Video: Obama Murdered 16-year-old U.S. Citizen

On February 4, a secret White House memo was leaked, entitled “Lawfulness of a Lethal Operation Directed Against a U.S. Citizen who is a Senior Operational Leader of Al Qa’ida or An Associated Force.” The memo in effect states that the President has the authority to kill any American citizen at anytime for any reason without proof, without due process, and with absolutely no oversight.

No one blinked an eye when American-born al-Qaeda-linked terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki was vaporized with a drone strike in September of 2011. But when his sixteen-year-old son, Abdulrahman, an American citizen born in Denver, Colorado, was vaporized in the same manner two weeks later without any proof that he had any connection to al-Qaeda, both the Left and Right cried foul.

Abdulrahman, along with several other teenagers, was engaged in the “terrorist” act of taking part in an outdoor barbecue.

According to the Abdulrahman’s grandfather:

To kill a teenager is just unbelievable, really, and they claim that he is an al-Qaeda militant. It’s nonsense,” said Nasser al-Awlaki, a former Yemeni agriculture minister who was Anwar al-Awlaki’s father and the boy’s grandfather.

In fact, if we look at the key passage in Obama’s secret kill list memo, its legal justification does not simply require connection to al-Qaeda, but that he be deemed an “operational leader”:

The condition that an operational leader present an ‘imminent’ threat of violent attack against the United States does not require the United States to have clear evidence that a specific attack on U.S. persons and interests will take place in the immediate future.

But whether Abdulrahman was a leader of al-Qaeda or not is really not the point. The point of the secret memo that has everyone up in arms is that Obama not only does not have to grant American citizens abroad due process, but that there is no oversight to the kill list; that Obama does not have to prove to any entity, including his own Administration, that the person killed presents a threat to the United States.

Of course, the next question becomes: If Obama can suspend due process and murder American citizens abroad, does he then have the authority to do the same thing on American soil?

This was the question asked and ignored on the day after the secret memo was released, whereby Obama abruptly left the press conference, leaving White House spokesman Jay Carney flapping in the wind.  Carney called Obama’s unchecked power of “surgical drone strikes” “legal, ethical, and wise,” which sounded very pithy, but never answered the question.

Of course, we already know the answer to this question, as Obama’s legal justification as stated in the memo does not distinguish whether the American citizen is living in the United States or abroad.

The Left, as we have seen in the last few days, are coming to realize what conservatives have known for some time: We have a dictator in the Oval Office.

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  1. These points are very informative in themselves, where did you get these ideas to write such wonderful articles, I always try to write something new for my site as well but I cannot do so :(

    • Carol Goodwin says:

      I don't think any amount of writing, regardless how clever, will do anything as Obama has all of those who are supposed to be working for the people, scared out of their minds. I'd love to know who is enforcers are! Are they just mafia? Union toughs? Or a secret group of socialist killers? Lots of innocent people have died since he has stolen the White House. I'm sure it sounds radical but I feel like he is behind all the mass murders just so he can push his gun ban. He doesn't even blink at all the drone killings! He is a soulless, uncaring, usurper with no conscience whatsoever!

  2. EVERMYRTLE says:

    I can see not other way but that we are in the tribulation which means that we are in the last seven years of the earth's existence as we stand today. Before the end if the seven years JESUS CHRIST will meet with HIS people when HE call all of HIS people who are in the grave to meet HIM and then we who are still living will be called up to meet HIM. Many people doubt this but this is what HE tell us in HIS WORD. THERE HAVE BEEN THOUSANDS OF his PROPHECIES FULFILLED OVER THE YEARS AND THIS TOO WILL COME TO PASS.

    • No one knows when this world will end except God! and John is right, the rapture takes place before the tribulation, you should think about that

  3. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Where is the charge of 1st degree murder in the murder of this 16 year old?
    There is no love loss on the death of anyone, American citizen or not, who is a traitor to America but this is plain murder.

  4. NEXT!!!!!!!

  5. I,m telling you. We better stop this SOB before he stars killing us in the streets of America. He and his administration will stop at nothing to get what they want, including killing anyone who doesn't agree with them or stands in their way, and that includes American citizens. You have to be blind or just stupid not to see what he is leading up to He is as evil as they come. Just like the devil, he will smile in your face and lie to you while he is getting ready to kill you.

    • The opportunity, the right plan, the right person with a sense of duty to eliminate the problem. I’m too old and faded but counting on the Lone Wolf whoever he or she is to make it happen. The real beauty would be not knowing who ! He has to go and screw the Congress and those feeble bastards and bitches on the bench !

    • mary zacc says:

      Danny, you are sooooooo correct, Ive been trying to tell people this for along time, they just ignore me…how can people be so freaking stupid?????? There are people in Washington who have sold their souls to the devil…for greed

  6. Charles17121 says:

    We The People have a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President . We The People demand the US Congress honor their oath to the US Constitution and remove this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from the office of US president under Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution .

  7. What is wrong with this country!? Due process is a right that every American Citizen has. It does not matter if they are on forgien soil or here in the USA. If I cost Mexico on vaction I can be killed by a drone strike? Where is the American justice system in that!?

  8. Absolutely unbelievable yet true. This tyrant should be sitting in jail, without bail, awaiting trial for 1st degree murder. God willing, he will be impeached for his "high crimes and misdemeanors." Forget about the misdemeanors. In his case, it's simply one crime after another.. What Nixon and Clinton did was small stuff compared to this man's malicious and premeditated murder of an American citizen. And he has the arrogance to inform us he'll do it again if he feels like it. And I, for one, am afraid he will feel like doing it again. If he can murder an American citizen overseas, it's only one small step to murder an American citizen on U.S. soil. And it's only another small step from there, via this man's so-called executive orders, which, in his mind, override the Constitution and all the other laws, to rule as dictator. And we may be assured that the goose-stepping media will not raise an eyebrow in the face of any of his crimes, no matter how extreme. Ultimately, unless he is impeached and removed from office, he will, sooner or later, claim the right by executive order to arrest, and detain indefinitely and incommunicado any person who he, in his judgment, believes to pose a potential danger to his authority, this to be carried out by his secret police. And it's already been suggested by the left-wing extremists, that we need a secret federal police force (the Gestapo) answerable to the President. If you want to know what's happening in this country today, read the history of 1930's Germany and see how Hitler became a a dictator practically overnight. You'll get as good a blueprint as you need. The only thing all the left-wing extremists together with their leader are waiting for is their "Resichstag Fire" And when and if it comes, it'll be too late for most of us.. Impeach him now, while you still can. While, like Hitler, he has only 6th grade literacy skills, he means to do everything he says, and woe to anyone who stands in his way..

  9. But the rapture comes before the tribulation.

  10. disgusted says:

    Danny and Seeks are right on target, hit the nail on the head, the bullets went true, and both comments are a “HEAD SHOT” to the Murderer in Office! Hey, if a person murders someone, then this makes him or her, a murderer, doesn’t it? Well, right now, this twisted minded, homosexually bent, murdering bastard has taken on the “right” to KILL anyone he pleases! This sounds to me like something a power mad, control hungry, evil minded murderer would do, because he can! Because HE CAN! Because now, BECAUSE NO ONE IS PUTTING A STOP TO HIS EVIL MURDERING WAYS! If we “little people”, the Common man and woman on the streets can see this, and know it for what it truly is, then what on earth, what in THE HELL is stopping those who are supposed to hold the “law” so highly in regard? After all, all we hear from these “law makers” and “justice” thumpers, is “IT”S THE LAW!” Sooooo, isn’t it the LAW that when a person outright MURDERS someone, with MALICE AFORETHOUGHT, isn’t it a CRIME? Making the GUILTY PERSON a MURDERER, which is against the “law”, and is it not a CRIME TO MURDER????? The guy in Los Angeles murdered those two or three people, and now, we have a nationwide manhunt going on for this MURDERER, tell me, what is the difference in HUSSEIN and this man in Los Angeles? There is NO DIFFERENCE, they are both MURDERERS AND CRIMINALS! Just because this igger THINKS he is our “president” does not make it so, because we DO NOT ACCEPT HIM AS SUCH, WE DID NOT “vote” for him, this so called “election” was a FRAUD, the same as the SLIME who sits in the Offal Office, and no, that was/is not a typo, this peice of brown turd has turned our OVAL OFFICE into a TOILET FULL OF SH***T! yes, he MURDERED THIS KID! Next, he is going to start this in our streets and neighborhoods, unless he is stopped, and stopped cold, dead in his deadly tracks. And, HE IS A DEADLY THREAT TO US ALL!

  11. What do you think Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn mentored him about? Being a nice and Christian person? His Birth Cert is not a coverup about where he was born but who his real father was. Frank Marshall Davis If that was openly and honestly right there on the Birth Cert he would never have been elected. Look at photos of the man in Kenya (his official father) and then communist Frank Marshall Davis. Does the communist look familiar? Does the President seem more like a Soviet leader rather than an American President?

    • No…google Malcom X. That is is father. A Nation of Islam member with black panther tie`s.The relationship with Obama`s mather and Malcol X would have sent him to prison for under-age sex with a minor and ruined his reputation …after all back then a black guy doing a white chic would have got him thrown out of black panther. Look at the pictures…looks just like Obama.

  12. Edwardkoziol says:

    Like father like son he would have been a AlQuida leader so at best Sambo got rid of him early.Everybody is crying about someone who turned on their country being vaporized.Whogives a turd if they didn't read him his rights.I disagree with 99.9% of what Obutthole does but let him kill these sand iggers before they kill people in the US like they did on 9/11.

    • No one has the right to play God, just because that is what they do doesn't mean we should stoop to their level!

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Do you believe in playing God when it comes to abortion.Having a baby who can live on it's own being crushed and sucked out because a woman doesn't want the child anymore.God himself kills people every day so one less raghead who might blow up a mall I'd never loose any sleep over.

  13. A. Patriot says:

    Americans should be OUTRAGED and should EMAIL THEIR CONGRESSMEN CONSTANTLY for them to IMPEACH that EVIL barry soetoro (aka barrack HUSSEIN MOHAMMED obama) !!!!!
    The ONLY way to stop that NON NATURAL BORN poor excuse for a human being is to FORCE the congress to TAKE ACTION or they WILL BE LOOKING FOR NEW JOBS !!!!
    Of course that is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ANY TIME SOON, but it really is the ONLY WAY to save America !!

  14. I despise Obama but I will not shed a single tear for Anwar Al Awlaki or his 16 year old son. Neither one was on US soil so, it's easy to believe that they were both up to no good. If the kid wasn't a terrorist yet, you know he would be one in the future.

    • Agree !!

    • Yea but it's just an excuse for Obama to use the Drones. Some scumbags son who everyone hates or the survivers of the Newtown school. Of course, someone the people despise, then everyone will just forget it!

    • We should shed a tear for our lost 'rights'. Even if Anwar Al Awlaki or his son were terrorists they, as U.S. citizens, deserved to be given a fair trial before any sentence was imposed. If BHO and the other thugs in our government can simply decide who lives and who dies without due process it doesn't bode well for any of us (U.S. citizens).

      There has been plenty of chatter online about how our government is saying people who exercise their 1st Amendment rights to free speech and speak out against our government are considered terrorists. You stating "I despise Obama…" might be enough to get your name on the kill list.

      What the government did to Al Awlaki and his son violated the U.S. Constitution, the supreme law of the land. The FACT that he has been allowed repeated violations of the Constitution should be of concern to all of us. You (or I) could be next on the president's kill list. This is not the America our founding fathers created when they developed the U.S. Constitution and later the Bill of Rights.

      IMO we should all shed a tear over the killing of American citizens by their own government without due process of law. Regardless of the crime or the criminal we are supposed to be a Republic (a nation of laws). It appears our country has been dumbed down to the point that we do not care about laws only what is expeditious regardless whether it is right or wrong.

  15. skat blaster says:

    Hide your guns if you dont have any get some more then one and stock up on ammo we are goining to need them .

  16. skat blaster says:

    Repeal Obama now

  17. Not Impeachment, that would only give validity to his presidency and the clown is an illegal, usurper of the office. He must be removed and tried for Treason then pay the severe penalty, even Death. That is not harsh! It's the constitution!!!

  18. It's 4 years too late to stop him now. Four years ago Congress had a duty, to the American people, to arrest Obama for his crimes against these United States for treason, sedition, corruption, his involvment with Fast and Furious and many other crimes against humanity, but did nothing. Now, everyone is crying "Foul" well, kinda late do to anything about it. Obama said he was going to do away with term limits . By the way, why isn't someone doing anything about the questions no one wants to talk about. It's common knowledge, Obama came to the US on a foreign passport, managed to obtain a Social Security number that belonged to a now deceased gentleman who lived in Connecticut, never applied for US Citizenship, and managed to hide all records and documents to his true identy. After all he said he's above the law, the law does not apply to him, and he'll continue to write as many Executive Orders as he damn well pleases and no one is going to stop him. Better wake up folks, tomorrow we may end up like the Jews and Christians did under Hitler.

    • You know what, I think the Republicans are on the take along with the Democrats/Commiecrats and Obama! I really do, only 3 GOP voted against Kerry in his confirmation hearings, now Barney Frank is coming back as Mass. Sen. And the GOP does Zip about everything else. Look at the Hillary Hearings, no body was properally prepared for their questions, what were they doing. The whole thing is a GIANT RUSE! Only 'some' of the Generals are against this Marxist BS taking over the USA! Those are the ones Obama has to fire or forces out of service because they refuse to fire on American People! The Generals are going to have to be the ones to save us all!

    • Helen, you've got it right. History repeats itself and Obama and the political class are gearing up against us. There are not very many in congress on our side. If we don't stop this madness with the 2014 elections and get rid of some of these people, then you better lock and load and get ready to fight and die, because that is where we are headed. One of Obama's advisors once said that 25 million of us may have to die, befoe they get the what they want. That was no idle threat. They are gearing up to kill American citizens in order to take over. Wake up America and look around you. Obama is always on the side of our enemies, they are setting up concentration camps, loading up on ammo and food while taking ours away, and ruining our economy to make us fall in line like little sheep. We have to stop them now or get ready for the revolution, because one or the other is going to happen, before the end of his secoind term. Some of us are awake Helen, but unfortunately too many are asleep or just too lazy to do anything. The Lazy ones and sheep deserve to die or be slaves, but freedom loving Americans will win out. Goodness always eventually defeats evil.

    • Not fooled in Nevada says:

      Helen: I agree but remember that the Congress was a super majority in January 2009-December 2010. No democrat would have indicted Oshamo et al..That's why the turn in the elections, with the House going to the Republicans was the best that could have happened to derail these communists in power…There is still time to do away with them..never, ever vote for a democrat, no matter what or who they claim to be.. The balance of power in the Congress cannot become a super majority ever again..or we all are dead…

  19. Obama ,Schumer, McCain ,Obama , All presidential candidates for president in 08 and 2012 were all CFR(council on foreign relations) members. there are far to many in the govt to name them all. they are in the news media, Hollywood propagandists, military , corporate and financial as in Goldman sacs, J.P Morgan the federal reserve /as in Bernanke, Geithner, and many others, Here is the List from the Clinton ERA.

    from what i have dug up most of this I agree with and you should too!

  20. There is some, or, a lot, of debate as to just who “fathered” this walking abortion………well, maybe a “human” had some part in planting the seed which later became this ape earred, purple lying lipped peice of excrement who now sits where he has utterly no business sitting, or even stepping so much as one toenail on the threshold, but as to who his, or “IT”S” real FATHER is, look no farther than HELL, the home of SATAN HIMSELF, and who is the FATHER OF ALL LIES! And then tell me just who lies with each filthy, stinking breath that IT STEALS from those of us who wish and deserve, to breath clean, unfouled, and free air??? HUSSEIN OBAMA, (if this is his real name, that is) This SON OF SATAN, THIS SON OF THE FATHER OF ALL LIES, IS THE SON OF THE DEVIL, AND HIS BROTHERS AND SISTERS ARE THE DEMONS AND IMPS WHO HAVE INVADED OUR WORLD IN THE FORMS OF THOSE LIKE HILLARY CLINTON, NANCY PIGLOUSY, HARRY REID, DIANE SAWYER, KATIE COURIC, SCOTT PELLY, THE ENTIRE BUNCH IN WASHINGTON, THOSE WHO SUPPORT THIS LYING SON OF EVIL ITSELF! These are the BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF THIS DEPRAVED, HOMOSEXUALLY INCLINED DEMONIC BEING FROM THE LOINS OF SATAN! If he has a “human” father, then we can consider that “man” to have been given the sperm with which to “father” this son of the FATHER OF LIES! Thus, we have the SON OF SATAN IN OUR MIDST, and as such, HIS MAIN GOAL IS TO DESTROY EVERYTHING THAT IS GOD GIVEN AND GOD ALLOWED, including our FREEDOM TO WORSHIP GOD, THE GOD OF OUR FOREFATHERS AND THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISSAC, AND MOSES! MAKE NO MISTAKE, THERE IS NO OTHER “gods” before GOD! This abberation of the sick, twisted, perverted creature, mohammed, is no other than SATAN! In the last days, Satan will indeed set himself up as GOD, and only the very foolish or very wicked will see this “god” as anything other than what he truly is, SATAN! Satan “walketh about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour”, and if this display of evil, twisted and perverted mindset of those who pose as our “leaders” are any indication of this fact, that SATAN is seeking to devour all of us, and our souls, then we are a nation in danger of the JUDGEMENT OF GOD, THE ONE AND ONLY GOD THAT IS, EVER WAS AND WILL EVER BE! God, NOT TO BE CONFUSED with this FALSE “god”, allah, and that most UN holy book, known as the koran…..spell it any way you please, it is a book of ABSOLUTE LIES AND DESTRUCTION OF THE SOULS THAT ARE THE MOST PRECIOUS POSSESION THAT WE HAVE! To lose our SOULS is to LOSE ALL!!!!!! HUSSEIN is a MURDERER, and as such, is subject to the same punishment as any MURDERER is subject to, not even the “president” is free to MURDER AT WILL! Or, should not be!

  21. Equalizer18 says:

    I am wondering what does the Law-Abiding American Citizens have to do to get the CONGRESS to IMPEACH BHO and try him in Federal Court for TREASON???????

    What does 0bama need to do to get the SILENT MAJORIETY to IMPEACH this CRIMINAL?????

    WE NEED to ACT NOW, before 0bama puts the United States under Marshal Law……. WAKE THE HELL UP FOR GOD"S SAKE!!!!!! ANYONE HOME, ANYWHERE??????

    • Not fooled in Nevada says:

      You can show up at the Capitol buildings Feb 12-14, 2013 in support of Dr.Orly Taitz's Supreme Court hearing concerning the eligibility cases — Her diligent work since 2008, has begun to pay off in the right ways wherein she has persisted to get the volumes of evidence before the right court finally so that the truth may be heard about Oshamo — THAT HE IS A COMPLETE FRAUD; THAT CRIMINAL CHARGES NEED TO BE BROUGHT AGAINST HIM, HIS WIFE, HIS ASSOCIATES FOR COMMITTING TREASON, among other charges. A public hanging is in order.. so bring your signs to compel members of Congress and the Supreme Court to hear you, to demand that the evidence provided by Sheriff Arpaio, Susan Daniels and Orly Taitz be publicly judged — the truth must be told to the American people..who knows what could happen..but righting the course IS the Right thing to do!

  22. Equalizer18 says:

    How can any President be allowed to Kill any American Citizen? That in the eyes of our normal everyday LAW, is making him a Murderer, an Assassin, a DICTATOR. What the hell is this guy thinking??????
    If he gets so arrogant to where he orders a Kill on an American Citizen in the United States, then HE MUST be Arrested as a Common THUG HENCHMAN and Tried for TREASON and FIRST DEGREE MURDER……..

    This man is playing with FIRE, and he will get severely Burned if he attempts this scenario……!!!!!!!!!! not to mention his Unconstitutional Power Grab on Destroying the 2nd Amendment……. He can not do that, nor will he get away from being brought to Justice.

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