Video: Obama Mocks Gun Owners

Almost everything Obama says in this video is a blatant lie…

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  1. Johney B. Goode says:


  2. Ranchman says:

    Obama lied. So is someone surprised? I'm not. The man's whole life is a lie. Obama doesn't know what truth means, he has told so many lies he believes them. These claims aren't exaggerated, they're the simple truth. While all politicians tell lies to get elected, Obama takes the cake. All of the man's documentation is built on fraud, deceit and lie upon lie. From his birth certificate, social security numbers (ALL of them!), his selective service registration, to ever word out of his mouth, Obama has proven beyond a doubt that his word is meaningless, it's no good. He cannot be trusted in the least little bit, so why i the world would the people vote him into the presidency? This should prove that the voters have been completely reduced to apathy and ignorance. Low information voters and vote fraud. We've lost our country. It will take a full-blown revolution to get it back and we should not expect many Americans to show us support. God save America.


  4. whembley says:

    I love how he smirks

  5. They keep bringing up Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine, etc. none of the legislation they’re trying to shove down our throats would have prevented those shootings. They were carried out by first time offenders. They need to focus on the real problem. Mental Health is a joke in the US. Stop trying to blame Joe Public for the actions of deranged psychotics doped up on Paxil and Zoloft

  6. American says:

    Yes, the government is the people, but right now it is being controlled by you Obama, and you are having
    these government elected employees enforce laws which we the people do not want.

    • We the people let him do what he is doing IF WE DON'T ACT TO STOP HIM.Call your congressmen and senators to tell them you are tire of his bull and TRAiTOROUS acts. We can stop him if the people rise up as one big freakin army of Patriots. Get to calling before he is in for two more terms when he abolishes the 22nd amendment. Obama has already set up his re-election campaign,, the day after he gave the State of the Union Address to Congress!. At least 50 million dollars spent already on the re-election for the next 8 years my friend- The Time is short to act to stop him Two democrat senators have already tried to get a bill past into law banning the 22nd amendment to clear the way for Obama to be nominated for president AGAIN! Sincerely Clayton

  7. AnAmerican says:

    the lying s.o.b. needs to be jailed and then executed for treason against the USA.

    • I agree with your statement , now call your congressman and senators and do something about getting him out like I did. I ask people everywhere I go to call ,write,fax, but do something besides leaving it for some one else to do the dirty work.For every call or email ,or fax, they recieve,it's like 10 or more people calling them to do something. It works only if thousands of calls,etc. are recieved. Please be my back up , I need thousands of people doing what I am doing to make a dent in getting this dirt bag out of the oval office. Call your friends and relitived get them in on the plan to get him out Please help do your part I feel he will win again if people sit down on a pile of apathey.

      • I tried that for 10 years. DONE! They do not give a rats ASS what we think. NONE of them. The honest men are vetted OUT the political process. I do not need another insulting, form letter from my traitorous congressmen telling me why he is going to do the opposite of what I ask. I can write it myself and save the tax payer the postage.

      • jon graham says:

        do you really live in that make believe world you're in. since when does the congressman or senators care what you want

  8. He talks as if he really believes everyone, INCLUDING CRIMINALS, are going to be willing to submit to background checks. In the investigations of the willing gun owners his minions will find some little excuse to confiscate their guns. It is a well-known fact that the perpetrators of crimes use guns not registered to them, as in the case of Adam Lanza during the mass murders of students and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary.

  9. Does he really think that gun owners are going to register their guns because HE said so or wants them to? He means nothing to gun owners and they know that the second amendment protects them regardless of what he says…This Manchild is an Idiot he can pass all the laws he wants and they will just tell him to stick it up his a$$ . 2014 is going to be very interesting for the Democrat Socialist Party.

  10. hanginjudge says:

    Hi I'm late for a drive buy gang shooting and I can't wait for my insurance papers to clear can I buy a gun without insurance? My homies are waiting in the car.

    Example of a conversation you'll never hear!
    Only a liberal would believe this crap!

  11. Jon Enigma says:

    It boils down to 'trust' Obama [or whatever your name is]… I don't trust you further that you can throw a baseball, IE. about 3 feet. And the government in general is not much better. Anyone that does must be on drugs. Congress itself is a bunch of worms.. all American thinks they're doing a good job at about a 10% rate. That 10% is staff and relatives. None of you, with few exceptions and you Dear Leader are not one of them, honor your Oath's of Office thus your word is worth crap. Democrat or republican… doesn't matter, you're all the same. Having Obama aka 'the jive turkey' talk about 'we the people' is a sick joke. Your 'photo opp' with the cops, I need to tell you something. They wouldn't even be there if they had not been threatened.

  12. wayne mann says:

    This diaper headed sand Negro wants to start a war so he can kill everybody he wants in the name of national security. What a lowlife lying piece of crap he is.!!!! Obobo the chimp, king of welfare and freebies. We have to do something quick or it is over for America

  13. John W Tobin says:

    Where is that "constraint" when it comes to him ruling by executive orders? Where is that "constraint" when it comes to ignoring Congress? Where is that "constraint" when it comes to asking permission from the U. N. to do something? He only brings up constraint when he is trying to BS We, The People.
    Deeper Background checks will be used to create an excuse to deny more People the Right to keep and bear arms. Gun registration has always been used by oppressive governments as a prelude to confiscation. And if you don't believe our government is oppressive, just look at the number of "federal LAWS" that are on the books and all the unconstitutional federal agencies that make "laws" or policies that do not come from Congress.

  14. Brandon says:

    He said gun rights activists have law abiding gun owners in an uproar… Really? What a moron, is it possible we are in an uproar because you are trying to impose more restrictions on us and not the criminals. Criminals do not follow laws. Creating feel good legislation does nothing to protect anyone and does impead my ability to protect my family from any threat that may arise. Pull your head out of your anus.

  15. Most of the politions so called democrates ( but they are really COMMUNIST) have not even looked at the problem they want all the gun laws that will just get more law abiding people MURDERED and will do nothing to stop the criminals. The problen is that they made the law of no guns on school property so the kids had no security so that is where the coward went to kill a lot of people as he knew no one would shoot back. The solution to the problen has been known for FORTY years and has been used by Israel for Forty years and it is to arm the teachers and other adults in the school and they only lose one child per year. In the United States all of the mass shootings in the last Fifty years have occurred in places where no guns were allowed except for one and that is where Gabby was shot in arizona.

  16. Seeks_the_truth says:

    What is not being broadcasted about this act was ALL of his 'props' in the background were there UNWILLINGLY. NONE of the officers wanted to be there but were forced.
    They were told to show up in uniform at the training center to be his back drop… or else.

    • jon graham says:

      yes i noticed that most of them didn't clap when he stepped up

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Your right the police who had to stand behind this lying Igger as stage props were pissed but I only heard this on Fox and conservative talk shows.The rest of the media made it sound like they were all for Sambo.

  17. The point is he is not legally president. He is an Indonesian citizen which disqualified him and used another name which disqualifies him. He is a criminal who wants to remove our gun rights. Russian and Jihad training on our soil to attack who???? Ammo stockpiling to use against who??? Nothing he has done bu executive order will stand. He is like a drunken sailor spending our money for we are as dumb cows for allowing him in office. He can't be impeached for not legal president. Congress will not investigate for their part in allowing him to be placed in office by fraud would come back on them. Why would he pay millions to seal his school records if they did not show him as applying as a foreign student for free education and we do not know what name he used. We have been had people and he will destroy us. Everything he has done is to weaken us a country and a people to be overtaken. We must unite and force his arrest for no one else will save us. We let our government vote their own raises, have their own full pay healthcare and retirement and this must change. They have no vested interest in us for they do not share in our system. Time to clean house for obama is changing laws so he can have a third and fourth term. He will not go willingly. He plans to have us overtaken and under UN rule with him as dictator. Will we sit back and let this happen? No one works or cares for us now they just spend our money. We ran our country on credit most of last year. We are not only broke but if our debt was called in now we would not own our country. Complaining on sites does nothing to change anything.

  18. what deceitful piece of sh***…we are not that stupid…we know he wants to get rid of our constitution and bill of right and replace it with UN treaty…He is a liar when he says he beleive in the founders… Are people still so blind that they can't see what he is doing and lying all the way…I have lost faith in many blind willfully.

    • Don't lose faith , Get on the computer and write your Congressman and Senators, I need help in trying to unseat this pile of crap. Wil you be willing to call your people in Washington as I have done many times to get them to impeach him for treason when he allowed Chinese engineers and scientist to have total access to TWO TOP SECRET installations two weeks ago where we develope our missle technology?
      I need you to talk to your friends and relatives every where to tell them to contact their congressman and senators offices to start theF.B.I investigation again that Obama shut down illegally

  19. Obama is a realy good LIAR, everything out of his mouth is a LIE. He is the blame for Sandy Hook, it was his people who did that in order to create the sympathy vote to remove the 2nd ammendment. He is not fooling WE THE PEOPLE, WE know the truth. There is no mention in the media that the police he is talking to have been hand picked to be there, or that they are there because they will loose Federal funding if they do'nt agree with him. Just a mile away from this academy were the GOOD Sheriffs who will not aggree with the dictator. and not support him.

  20. Fred Gibson says:

    He is trying to follow the Hitler model to force the people to vote him dictator. The problem is, Hitler had 95% popularity in Germany, while Obama has maybe 52% popularity on a very good day. Making statements like he has here, and in the mean time DHS buying 1.6 billion rounds of hollowpoint ammo, and 2700 urban assault trucks all marked with the word police on them, and he cant get why people feel the need to protect themselves from the government? He is also asking us to trust him when he wont even tell us who he really is? Hitler was an elected official too. By the way, why did his book get published 70 years to the exact day of the year of Mein Kampf?

  21. Our government needs to be fired and voted out for Obama and his followers have made it clear that they are after our gun rigts. Why wouldn't we trust our government today we are being lied to everyday and having our rights slowly taken away. It is time to do something and now wouldn't be too late.

  22. obama, give up all of your protection along with the senators armed guards, then come back and we'll talk about gun control. I believe obama was behind the Colorado shooting, sandy hook, makes me wonder what he'll come up with next, how many will die because of this POS!

  23. Mr. Obama, you talk about THE CHILDREN of Newtown being murdered ,well this is what your mentor Hitler said in Mein Kamp pg. 403
    " The State must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the GOVERNMENT is precieved as working for the benefit of the children , the people will happily endure any curtailment of LIBERTY and almost any DEPRIVATION." Does this sound familier to anyone when a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT talks about gun control" Bloomburg ,talk to me about gun control when you give up your heavily armed bodyguards with automatic weapons that regular citizens cannot own thanks to you and those cowardly puppets in politics in New York!. You say you need them for your protection against people who are your enemies? ,well how about being a person on the street after dark in your Town ?
    You no more care about the safety of people anywhere you,just want to show your control freak side, and how much you fear an honest citizen with a gun!. You are no American who cares -Bloomburg.

  24. Oh, right, Keep everyone from having guns, but have the hundreds of security of Obama and his famly keep their guns. Is his life any more important then ours? We can do without him, but he can't do without us paying his bills.

  25. Here's the deal: These idiots play too much politics. First, they use tragic events to push their agenda. Then they come out with this massive "gun ban" that only the far left can get behind, fully knowing that it will have little, if any, effect on the overall problem. Then they expect "compromise". Well, I'll tell you what. When you present something as ridiculous as Feinstein's bill, I'm not inclined to agree with ANYTHING you propose after that. If you want "common sense" measures to reduce violent crime, first you need to propose only "common sense" ideas and, address the REAL issue which is "VIOLENCE" and has nothing to do with guns. Guns didn't kill anyone. It was crazy people who were under the influence of psychotropic drugs. That's where they need to focus their efforts but, they blew their chance by throwing Feinstein's bill out there. I will agree to none of their nonsense now. I will not comply with any of it and I will never surrender to them either.

  26. Fact: There is a background check done when you buy a gun. This is not a valid argument. It’s a simple distracting tactic to talk around the real issue. Which is in fact the desire to erradicate our 2nd amendment rights.

    Fact: Our officials are elected by us. They can also be FIRED by us. Just because you won an election does’t mean you get make laws the people did not instruct you to make. Only a tyrranical and communist mind thinks like that.

    Fact: AMERICA was divided electorally and popular vote almost in half this last election. It is very plain to see now why.

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