Video: Obama May Have Supplied Arms Used In Benghazi Attack

Why would the Obama administration spend two weeks parroting a ridiculous story about a “protest turned violent” because of an anti-Muslim YouTube video being the cause of the attack on the Benghazi consulate?

Why would they then spend a month blaming the CIA for bad intel?

Why would they then comb through a former four-star general’s, then CIA-chief Petraeus’ email to “uncover” an adulterous affair that apparently everyone—including Obama—already knew about?

Fox News has been reporting that Obama, through Christopher Stevens, had been shipping Libyan arms to the Syrian rebels, some of them linked to al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Was this the reason Obama has been turning his administration into a pretzel trying to explain why he blamed a YouTube video for the murder of four Americans?

Was this the reason he refused to send in air or ground support to the dozens of Americans under fire, where Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods begged for help for upwards of seven hours and were eventually slaughtered?

Or was it something more?

What if it was the Fast and Furious debacle all over again, but this time in the Middle East and North Africa?

What if Barack Hussein Obama supplied the weapons to the al-Qaeda-linked group Ansar al-Sharia that murdered the Americans in Benghazi?

And if he would have sent in troops to help the Americans under attack at the Benghazi consulate and CIA safe house, it would have been discovered that the weapons had been supplied by the United States.

According to a New York Times article published yesterday that admits Obama-sanctioned weapons got into the hands of jihadists—and the article appears to be chocked full of leaked information from the White House in order to control the explosion of some new revelation—this in fact may be the case.

The New York Times, like a prim schoolmarm, assures the reader, twice mind you—the first time in the second paragraph—that “no evidence has surfaced that any weapons went to Ansar al-Shariah, an extremist group blamed for the Benghazi attack.”

Why are they so sure of this?

Well, they don’t say.

They do seem to know the name of the American arms dealer—Marc Turi—who brokered the arms deal.

They do seem to know that Obama officials secretly met with Qatar officials who were steeped in supplying Islamic extremists with weapons.

They do seem to know information that could only have come from Barack Obama himself.

Is there anything this President doesn’t have his fingers in?

It’s like Chicago in the Twenties and Thirties all over again!

We should call Obama the Al Capone of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!


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  1. Is there anything this President doesn’t have his fingers in? Yes, our Constitution, spending cuts and anything else that would help our country!

    As I stated in my book released earlier this year, "TOTALLY PISSED OFF at our Corrupt Progressive Unconstitutional Government", "If you believe that Bin Laden was killed by Navy Seals on order from Obama then you still believe in the tooth fairy!"

  2. Slam Dunk says:

    Makes me sick that Obama wants to rid Americans of our right to bear arms but he gives weapons to our enemies on a regular basis! He makes me sick. When is Congress going to bring charges against him for treason on the Benghazi massacre? It is like no one in our government is doing their job at all anymore. What kind of hold does Obama have over our people? Is he and his Muslim brotherhood threatening them or their families to keep them in line? Since he was elected into office in 2008 there has been so many underhanded things going on and backdoor deals, more than any other president in history. I despise him. The lies and deceit are over the top and he is allowed to continue. I just don't get it!

    • Ronald Regan says:

      Please cite one single law passed that President Obama introduced that restricts gun sales…

      Yeah…didn't think so…

      • He's doing it through the UN you imbecile.

        And PLEASE STOP making excuses for Obama.

        He LET those Americans die.

      • united nations security council sept. 24, 2009 agenda 6191 disarming america…this is obama's agenda. get a clue.

      • Linda A. From NY says:

        To the phony Ronald Regan unAmerican, before you open your stupid mouth, do your research on this muslim monkey and hillary working with the UN to take our Rights to Bear Arms.

        you are a moron, if you like so much this muslim and like his way of radical thinking, then get the hell out of this country and go live with these backward savages. And by the way Ronald Regan was a real American and freedom fighter, please do not insult his name and his memory by flapping your jaws on stupidity.

      • Slam Dunk says:

        Wow! I don't think I will even waste my time answering that. I despise these koolaid drinkers as much as I do their pres… they can't or won't read, don't believe a thing against Obozo because you know he is their God or King… when you can prove something they are in denial of…they still don't accept it…What losers.

        And please change your moniker because you are NOT and NEVER will be a Ronald Regan

      • Just Google Obama gun ban treaty

  3. Obama has and is doing all he can to minimize the effectiveness of American Patriots when we have finally had enough and rise up against him. He's trying to disarm us, shut us up, and even imprison those of us who are moat vocal against him. He's denying the Second Amendment rights of returning veterans en masse as well. We have got to prepare for a time of trouble in this country such as never seen before and which will never be seen again. There is simply too much evidence showing Obozo is planning something very wicked against the American people.

    Remember 1776 & Keep Your Powder Dry!

    • The American people are not going to put up with Obama and his minions tactics forever. We have more civil unrest now than I think most countries overseas. His idea of dividing the country will most certainly come back to haunt him. Good presidents are peace makers and this president is a consummate agitator and his election in 2012 was a stolen election. Everyone should know that right off the bat, vote fraud perpetrated all over the place.

  4. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    The only thing that keeps normal thinking Americans from going to the extreme is the embedded principle that we all have in common — that we have a deep faith in God and we know what the difference is between right and wrong. This evil Administration is betting on this premise –of holding our fire, if you will. Oshamo and his ilk have set the course and if we give them plenty of room, they will do themselves in..Still, we stay vigilant because the Living God helps those who help themselves and his fellow man. An unequivocal "No" to Obama, "No" to Radical Islam and "No" to Sharia!

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Hell we know that Obutthole and Holder are gun runners just go back to Fast& Furious.With this muslim president anything is possible because we have the press kissing his left nut while Chris Matthews kisses his right nut and Ed Shultz works his butt with Racheal Madcow.This is why he gets away with gun running business.

  6. Ronald Regan says:

    Interesting…but I guess the fact that my namesake, Ronald Regan sold weapons to Iran through Ollie North in exchange for hostages, weapons BTW that were later sold to terrorists organizations and used against Americans and Israelis…all that doesn't bother you at all.

    Good to know which side you're side, it certainly isn't America's!

    • Yeah. Well who's side is Obama on? Our side, or the Islamist side?

      At least Reagan knew where his homeland was. And without America, the whole pie will be sliced and diced. Meaning, as we've seen the past 4 years, that the whole world will fall apart because America is
      not around to keep the peace. Obama is WEAK. And the whole world knows it.

    • disgusted says:

      I have read two of your stupid, ass licking, ass kissing “comments” here, and you are so stupid, and have your face and mouth in a place that no human being should have their face and mouth, you are simply a revoltingpeice of shite! Why do you not take your excrement and talk to those who are just as stupid, and perverted as you are? Oh, don’t bother to answer, it would be just as stupid and repugnant, revolting as anything else that pours out of your empty skull. You idiots with your faces up the arse of this APE/BABOON’/SLIME/INFECTION are so disgusting that as my dad would say, if he were alive, thank GOD he isn’t, you’d stink a buzzard off a gut wagon! There is not one ounce of intelligence in the skulls of any of you buttwipes, asstowels! Why is it that you are forever horning in on a RIGHT WING conversation where no one agrees with you, or could stand having you in the same room as them without rearrranging your ugly, stupid face for you? Do you LIKE to be told you are stupid, ugly, a buttwipe, and other such names? If so, continue, we will supply you with them all, INCLUDING RACIST! There are NO WORSE RACISTS THAN “blacks” and “white/blacks”, you hold the distinct honor of being THE WORLD”S GREATEST RACISTS EVER TO LIVE! Go to whatever slimehole you and your braindead kind come from. GOD knows it must be more comfortable, and warmer, perhaps, HELL, YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!! In fact, PLEASE DO!

  7. I'm an American naturalized citizen now residing abroad, I have a couple of questions: Why it's taking so long for the Americans to impeach this double talker taqqiya's gifted man, carrying in his hand an unmistakable secret project Main Kamph-Sharia style? Have we been collectively mesmerized? Have we forgotten History all together? Has the Constitution of the EE.UU became obsolete? WHere is our free press? Where is the Congress of the EE.UU? I know: congressmen as a whole had signed out for vacation, and are by now rejoicing a dolce far niente.

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