Video: Obama “Not My Fault” Redux, Blames Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, ATMs, Bosses, Health Care, Etc.

He’s doing it again. Obama is making a desperate effort to blame the economy on everybody else — this time on the last president to pull the economy “out of the ditch” of the Democrats’ digging: Ronald Wilson Reagan.

An interviewer for WVEC-TV asked the president, “How have we become a country where so many members of the middle class go to bed at night wondering if they’re going to be able to keep their homes and put food on the table and send their kids to college? Do you take any person responsibility for your administration creating that condition?”

Obama responded, “We didn’t create the condition. We haven’t solved it fully yet because it was three decades in the making.” That timeline would take the fault back to the beginning of the Reagan administration. Unlike Obama’s debt-laden “stimuless,” Reagan’s support for the Kemp-Roth tax cuts led to seven years of peacetime economic expansion ended only after his successor broke his “No New Taxes” pledge.

The man at whose desk the buck stops went on to blame the Obama economic bust on automation, businesses having “more leverage over workers,” rising health care costs, and fears of the imminent zombie apocalypse. OK, not that last one, but everything else.

Nothing is ever this man’s fault, at least in his mind.

As usual, this shows how out of touch Obama is with the American people. They’re tired of his excuses, and months ago decided Obama owns this economic disaster. reports today that more Americans blame Obama than George W. Bush for the Great Recession they must endure. A new Wenzel poll found Obama edged out Bush as the culprit in the public imagination by 22 percent to 19 percent.

Mr. President, you are our elected leader. Quit whining, quit blame-shifting, quit belly-aching, and do the best thing you can do for our economy: resign.

— Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Still blaming Bush? Facts show a different story.

    Poverty 2008: 13.2% 2010: 14.3
    Unemployment rate: Jan. 2009: U-3 7.9% U-6 14% Aug. 11 U-3 9.1% U-6 16.2%
    Average weeks unemployed Jan. 2009: 19.9 Aug. 2011: 40.3
    Median income 2008: $52,029 2010: $49,445
    Heath Ins. Premiums (avg family) 2008: $12,680 2011: $15,073
    Number of jobs Jan 2009: 142,201,000 Aug. 2011: 139,627,000
    Inflation rate Jan. 2009: 0.03 % Aug. 2011: 3.77%
    Food Stamp Usage Jan. 2009: 31.9 mil May 2011: 45.2 mil
    Avg. Price of Gas Jan. 2009: $1.82 Aug. 2011: $3.66
    Avg. Home Value Q1 2009: $180,449 Q2 2011: $171,900
    National Debt Jan. 2009: $10.6 trillion Sept. 2011: $14.7 trillion (+4.1 trilliion)
    National Deficit 2008: $438 billion 2011: $1.28 trillion (+842 billion)
    An unapproved by Congress war in Libya and now Syria. U.S. moral at an all time low.

    Grow SOME balls Obammy and own up to your mess!

  2. True American says:

    I can not believe Obama can set & blame every one else……..I have kept up with Obama & his ideals not one of them have ben a plus for America.Far as i am concerned. We need a good old American back in White house to bring back America twice as stong as it stands now.. Obama will just make matters worse over 4 more years

  3. Ridge runner says:

    Every thing this imposter has done has down graded the country and the people's lives. this man and all the people that was involved in certifing him needs to be givrn a ride out of our country on a rail with lots of splinters. also all of the congress and the senate that knows that he isn't legally our president and not trying to correct it should be removed from the gov and never be allowed to have any fhing to do with our gov both federal and local.

  4. Daniel L. Skillman says:

    Everything about this ridiculously sad excuse for a human being has been a lie from the beginning. He has nothing of what it takes to be a man let alone the President of the United States of America. It is long past time to throw him and his entire qabal of marxist sycophants and toadies out. There exists more than enough evidence of crime, corruption, malfeasence in office as well as unfitness and lack of qualification for office to act upon if our congress wouls only grow a set and do their duty.

  5. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    I guess he never had a mother/grandmother who told him that his crap smells the same as the rest of the world’s crap, and that he drops his drawers the same as any man, except he isn’t a “man” as we know a man to be. He is still granny’s little gem, who can do no wrong I guess. He was never taught the words “my own responsibility”, for it was then, always someone else who broke the neighbor’s living room glass when playing ball……or whatever good little muslimes play…….oh, bombs? Well, if your bomb hits your neighbors glass, and you threw the bomb, then it is your fault, and you should pay for the broken, bombed window yourself, and make the apologies necessary for your own doing! What a wuss! And it is this wussy that we now have in our capitol blaming everyone on earth for his own lack of balls, and responsibility for “running” a country……….into the ground, as it happens. Funny thing is, not the ha ha funny, that no one else in the world will speak one word against him, or call him out on his failures, which are multitude! Of course, Rush will, and certian others, but the majority will not……??!!!! What is up with this not so happy crappy? Why are there so many who are afraid of this boil on the ass of America? Do none of them feel an ounce of responsibility for this country and that the truth be told about this illegal peice of muslime garbage who shows not one bit of backbone or balls, that it takes to run such a country as America? What the HELL are they all afraid of anyway? For it has got to be FEAR that is stopping the TRUTH TO BE TOLD TO ALL WHO WATCH AND LISTEN TO WHAT SHOULD BE THE NEWS!!! The NEWS, folks, not a repeat of repeat of repeats of the “wonders of obhlahblah”!!!! Lord, I despise what our country has become under the RULE of this wanna be DICTATOR!!!!!! Enough to want it to end sooner than soon!!! 2012 can’t be soon enough!

  6. As I fly around in my black helicoptor wearing my tin foil hat I have a lot of time to think about things.
    Our immaculate lord and ruler, the omnipotent and most magnificent lord pharoah and grand master his holiness barry "the boy king" soetoro is spreding his disease of ignorance throughout the land.
    Taking credit for the end of the Iraq war, killing obama, oops… I mean osama and every single other thing that is good and right in the universe, proclaiming the innocence of his enforcer, eric "fast draw" holder, naming himself the only living god that can make things right with the universe all the while blaming everyone else for all the evil in the world, except of course his cadre of minions and his sword of vengence the muslim brotherhood. Awaken all of you infidels and see the glorious light of our dear ruler and saviour lord barry!!!!
    signed mohammad imanidiot. allah akbar!!!!!!!!!!!

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