- loaders'.
      Life is precarious at best, and out of nowhere you could find that you have a serious illness that impacts yourability to work. Then all of a sudden you find that your company no longer needs you, there goes your cushy health insurance and within a very short period of time you find yourself being denied insurance because of preexisting conditions, or they make your premiums so expensive you simply can't afford to pay then. Guess what, you will be wanting that Obama Care and the ability to get essential medical care you needwithout losing the shirt off your back and the roof over your head. You'll be wishing you lived in a county like Canada, Europe, Australia or Asia where everyone has affordable access to far higher quality of healthcare than this greedy, bloated disgusting pig of a healthcare system that exists in the US.
      Think deeper, think beyond your own selfish, ignorant ways. In a heartbeat you could be one of those people who ate literally left to die in this great land of 'liberty and freedom'.
      Things have to change, if you don't have your health, you have nothing. And right now, if you don't have good insurance you are going to be left with nothing in a very short time, watching your families future disintegratebefore your very eyes.
      It's time y'all opened your eyes, really opened your eyes to the real problems that are being hidden by the same giant corporations who don't care about you, your family, you're future or your life. It's all about the money, and like many other issues in the world, if you want to know the real answer to almost every question or social calamity, you will find a dollar bill at the root of it all.
      But go on and blame Obama for everything, for the demise of this country…. It's exactly what the wealthiest people in the country want you to believe. It's all deflection and smoke screens and if you can't see that these ate the real problems then you probably shouldn't be using a computer as clearly you need to work on improving the capabilities of that broken, brainwashed 'computer' in your skull.
      And how these corporations must be laughing at just how easily they can make you believe the first thing they tell you, because most of us have been conditioned to believe what is fed to us like dumb bovine creatures wallowing in fields of shit.
      Regan days? LOL. Live in reality, today and open your eyes people… Or blame Obama if that means you don't actually have to think for yourself and see that you are heading towards organized slavery to those who want to control everything.

      • every thing this man touches turns to crap, perhaps you are the one that need to open your eyes, and open your brains too. My list is so long that it won't fit in this page of all of obama's failed policies. Let me ask you this Stupid!!! are you ok with allowing millions of illegals here to take away what few jobs are left? and many of these people will be on welfare and foodstamps on the expense of the taxpayers.

        • Eyes open says:

          Oh you mean the shitty jobs that most Americans don't want to do?
          Oh, and you mean that's because the minimum wage in this country is not enough to live on because corporations refuse to lower their profits, instead forcing people to work 2-3 jobs and still need did stamps?
          And most of his so called 'failed policies' were because the Republicans cock-blocked everything he tried to do, paid off by lobbyists who protect the interests of the super wealthy!
          Because Bush made this country such a paradise, at least for his wealthy cronies? Yeah, he was so awesome, the good ole days. Lol. What a land of milk and honey it was under captain hillbilly's rule! People were really living the great life during those 8 years, right? You forget about his executive orders that bailed out the banks, which is why we are in so much debt? He caused way more mess, yet everyone expects Obama to magically clean up the worst mess ever inherited by a President? That is moronic.

          And you think that one day these Muslims just woke up and decided for no reason to attack America? Umm…. if the US would keep their noses out of other countries business and focus on fixing their own house and leave other countries to do the same, then maybe we wouldn't have so many enemies.
          But there were other agendas as to why we went in to those countries and set up camp, not to bring the salvation of democracy to them. No, it was always about something the US wanted- control, strategic positioning, natural resources etc.
          North Korea has been jumping up and down saying they have nuclear warheads, and they want to fire them at us, but why aren't we in there like Iraq? We matched in to Iraq on flimsy and inevitably false intel, yet we just sit back and wait for North Korea to complete development on weapons that would obliterate our country? I wonder why? Because they have nothing we want!!
          If only a fraction of military expenditure went back in to schools, education and healthcare, then maybe we might see some change. But we are more interested in sticking our noses in affairs of other countries business, arming them with our weaponry, then going in to kick the crap out of them when the check clears because now they are a threat. We are the bullies of the world, no wonder people wish us harm……

          Oh… and don't forget that we are all descendants of illegal immigrants who stole this country from its rightful custodians who cared for the land with respect and reverence instead of taking it for everything they could get out of it.

          This country is in a mess not because of one man, it's been slowly demising many years before Obama and Bush-whacker. Life is tough because of the greed of the few and unless there is radical change, don't expect anything to get better.

          But thanks for your insightful rant, entertaining stuff! Thank you and good night.

      • are you ok with:
        letting 4 Americans die begging for help and their pleads were ignor?

        obama giving billions away to the muslim brotherhood to people that hate us and would like to hurt us.

        And this so called affordable healthcare has the death panel, do you want that for your elderly parents? huh stupid? and it is being shove down our throats by using the IRS as his goons, this is called thuggery!!!!!
        And are you ok with obama's reckless spending, leaving our children a debt man how stupid can you be? obama is stealing from our children.

        And what about obama paying millions to seal his record? what is he hiding? As Americans we have a right to know who this man is, he is passing Excutive Orders and signing Billls that are effecting all of us.
        whatever happen to Hope and Change? Huh stupid!!! he made things worst!!! Obama Lie!!!

        Hey Moron open up your eyes instead!!!!

        obama is the worst president this country ever had

        You must be blind death and dumb not to see obama for what he is

    • Eyes open says:

      And of course the unemployment issue is all Obama's fault?
      How convenient it is to forget that our previous illiterate, hillbilly President left Obama with possibly the largest national mess since the great depression. I shudder to think where we would be had we elected another galoot like Bush… I'd rather live in Indonesia with those 'scary' Muslims! At least I'd get affordable healthcare and a thriving economy that is set to topple our new world 'Rome'.
      And all you wonderful Christians, take a look at the history books. You will find that your religion has killed, maimed and tortured people throughout the centuries that make these scary Muslim terrorists seem like a 1st grader's schoolyard gang.
      A little pointer… Google the crusades of the Christian/Catholic church and you will see what real terror is.
      But that was hundreds of years ago….. Forget about it, right? Hypocrites.

  9. look at all the trolls behind him, they got trolled & all of his supporters worldwide. Nothing says blind & stupid like following chief duddits…

  10. Obama shows that he IS either LYING or DELUSIONAL or BOTH!!!

  11. hell yeah… this just proved this whole site wrong… lol you all are a bunch of dumb ass red necks if you think you can impeach obama for nothing…. also… if you make under say 250k a year… guess what… THE RIGHT WING DOESNT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU….

    • Eyes open says:

      Amen….a person with a functional brain!
      Whomever started this site is clearly a real smart cookie!
      Nothing but ignorance, intolerance and any lack of ability to think beyond what they see on that square idiot box that they fail to realize is spoon fed garbage from the very people who certainly don't have their best interests at heart.
      But don't ask any questions, don't analyze or think for yourself. You might pop that last braincell and then you will be costing the rest of us our taxpayer money to keep your sorry ass in a hospital room that is hideously over priced.

      • your post sounds good, but save the questions for yourself, ask the same questions on what your messiah is doing. does he has your best interest at heart? the NO!!! wait until you have a love one a elderly in need of life saving medication or a operation and the obama heathcare will just let them die.

        Then how would you feel? betray by the very man you support. This healthcare has the Death Panels, what is it that you do not get? get your head out of your ass and wake up!! moron!!!

        this healthcare is not about life it is about death

        I don't know what planet you are from but certaintly you are cludeless

      • you must be a Nig defending your messiah, if you do not like a free country then please get the hell out, we do not need Anti Americans here.

      • Eyes wide Shut
        your obama looks like a monkey with is his monkey ears and worst yet he is a commie but nigs like you are too dumb to see it. Wait till obama's regime throws your ass in the FEMA Camp.

    • obama does not give a crap about you either, you may be right about the right wing not giving a shit about us, but dude obama is worst.

      Are blacks better off today? NO they are not!! obama is allowing millions of illegals to stay here and continue to take jobs. Blacks are the highest in unemployed. How can you support a man who is keeping you down? Dude this man is killing our country and you don’t see that? Come on dude wake up!!

    • you too sound like a nig defending your messiah, if you do not like a free country, then go somewhere else and be with your kind of whatever pigs you are

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Your just of piece of shit on the Obutthole dole looking for someoneelse to pay so you don't have to work.I'm not a betting man but I'd say you must be one of those black voters who voted color rather then how good Obutthole ran the country in his first 4 years

  12. hey stupid, open your eyes, you said that illegals take shitty jobs, mexicans men have taken over the construction jobs, Moron!!! try telling that to American men who trying to feed their families and they can't because the illegals have taken their jobs.

    In FL. recently hundreds of American men were protesting that they could get jobs in contruction because the illegals were working in their place. So don't tell me that is about shitty jobs?

    you just proved how dumb you are.

    • Correction: Americans men were prostesting that they could NOT feed their families becasue the illegals were working in their place. Companies out of greed are hiring cheap labor and do not wish to give jobs to American men in the contruction field

      It doesn't matter what you think or I think, the truth is with the Bengahiz debacle obama will be IMPEACH Soon!!!!! he F–k up when he left those 4 Americans to die just so he could save face for his stupid re-election. And now the truth is comming out and most Americans see this man as a traitor that he is

      So open your eyes Stupid!!!

  13. Edwardkoziol says:

    I got news for you super spook we're paying more now for health care then we did when your stupid ass plan wasn't implemented.Blinky Poopalosi was one of your big supporters when she said pass it then read it.

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