Video: Obama Mocks Constitutional Eligibility To Be President At White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Like a tell in poker, Obama always jokes about his own guilt.

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  1. Obama continues to mock America and continues to destroy our country. He is the most destructive individual in the history of our country.

  2. He is a good LIAR. BUT< a fraud and Con man and MUCH, MUCH WORSE !!

  3. this muslim obama is a big fraud and liar. he talks out of both sides of his mouth and he has a lot to hide from the truth. he already destroyed 50 % of our country and if re-elected will try to destroy the other 50 %. we the people can say goodbye to our country it will never re-bound. hope and pray that god helps us to save our country. god bless america

  4. sylvia19402 says:

    I should have pointed out the phrase I was refering to, where his mom & dad and HE was born all true but its the wink that tells you that it is NOT SO.

  5. Liberty49 says:

    Get out and register as many people who have never voted as you can! This fraud MUST BE DEFEATED!

    read how we still can save this country

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