Video: Obama Nominating Rice As Sec. Of State Would Be His Undoing

Susan Rice went on five Sunday news shows proclaiming Obama’s lie of the YouTube anti-Islam video being the cause of the attack on the Benghazi consulate. Now it’s payback time: Susan Rice wants her coveted Secretary of State position. But will this quid pro quo be Obama’s undoing?

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  1. I think it's hilarious that Liberals on other "Certain" sites, are saying that the reason We don't want Susan Rice to be the Secretary of State is because Obama's next pick would be Senator Kerry, which would cause a "Free" seat in the Senate. What they don't realize is that we don't want Susan Rice because she is Inept, Rude and is LIAR!! I actually hope Obama does Nominate her and then the Republicans in the Senate could question her day and night about the Benghazi briefing she received prior to going on the Sunday talk shows, because everyone with a brain and logical thinking skills knows that Susan Rice had access to the "Classified" and "Unclassified" Intelligence briefings, as well as access to view the Consulate, Annex, and Drone video footage. From the documents that I have seen from the Intelligence Community and State Department documents, it wasn't either of those 2 Departments that "Floated" the Mob Protest of a You-Tube video as the reason behind the Attack on the Consulate. I also love showing Liberals how the Rachel Maddow show on the 13th stated Eyewitnesses say there was no Demonstrators at all (which is one of Rices Lies…well the Terrorists just Materialized out of the crowd of Protestors ***BS***), on the 14th Leon Panetta and the Vice Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff stated it was a Premeditated attack (Then rice says 2 days latter that it wasn't Premeditated…Really? Do people usually carry RPG's, Gas Canisters, Explosives, Mortars and other Heavy Weapons to a Non-existent Demonstration?? Ofcourse it was Premeditated you Liberal Hand-puppet of the Obama Administration!!!), then I like to smack em with a State Department briefing given by 2 High Ranking State Department Officials that states there was no Demonstrators or Protestors at the Consulate, that the Attack was Premeditated, and it was the State Department or Intelligence Community that "Floated" the idea of a Protest of a You-Tube Video as the reason…which only the Obama Administration was the ones to "Float" that idiotic idea.

    Here are the links I use, and I think they hate it because I don't link to any "Right-Wing" sites to prove my points.
    Point 1 dated Sept 13th (3 days before Rices comments):

    Point 2 dated 14 Sept (2 days before Rices comments):

    Point 3 State Department background briefing on Libya:

    You could also hit them with a taped call to the BBC from a Witness who lives on the same street as the U.S. Consulate:… Oh, and this interview was done on the 12th of Sept, the day after the attack, and 4 days before Rices comments.

    • Puddentain says:

      Well I like your outlook on the situation better than mine however I think that Boehner and Congress is so weak that they will simply play to the tune that Obama wants to sing……Obamas presidency has been nothing more than a bad issue of the National Enquirer. Why would we expect anything different on THIS issue??……….When a president can set the stage to legally rob the amount of wealth for "redistribution" that he plans on robbing AND steal an election,,,,,,it leaves heavy doubt as to the ability to stop him.

  2. Congress is going to let Obama Destroy the USA. Congress will not impeach Obama, or put him in jail because they are cowards, they only care about power and staying in office. The American people must rise up and bring Obama to justice.

  3. CONGRESS is a bunch of LEMMINGS and fools. Afraid to stick up for America.
    Why are they afraid of this king. Of FOOLS???????

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