Video: Obama Lied About Bin Laden Raid (Part 2)

(Editor’s note: Watch Part 1 here.)

Obama leaked top secret details of the Bin Laden raid within hours of the Seal Team 6 mission. He invited Hollywood to the CIA to be briefed about the mission, so that a blockbuster movie would be ready by November starring Barry Obama as the leading man. He continuously fed information to the New York Times to present himself as the greatest Commander-in-Chief this country had ever known.

Of course, leaking—or hemorrhaging may be a better word—massive amounts of top secret information put all those involved in the mission at risk: from the Black Hawk pilots to the Seal Team 6 members to their families. Apparently, putting Americans at risk was well worth it to Obama in order to guarantee his reelection.

With literally every bit of information out there already spilled except the names of the SEALS, why then would Team Obama be steaming mad about Mark Owen’s recently published book, No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission that Killed Osama Bin Laden? Team Obama is threatening Owen with criminal charges for spilling state secrets. But why? If all of the information is already out there, why bother?

Because Obama lied about the Bin Laden raid.

Obama literally lied through his teeth about the raid, from the so-called “firefight” between the SEALs and Bin Laden to his role in the raid. Per Owen, there was no “firefight.” In fact, Owen shows that not only did Bin Laden not fire a weapon, but the weapons he had weren’t even loaded.

In the Tom Hanks-narrated propaganda film, The Road We’ve Travelled, Obama is presented as being in the Situation Room, receiving live video from the raid, being on the edge of his seat. As Owen shows, this was one of many other lies Obama advanced. In fact, all Obama had was a video feed from a drone 10,000 feet in the air, in which the helicopter was nothing but a speck; and in fact when one of the Black Hawks crashed, Obama thought it had “parked” in the compound’s courtyard.

Owen shows Bin Laden for what he is—a coward—and by implication shows Obama a coward for using the SEALS as a prop for his reelection campaign by perpetuating lies.

The question is, who is more of a coward? Bin Laden, for sending his followers into battle, flying planes into buildings—something he himself was too much of a coward to do? Or Barack Obama, who lied about the Bin Laden raid and used SEAL Team 6 as a prop to help get himself reelected?

I say both are cowards, and both should be despised.

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  1. From the mouth of a true true truth teller and HERO TO US ALL….Thank you and God Bless you and the rest of the team…..We know this person in the white house is the king of provaracation and he believes his self..The only thing he knows is to lie about and spin everything …..Again Sir I thank you and stand shoulder to shoulder galdly to stand next to you……again God Bless

  2. And the administration is seeking possible charges against the author of "No Easy Day" for leaking informatioin. I just finished the book and I didn't read anything I didn't already hear from the Obama cronies and their leaks. HYPOCRITS!!!!

    • Owen's account of the raid is the one that is believeable. According to the book the SEALS talked among themselves that if the raid went well Obama would take all the credit, and if it went bad, he would probably blame the SEALS. Obama is an EVIL MAN people.

  3. This JERK has no shame, and the Democrats who continue to support this would be dictator after he has clearly demonstrated his Marxist-Communist ideology should be ashamed.

  4. Obama is a coward, a liar, and a fraud, He doesn't care about anything except his self image. How anyone one can support this incredible moron is just a mystery.

  5. The only thing the Marxist Mulato Muslim Narcissist Tyrant Usurper hasn’t lied about is his legacy goal in life of fundamently transforming the United States of America into Obamanation. Whence he came instilled that in him, he proclaimed that five days before election day 2008, everything he has done since being elected has been towards that end, and his 2012 campaign web-site is now selling “Obamanation” flag posters.

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